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Imagine you hire a contractor to build an emergency shelter for your family. The shelter looks fine but when you finally test it out, it explodes. 

Horrible, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, it’s a true story. A Rising S Bunkers’ shelter had exploded in 2019 killing three people. That’s not all. The company is notorious for ignoring safety guidelines to save costs. 

Clyde Scott’s Rising S Company is a dangerous organization. And the following review will help you understand why that is so: 

3 Dead From Bunker By Rising S Company

A bunker exploded in 2019 in Red River County, Texas that caused the death of 3 people. They were Michael Bower (45), Misty Marple (46), and Perry Fetterolf. What caused this explosion? Experts believe the cause was propane. 

Note that it’s illegal to put propane in bunkers. However, Rising S Company doesn’t care about any of that. A Rising S bunkers price is always excessively high. Yet, the company doesn’t care enough to follow security guidelines while building bunkers.

Putting propane in bunkers is illegal in every country that has regulations for this industry. The initial reports said that the explosion happened because of an unknown gas but experts believed that it was probably Propane. 

The officials who investigated the bunker had kept an ambulance stationed outside. They were probably afraid that another explosion might happen or there might be more victims. 

Experts found in later investigations that propane was the cause behind the Rising S Bunker explosion:

Latest Update:

The wife of one of the victims told the press that the shelter was an “off the grid” place to live in case of a doomsday. Any person who cares for their family and their security would want to build a bunker like that. 

But Rising S Company scammed them by avoiding the safety guidelines. 

The bunker where the Rising S Bunker explosion happened was 40 x 8 feet and was 12 feet below the surface. It had bunk beds, a bathroom, and a kitchen section. 

Later, investigators performed air quality tests. They related that propane was present inside the bunker. A propane tank was feeding propane from above the ground. 

The experts found that there was a “substantial Leak” in the line and the tank. So you can understand why the Rising S bunker explosion happened in the first place. Agencies involved in the investigation and aid include:

  • The Red River Office of Emergency Management
  • The Red River County Sheriff’s Office
  • The Bogata Volunteer Fire Department
  • The Longview Fire Department
  • The Texas Railroad Commission

No wonder there are tons of Rising S Bunkers complaints online. People would definitely complain if a company puts their lives at risk after charging them tens of thousands of dollars.

$100,000 Worth Of Food Destroyed In Rising S Bunker

This is another case of Rising S Company’s incompetence. Here, $100,000 worth of food was ruined because the bunker was flooded. 

Keep in mind that the bunkers Rising S Company constructs should survive for decades. And they must have proper accommodation for storing food and water. A bunker that can’t secure food is useless as no one can survive without nutrition. 

Rising S Company had bolted the bunker together when they should have welded it. Bolting the bunker made it easier for water to get in and so flood the place. 

Experts found many issues in the bunker. These included plastic air pipes, a propane water heater, no gas-tight doors, and only one air system in such a large shelter.

This Rising S Bunkers price was $200,000. They charged a lot but delivered no quality. 

A relative of the bunker’s owner sent me an email which I’m sharing below. It would help you in understanding the situation much more effectively.

Email from the Owner’s Relative:

“Good morning Ron,
We haven’t had a chance to meet, but I hope that we will at some point. I own a company in WI that manufactures solar power systems and solar lake & pond aerators. I’ve been aware of Atlas Shelters for quite some time and follow your Youtube videos. Let me just say that you and I appear to have the same outlook & viewpoints, especially when it comes to giving customers a quality product.

A couple of years ago, I was approached by a gentleman (retired pharmacist) who asked us to design a solar power system for his home and his brand new “shelter”. We built and installed the power system for him and got to know him fairly well. Nice guy. Unfortunately, he was suckered into buying a Rising S*** bunker that ultimately turned into a complete and total disaster. He could have taken his $200k+ (cash, by the way) and simply lit it on fire. The outcome would have been the same.

When I was on site for the solar installation, I noticed immediately that the bunker had a severe leaking issue. I implored the customer to not stock the bunker, but he chose to proceed anyway. According to his family, the hole was excavated and the bunker was placed directly onto the bottom of the hole – no concrete pad. A thin concrete cap of sorts was poured onto the roof. Connection flanges were bolted with standard zinc-plated, GR2 bolts and silicone applied as a “sealant”. To make matters worse, we discovered an underground freshwater stream running only about 40’ away from the bunker.

