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Rita Boccuzzi

Rita Boccuzzi has been reported as a manipulative swindler. It's advised to stay away from her. Review her here on Gripeo.
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Rita Boccuzzi is a dangerous scammer who is taking advantage of innocent women and their ignorance. She has a very dangerous scam running through multiple avenues. She preys on us women by claiming to be an inspiration to women herself. She is a selfish retard who shouldn’t be allowed to run a syndicate like that hers. You might have heard of her if you read about women in finance. She has won a few awards, runs a few websites but they are all for show. The pomp and show enable her to lure people into her devious schemes. I had a horrible encounter with Rita and it taught me many lessons. I’m just hoping that by sharing my experience here, I’ll be able to shed some light on her monstrosity. And if I’m lucky, maybe I’d be able to convince you to avoid her.


Who is Rita Boccuzzi?

According to her website, Rita is an entrepreneur, a radio show host, and an author. The website also mentions that Rita is a personal finance expert and has helped numerous women in overcoming their financial problems. The website mentions a very heartwarming story about how Rita entered this field. It states her struggles with cancer and how it changed her perspective on life. According to the website, Rita got inspired to help others with financial struggles through her books and coaching. She holds meetups and teaches people about personal finance through them.

She surely has a sweet story to back up her claims, but it doesn’t show her reality. Rita is a much depraved and selfish lady who only cares about making herself richer with every move. She only wants to make sure that people stick around long enough to buy something from her. Having a cheesy story like hers, ensures that people leave second thoughts when considering her consultation. Everyone likes a motivational Rocky-like story. And Rita sells her services through the same technique.

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She is the owner of Flourish Inc. a personal finance consultation firm based in Los Angeles, California. She runs two meetup groups in the same city which are called Wine, Women & Wealth and Money 101. While the first group is supposed to teach women about personal finance, the second group focuses on a broader audience. Her groups have hundreds of members who attend the meetings. She runs the website named Mamma Rita Money, which is the landing page for all her services and groups. She offers personal consultations too, which according to me, is the biggest rip-off in the finance world. This woman has no idea what personal finance is and what it’s about. She is trying her best to ‘pretend to know stuff’ when she really shouldn’t be marketing herself as some sort of expert. I have hired her and I can say, her consultations were terrible. I ended up demanding a refund from that witch. I wanted to let any readers know who Rita is so you don’t confuse her with anyone else. And if you come across her somewhere, you will now be able to recognize her easily too because now you know who she is and what she does.

Lies, Lies, & Guess What, More Lies

Devious Marketing


The worst thing about Rita Boccuzzi and her scam is her way of marketing her services. She is lying to people when she claims to be an expert. She should be thrown in jail for fraud. This kind of false advertising is wrong and should be punishable. She holds group meetings, offers free drinks and food because she wants to present herself as a thought leader.

When you’re drinking free drinks, you might pay some attention to the products that are being presented to you multiple times in the meeting. And, there’s a big chance that you end up buying a product that doesn’t help you in any real sense. Her meetings don’t teach you much apart from the usual basic advice you hear everywhere.

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She is manipulating people into believing that she is some reliable professional while she is really none of that. Her free meetings aren’t free. They come with a huge price. You face the risk of losing a great deal of money by falling prey to a huge scam artist. Maybe reading my experience with Rita will help you get a better picture.

(How I found her reality)

Rita’s Useless Consultations

My experience with Rita Boccuzzi taught me many lessons. It made me realize that the market is filled with crappy and useless gurus who don’t know anything about the stuff they are teaching. I used to think these crappy people are only scamming people online but I was wrong. These guys are everywhere. And they have a wide network which helps them in drawing people to their traps. They don’t care about the lives they are destroying. They simply want to get rich and they know the easiest way to do that is through stealing from others.

I used to respect Rita. I always thought of her as my personal hero. But my experience with her showed me a different side of hers. She isn’t the expert she claims to be. She is the total opposite, a dangerous money-hungry thief, and I don’t think anyone should hire her for consultations.

The main source of income for Rita is her coaching and personal consultation. It’s very pricey but when you have attended a few of her classes, you might think that the personal consultations would be amazing. Her usual gatherings aren’t very special but they are attractive enough to make any person think that her personal consultations would be worth the price. I’m a single mom of two daughters and like any other mom, I worried about my daughters’ futures. I was looking for an expert who could help me in planning my future and help me get a better idea of what I can do to give my daughters a more financially stable life ahead. So, I was looking for experts in personal finance when I came across Mamma Rita Money, Rita’s website.

