Rob Francais

Rob Francais Racially Discriminates Among his Staff – He is Ruining Aspiriant

Rob Francais is one of the most racist people in the finance industry. He doesn’t respect other cultures specially the minorities and sometimes he doesn’t even treat them like people. He is a spoiled brat who is bigoted and filled with hatred towards certain ethnicities and groups. I have seen first hand how he ignores any mistakes a white person makes and how he treats black people in  an unjust manner. 

Aspiriant website, Rob Francias is the CEO of Aspiriant
Aspiriant website

Rob Francais is the CEO of Aspiriant, a financial advisory group. He has been named as Barron’s Top 1200 Financial Advisors and has received many similar accolades for his achievements. However, his credentials don’t reflect his character. Rob is a dangerous racist who abuses his power whenever he can. 

I used to work for his company a while ago. I left it after realising that it has one of the most toxic cultures I have ever seen. Robb himself likes to promote this hateful culture in his company. Sometimes I think he hires people from other ethnic groups just so he can insult them and humiliate them.

I remember when we had hired an assistant who was black. Rob made her life a living hell and she quit her job after a few months. She used to bring people coffees, handle appointments and handover files to her superiors. She was a bright young woman with great spirit. One day however Rob decided that it would be funny to use a racist and the meaning Tom to address her in a meeting. He called her by that term, in a room full of other people including one of his clients. I remember how shocked I was when I saw that incident taking place in front of me. Nobody said or did anything because everyone is afraid of Rob. After all he is the chief executive officer and he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants. 

She, the assistant I was talking about, cried a lot that day. I was there consoling her but she didn’t quit. She thought it was just a one time thing but I knew it was not. 

At a party a few weeks later, Rob did the same thing he had done before. He called her by that hateful racist term. She had enough of it and she left the company a day later. She had threatened that she would take legal action against us but we never heard from her again. I believe Rob’s lawyers harassed her so much and threatened her so many times that she realised she was helpless and powerless in this matter. 

She wasn’t the only person actually who left our company because of the racist practices of our beloved CEO. One of the accountants we had hired left the company because he couldn’t tolerate the racist comments Rob made to him during a meeting. He had told me that Rob called him a n*gro. And made fun of his culture and background. Rob is always disrespectful towards minorities, particularly African-Americans. I can’t believe he has been successfully running a company for so long with search hateful and mentally depraved tendencies. The accountant that I just mentioned here was blamed for something he didn’t do. 

Another accountant who is white by the way had made the mistake but Rob didn’t want to accept the fact that the black guy was right. So instead of addressing the problem and punishing the culprit he let his hate blind his eyes and judgement. He called them the black accountant and blamed him for the entire thing. The accountant knew what was going on. He complained about it but nobody did anything. I got so tired of seeing this rubbish happening again and again that I quit this company several months ago. Rob is in a position of power and he knows this so he abuses his power. Hits terminates openly and doesn’t face the consequences of his actions because he is rich and white. By using his purchasing power hi he and his army of lawyers he suppresses anyone who tries to raise a voice against his unjust practices. That is why I thought it was necessary to share these incidents here I realize that it will be better if more people knew what really goes on behind the curtains. 

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Rob Francais is a closeted racist! We cannot ever feel safe with people like Rob in the society. He openly say extremely racist terms and gets away with it cause he's rich

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