This customer recently passed away and I was asked to come back to advise his kids on what to do about everything. With their permission, I’ve attached some pictures of the current state of the bunker taken on 11/2/19. I’ve uploaded the full-resolution pictures along with a short video to a Dropbox folder in case you have an interest. Feel free to use the pictures & video however you like. The link is here: (Redacted for Privacy Reasons)

Pictures of the Damages:

Rising S company product
Rising s company product 2
rising s company product 3
rising s company product 4
rising s company product 5
rising s company product 5

$60,000 Bunker From Rising S Company Ruined In Merely 5 Years

Rising S Bunkers have a terrible reputation in the market and for the right reasons. Here, they built a 10 x 25-foot bunker with zig-zag steps as you can see in the below image: 

rising s company bunker

The problem with the zig-zag steps is that the owner is an elderly senior who walks with a cane. No person in their right mind would sell such a person a place with zig zag steps. You can understand how much they care for their customers in this case.

Rising S Company wants the owner to pay them $35,000 to fix this issue. This is purely unethical because it’s their fault in the first place. The company didn’t tell the elderly gentleman about the so-called “lifetime warranty” they offer. Why? Because they wanted to steal $35,000 from them.

Also, Rising S Bunkers claim to offer a 150-year exterior coating. They claim it’s saltwater proof and offer a lifetime warranty on this. But they forgot all about their claims when the person complained. 

Below is the image of this bunker’s hatch. It’s made from thin steel and as you can see it’s not durable at all: 

rising s company bunker 3

Additional Issues:

These aren’t the only issues present in this bunker. Rising S Company put the in and out air pipes together. Moreover, the pipes are PVC when they should be still and raised off the ground. 

They didn’t inform the customer about their warranty claims. Instead, the company rep harassed the bunker’s owner to pay $35,000 for fixing these problems. 

rising s company bunker 2

They placed the escape hatch right outside the entrance hatch. The escape hatch should be concealed and should open into the bunker. Its placement shouldn’t be so obvious. Imagine, there’s an emergency and you have to escape, would you be safer with a concealed escape hatch or an open one? 

rising s company bunker review

The nuts and bolts Rising S Company used in the bunker rusted in just 5 years. Surely, they used cheap materials here. You can see the rust clearly in the following image:

rising s company bunkers review

Also, they have used a steel metal door and not a gas-tight one. A gas-tight door would offer you protection from harmful substances and radioactive gases in case of a nuclear attack. But a steel metal door is incapable of offering any protection. 

rising s company bunkers reviews

Obviously, the company didn’t learn from the Rising S bunker explosion because they used a propane water heater here. Using propane in a bunker is quite dangerous as we learned before. It can cause severe explosions and so it puts the residents’ lives at risk. 

The bunker owner also reported that Rising S Company gave him only one battery. One battery would last for a few hours. It wouldn’t last for days and is another example of the constructor’s negligence. 

The bunker would need the following repairs: 

1) Remove propane water heater
2) Replace NBC air filtration system
3) Replace hatch
4) Repair escape tunnel
5) Change steps on stairs
6) Sandblast interior
7) Repaint interior
8) Rewire the bunker
9) Replace the plastic PVC air pipes
10) Replace the resulted out steel
11) Replace the door
12) Replace the lights
13) Add bulletproof hatch
14) Replace the battery
15) Replace mattresses

Pictures of the Damages:

rising s company complaint
rising s company complaint 2
rising s company 3

Deadly $270,000 Bunker From The Rising S Company

The owner of this bunker was lucky they found the issues beforehand. This $270,000 place has too many issues. I wouldn’t buy Rising S Company stock after finding out about this deadly bunker.

This bunker had numerous water leaks. The leaks caused rusting and blocked the air pipes by flooding them with air pipes. It’s highly unsafe. But that’s not all. 

Rising S Bunkers had used plastic air pipes instead which are weak and can’t withstand much. 

They placed the in and out air pipes of the bunker right next to each other. This is deadly. Bunkers run on generators that put out carbon monoxide. This gas is also called the silent killer as it can cause suffocation and even death. 

When the out and in pipes are closed, the in-pipe would take the air coming from the out pipe. So, it would bring all the toxic carbon monoxide inside the bunker which can be deadly for its residents. Here, the air pipes should have been on the opposite side of the bunker. This would maintain a proper and healthy airflow without any risks. 

rising s company 4

If the owner had spent even 1 night in the bunker while keeping the generator on, they would have passed away. 

Moreover, the owner had to throw away half the food. Because it got black and white mold. 

Rising S Company doesn’t care about its customers’ survival. Otherwise, they would have welded the door instead of bolting it together. Also, they didn’t galvanize the bolts which reduced their life significantly. 

rising s company 5

The stove in the picture below is hooked up with a propane tank. No matter how cheap a Rising S Bunkers price is, it isn’t worth it. Having a propane tank inside the bunker is a recipe for disaster. 