Her website wasn’t very attractive but when I read her backstory and her experience, I got really interested. And when I saw the option that I can attend one of her meetups to see what she teaches and what she’s all about, I thought I should definitely give her a try. So I joined the group and attended her meeting. The meeting was great, filled with like-minded ladies who all wanted to know a bit about money management. Some ladies had attended 3-4 previous events too and they were telling the new members how awesome and helpful these meetings really are. I had high hopes for the meeting and while it didn’t meet my expectations, I was still pretty impressed with it. Rita told us about her life experiences and how she realized why she needed expertise in finance management. Then she asked a bunch of other women about their motivations to get their finances right and I was really happy by all of this. I genuinely thought that the meeting was great. Near the end of the meeting, Rita told everyone that if someone needs any special attention, she’d be happy to oblige through her personal consultations which she said, don’t cost much. Even though I was impressed with the meeting, I didn’t think it was convincing enough to make me buy one of her consultations but then I met a lady there who told me that it’s all worth it. That lady started telling me how Rita inspired her to start her own business and how she’s now able to afford a better lifestyle for her family. Hearing her story, I thought I should definitely get a personal consultation from Rita.

I got the personal consultation and let me tell you, it was trash. Rita didn’t tell me anything useful or different from what she was saying in the meeting. She gave me vague suggestions which weren’t even practical or feasible. Most of her talk was about why I should feel more entitled because I’m a woman. She rarely talked about the issues I had asked her about. I had first asked her tips on how I can earn more and what I should do regarding my savings. She just mentioned a few ways of increasing income that I already knew about. And when it came to savings, she told me that instead of saving my money, I should invest it in myself. While it sounds good in theory, it was really generic advice and it certainly wasn’t the advice I was looking for. I wanted to find out about the best investments I could make and she kept talking about how much beneficial it would be for me if I kept buying her consultations regularly. Most of the time, she blabbered about her expertise and it felt like she only wanted to show off and waste my time.

The consultation was a huge waste of my money. A few weeks later, I attended one of her other meetings, in the hope that I will learn something different because the meeting was on another topic. I know I made a dumb mistake but I really thought that Rita might be useful in meetings instead of personal consultations. After all, her first meeting was really impressive. During the meeting, I saw the lady who had convinced me to get her consultation earlier. I really wanted to talk to that witch because she had caused me a huge loss of several thousand bucks. But when I was about to talk to her, I saw that she was talking to someone else. Lo and Behold! She was convinced that other woman to get Rita’s personal consultations. But this time, she didn’t mention anything about her business. No, this time she was saying how Rita inspired her to invest her money in stocks and increase her net worth. Her story was completely different. She even mentioned a different city when the other woman asked her where she was from. I can’t express how cheated I felt. I immediately confronted her and told the other lady how she was telling about her business and all in my previous meeting. The con artist tried to change the situation but when she realized that she was red-handed, she left the meeting. Now I know the reality behind Rita and her deliberate scam.

She holds these meetings and plants a few people in the crowd whose job is to promote her personal consultations at all costs. Those who haven’t hired her yet fall prey to this scam. It seems quite dumb but it is certainly working for that witch. She is NOT AN EXPERT and that’s all there is to know. She is cheating people into buying her personal consultations which don’t help anyone. They just waste the money of the person who had bought the consultations. I don’t know how she has been able to run this scam for so long. After the incident at my second meeting, I realized that I should get away from Rita Boccuzzi and everything related to her. She is certainly a dangerous criminal.



I was disappointed after what happened but I was happy too. I was happy because I had saved one person from falling into Rita’s trap. I had also realized that Rita is a con artist but I wasn’t able to do anything. I just hope that my story will help someone like you and save you from falling prey to Rita’s schemes.

People like Rita should be thrown in jail. Not only is she lying to people but she is also playing with their lives. Imagine how many women think of her as a role model while she is only a con artist who exploits women. Spread the word about this criminal because the more people know about her the better. If I could save even one other person from that vicious con artist then be it.

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People like Rita should be thrown in jail. Not only is she lying to people but she is also playing with their lives. Imagine how many women think of her as a role model while she is only a con artist who exploits women. Spread the word about this crime because the more people know about her the better. If I could save even one other person from that vicious con artist then be it.

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