Countries, where it’s legal to build bunkers, have made it illegal to put a propane tank inside the bunker. There’s even a propane bottle in the bunker as you can see below: 

Even the toilet has black mold. It’s disgusting.

It wouldn’t surprise anyone if customers filed a Rising S Bunkers lawsuit. They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with such negligence and unprofessionalism. 

Clyde Scott & Gary Lynch: Criminal Background, Felonies, FBI Informants, Etc.

rising s company Clyde Scott
rising s company Gary

Clyde Scott is the owner of Rising S Company aka Rising S Bunkers. He claims to be the owner of the largest secret shelter building company. Clyde claims to have clients that pay him up to $10 million for building bunkers for them. 

However, the man who has a criminal background is probably an FBI informant. His business partner is Gary Lynch who is also suspected of being a government informant. Gary is Clyde’s relative. 

Secrecy is key in the bunker business. And if your contractor is an informant, it can be detrimental to your security and privacy. 

The guy has a dangerous past. Clyde Scott had assaulted multiple people with a gun. Below is the screenshot of the report: 

rising s company Clyde Scott fib

He was convicted on a charge of theft for 10-year probation and had to pay a $10,000 fine in 2006. Someone had filed a case of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against him which was dismissed in 2005. Conversely, in 2007, Clyde was convicted for thievery with 5-year probation and a fine. There were several other charges against him. 

rising s company Clyde Scott complaint
rising s company Clyde Scott truth
rising s bunkers truth
rising s exposed

Clyde Scott from Rising S Company has had 20+ lawsuits filed against him and his previous companies. He wanted to get rid of them so he filed for bankruptcy and started another company. This guy can spend more years in a prison seeing how he has botched so many projects. 

You have already seen how Rising S Company uses poor air pipes. The ITAR looks after the air systems in the bunkers and they can be fined up to $1 million and 20 years in prison. 

His previous companies and role in them are as follows:

  • Rising S Company, LLC (9350 State Hwy 31E Murchison, TX):  CEO, RA
  • Pull Rite Trailers, LLC (SAME ADDRESS AS ABOVE):  Managing Member
  • Xtreme Race Holdings (15500 Turner Lane, Kemp, TX) (Forfeited business):  Manager
  • Xtreme Raceway Park (1800 S 145 Ferris, TX):  Manager
  • World Excavating, LLC (202 SH 274, Kemp, TX) (Forfeited business):  Manager
  • CW Scott & Sons, LLC (SAME ADDRESS AS ABOVE) (Forfeited business):  Manager

Suspicions of Clyde Scott being an informant have proof too. Recently, he gave private information about one of his clients to the FBI which led to their arrest. More on that in the following section:

Snitched On Client With The FBI, Sentenced To 33 Months In Prison

Everyone knows how important secrecy is in the bunker business. Having a secret location allows you to maintain your privacy and security in case of an emergency. However, Rising S Company doesn’t believe in maintaining its clients’ privacy. There’s a very good chance that Clyde Scott, the owner of Rising S Bunkers, is an informant. 

This client named Steve Pruitt had to spend 33 months in federal jail because Rising S Company informed the government about his possessions. 

That was because Steve made a gun violation for owning an AR15. Steve had paid $250,000 to Rising S Bunkers to build him a secret bunker. He trusted Clyde and his company but the deal ended in a betrayal. 

Rising S Company insists on taking pictures of the guns its customers own. It’s a huge red flag and suggests that the bunker contractor might be a government informant. Also, Clyde Scott is guilty of multiple felonies but he hasn’t spent any time behind bars. Why? Probably because he’s an informant. 

rising s bunkers victim

More about the case: 

Steve had decided to get a bunker developed in 2012. He wanted to own a safe space to store food, guns, and other survival equipment. So he called Clyde who showed up at his place with Gary Lynch. 

Steve was practicing shooting when they arrived. Hence, he had his guns out. Some were registered, some weren’t. Note that Steve has 100+ hours of sniper training. Gary Lynch and Clyde Scott even shot a few rounds with Steve. 

Also, Clyde bought an M16 and a horse trailer from Steve and paid him through the mail. Obviously, Steve trusted Clyde. He had no idea that Clyde was a felon. Later, Clyde and Gary informed the FBI about Steve’s possessions and he had to spend 33 months in prison. This old man hadn’t spent a day in prison before this. 

Every person who has done business with Rising S Company is compromised. Moreover, Rising S Company always asks to take a picture of the guns in the bunker when they have installed one. It helps the FBI know where the bunker is and know what’s in it. 

Steve took the responsibility for his actions. But he pointed out that snitching on clients is a terrible thing. Especially, when your company promises to maintain 100% secrecy. 

Clyde kept the gun and explosives he bought from Steve. There were two bunkers. One was normal while the other was a garage bunker. The garage bunker’s door broke down right when Steve drove his car into the garage. 

And the first bunker was flooded when Steve was in jail. He also lost access to this bunker because he had installed it on his friend’s ranch. Steve had done $120,000 worth of improvements but now he can’t access anything. He claims that either his friend was threatened by Clyde’s thugs or he got paid off. 

The man had to pay nearly a million in lawyer’s fees. You can imagine all the trouble he went through. 

But the main problem is that Rising S Company doesn’t maintain any secrecy. They can reveal their client’s sensitive information to anyone in exchange for benefits. And that’s a big red flag. 

Rising S Bunkers Lawsuit: The Rising S Bunkers Vs Atlas Survival Shelters Feud

The customers aren’t the only people who face problems because of Rising S Company. Its competitors are facing issues. Rising S has been in a conflict with its competitor Atlas Survival Shelters because the latter posted a few reviews of their products. 

The company took legal action against its competitor. Companies of this size usually have no problem affording the best of the best legal support. It is a big reason why many people avoid posting negative reviews or complaints. They don’t want to face any legal trouble for simply sharing their experience with others. 

It’s a popular tactic among shady enterprises to use their legal power to bury the voice of anyone who has any criticism. Basil Couvaras is a prominent example of abusing such power. The guy was involved in a multi-million fraud but doesn’t like it when any publication talks about it. 

Find the court document here: Rising S Bunkers V Atlas Survival Shelters

Dirty Tactics From Rising S Company: Defaming Their Competitor By Twisting The Truth

Rising S Company can stoop to the lowest levels possible. The cases I’m about to discuss are proof of that. 

They are defaming their competitor, Atlas Survival Shelters over two incidents. In both of these cases, the problem was with the customer because Atlas doesn’t bury its shelters. It’s a part of their services. 

Another case is of an Idaho lady who paid a $50,000 deposit to Atlas Survival Shelters to build a bunker. But she changed her mind midway through the process and requested a full refund. While deposits aren’t refundable in the first place Atlas told the lady that they will give her the money back by selling the bunker they had built for her. Then, she changed her mind again and asked them to build another bunker. After that, she changed her mind a third time. Clearly, it put the company in a difficult situation.

The lady started a page titled “Atlas Stole My Money”. And Rising S Company contacted her and got the ownership of that page. They promised her that they will help her get the money back but their aim was to own that demeaning page and run it to defame their competitor further.

That’s the truth behind the Rising S Bunkers feud. This large enterprise is using its wealth and strength to weed out the competition from the market. It’s monopolistic and unethical. 

Rising S Bunkers Reddit Opinions & Reviews: Customers Regret Them!

You can guess their reputation in the market when their products have so many issues. The internet has numerous 1-star and negative Rising S Bunkers reviews. They have a 1-star rating on Yelp:

And their clients complain of poor workmanship and non-durable products in their Rising S Bunkers reviews:

The above reviewer had hired Rising S Company to build them a bunker. But the bunker had water leaks. The reviewer says it’s a death trap. This isn’t the only complaint against this contractor. It’s one of the many complaints people have shared online against this organization. 

Here’s another one:

rising s bunkers review

BBB shows that the complaint is “Answered” and not “Resolved”. Because Rising S Company gave a generic reply to this complaint and never solved the issue. 

They didn’t treat the customer with proper dignity. And they delivered a botched product like they have done countless times. Moreover, the company says the customer is a slanderer for posting their complaint online. 

This is just one of the many cheap tactics Rising S uses to discredit negative reviews. Obviously, they didn’t fulfill their end of the deal and thought they could get away with it. 

However, finding these Rising S Bunkers reviews was a little difficult. Why? Because Rising S Company and its marketers use multiple black-hat tactics to bury their customer complaints:

Using Cheap Tactics to Bury Reviews

Rising S Company has created a dedicated page for Rising S Bunkers Reviews on their website: 

These reviews are probably fake

All of these are 5-star reviews that you can’t verify. Suppose, a company has:

  1. Negative reviews on third-party platforms, and
  2. Only positive reviews on its website

How much would you trust its positive reviews then? 

This is a common tactic among unethical businesses. Many online scammers and fraudsters also use this method to mislead consumers into purchasing from them. Gulf Brokers and Val Morgan Immigration are similar shady organizations who use this method to dupe people.

Even though their products have so many issues, Rising S has a stellar A+ rating on BBB:

Rising s bunkers bbb

This is not because they are an amazing company. It’s because they have BBB accreditation. Contrary to popular belief a BBB accreditation is a paid membership. BBB allows companies to remove negative reviews and get an “A” or “A+” rating if they pay an annual fee of tens of thousands. 

CNN Money had investigated this unethical business practice and found many discrepancies. BBB was handing out A+ ratings to any business that would pay them $10,000 per year. 

So, you can’t trust Rising S Company’s BBB rating too. It is a paid member of the organization. Obviously, they would have a stellar rating there. 

Rising S Company Review: Verdict

Rising S Company aka Rising S Bunkers is a dangerous company. They have delivered horrible products, offered poor customer service, and put their clients’ lives at risk multiple times. Moreover, they don’t take any responsibility for their actions. 

The company doesn’t care about its clients’ privacy and uses illicit business practices to promote itself. 

All of this suggests that it would be best to avoid dealing with this organization. You should avoid Rising S Company and look elsewhere. 

3 Total Score

Rising S Bunkers is a negligent and irresponsible company that doesn’t care about its customers. Three of their clients died because of their negligence. There’s nothing worse a shelter contractor do. The company lies about and even tries to bury customer complaints. Avoid dealing with them.

2.8Expert Score
Customer Support
Product Quality
Business Ethics
Concern for Client
3.1User's score
Customer Support
Product Quality
Business Ethics
Concern for Client
  • None to mention
  • Three clients died due to their negligence
  • Multiple bunkers have leaks and flooding issues
  • Putting clients’ lives at risk
  • Owner is suspected to be a government informant
  • Tries to bury complaints through fake reviews
  • Misleads people into buying services
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  1. 4.65
    Customer Support
    Product Quality
    Business Ethics
    Concern for Client

    It’s pretty funny seeing all of these reviews by people who know nothing about the company. This entire article is based off of the information of there only competitor. I know quite a few people who have had great success with Rising S Company and to see all of you sheep following their competitors story makes me think they also wear a mask in their car by themself as well. One more thing, is it weird that two of these comments came within minutes of each other on the same day LOL!!

    Instead of following this ridiculous slander campaign how about you reach out or maybe even go see them in person to see what they actually do.

    + PROS: Great quality! built to suit doesn't slander competitors stays in touch throughout the build process Lets products speak for themself
    - CONS: needs to do more PR to show proof of craftsmanship instead of taking it in the chin from the competition
    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(2)You have already voted this
    • You should teach classes on how to say a lot without really saying anything. Like man, your entire comment has nothing but useless fluff, who are you fooling.

      You didn’t address even one of the issues people have been highlighting with this company. Didn’t 3 people die because of an explosion in a bunker built by Rising S Company? What about the leakage issues? Are those images “photoshopped” too?

      The fact that your issue with this company is that it’s not spending enough on its PR says a lot about your knowledge on this matter. I mean, you want Rising S Company to spend more money on PR so people wouldn’t know about the explosion or Clyde’s crooked past, right? Moreover, if the issues are nothing but slander, why do you care? Slander refers to false statements meant to damage someone. What is false in these stories? Please enlighten us with your knowledge since you seem to know everything.

      If you’re someone who works at this company, stop ridiculing those who highlight your problems and start working on your firm.

  2. 0.75
    Customer Support
    Product Quality
    Business Ethics
    Concern for Client

    My friend asked me the other day if I knew any good contractors. I told him, I know one you should avoid. He asked who is it and why should he avoid that contractor. I said, “It’s Rising S Company then I showed him this review”. At least, my friend is life is safe now.

    - CONS: Too many negative reviews to trust Put their clients' lives at risk without any care or a sense of responsibility
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  3. 0.5
    Customer Support
    Product Quality
    Business Ethics
    Concern for Client

    Rising S Company should not expect people to buy their bunkers when their bunker just killed three people. They think people will forget about it but no we won’t. We have had enough of these government informants who only care about their wallets and are willing to put their clients’ lives and livelihoods at stake.

    - CONS: government informant can't build safe bunkers killed three people and are roaming scot free
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  4. 0.5
    Customer Support
    Product Quality
    Business Ethics
    Concern for Client

    Never trust a snitch. Once a sellout always a sellout. Clyde Scott is running a vicious scheme through Rising S Company where he takes hundreds of thousands but delivers a cheap product that costs only a few thousand.

    If you have any issues with your product, Clyde will snitch on you and inform the authorities about you. I don’t trust Rising S company and neither should you.

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