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Robb Thornsberry: Fake PR & Lies Exposed (Update 2024)

Who is Robb Thornsberry?

Robb Thornsberry is the founder as well as the President of Infinity Events Inc. It is a full-service meeting management service and helps in designing the firms. It provides the concept of completion events and meeting services both domestically and internationally. 

He has 23 years as a DJ/Emcee in the event industry and has an organization named Infinity Existence Inc (IEI) founded by Robb Thornsberry. He also has experience in the post of president in Infinity Event Inc. and is the Past President of MPI Orange Company (MPIOC).

Robb pursued his Master’s Degree in Mass Communication/ Media Studies.

What Services Does Robb Thornsberry Offer?

The various services provided by the (IEI) Infinity Events Inc.’s founder Robb Thornsberry to their clients include designs, entertainment, production, and management. 

How Can I Contact Robb Thornsberry?

Robb Thornsberry can easily be contacted by anyone with the help of his official website, email address, mobile number, and office address. He has a Twitter account also there anyone can easily connect to him. 

robb thornsberry

Defining Fake PR

Robb Thornsberry and his PR team generate fake PRs to promote their event company Infinity Events Inc. The organization’s PR team also misled many of its clients by giving such fake information on websites. 

When we talk about fake PR, we’re referring to the fraudulent and deceptive practices employed by individuals or agencies who claim to offer professional public relations services.

What are the dangers of “fake PR” for those in the financial industry, and why is moral behavior important for establishing trust in the industry?

By using “fake PR,” a dishonest tactic that might harm their credibility and accomplishments, financial professionals run the risk of losing the public’s trust. Their reputation could be harmed and regulatory issues could result from even one incidence of deception. As a result, establishing confidence with clients and potential clients in finance requires ethical behavior and care.

These scams typically involve promises of increased visibility, media coverage, and brand reputation enhancement. 

However, upon closer examination, the methods used by these fake PR agencies are often unethical, ineffective, and at times, downright illegal.

Fake PR can take many forms, from fake press releases and bogus social media campaigns to fabricated testimonials and paid-for fake news stories. 

12/12/2023 Update
As of now, Robb Thornsberry has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

How do Fake PR Scams Operate?

Fake PR scams have been adopted by Robb Thornsberry and its PR team. It tends to follow a similar pattern. First, they’ll target businesses or individuals who are looking for PR assistance, often through cold emails or unsolicited phone calls. 

These initial communications will be filled with promises of impressive results and grandiose claims about their past successes.

Once they’ve piqued your interest, the fake PR agency will often ask for an upfront payment, usually a substantial sum, before they begin work on your PR campaign. 

They may even provide a seemingly well-thought-out PR strategy, which, upon closer inspection, is filled with vague, unquantifiable goals and unclear methodologies.

Eventually, Robb Thounsberry’s house of cards will come tumbling down, and the fake PR campaign will be exposed.

Warning Signs of a Fake PR Agency

Now that you understand how the fake PR scams of Robb Thournsberry operate by its PR team, it’s essential to spot the warning signs before you become a victim. Here are some red flags to look out for when assessing the legitimacy of a PR agency adopted  by Infinity Event Inc:

Unsolicited contact: 

Be cautious of PR agencies that reach out to you without any prior interaction. While it’s not unheard of for legitimate agencies to cold-call or cold-email potential clients, it’s a common tactic used by fake PR scammers to find their next victim.

Too-good-to-be-true promises:

If a PR agency of Robb Thornsberry is making grandiose claims about what they can achieve for your brand, it’s essential to take a step back and assess whether their promises are realistic. 

Lack of transparency:

A reputable PR agency hired by Robb Thournsberry will be open and transparent about its methods, strategies, and past work. If an agency is unwilling to provide you with case studies, references, or examples of previous campaigns.

No online presence: 

In today’s digital age, a legitimate PR agency hired by Robb Thornsberry will have an online presence, including its official website, official social media profiles, and potentially even a blog or portfolio of its services. If IEI does not find any evidence of a PR agency’s existence online, it’s a strong indicator that it may not be a legitimate PR agency.

Demands for upfront payment: 

While it’s not uncommon for PR agencies to require a deposit or retainer, be cautious of any agency that demands a large sum of money upfront before providing any tangible results or work.

Alternatives to Fake PR Services

Robb Thornsberry and its PR team have created a fake PR to indulge their information and grasp the attention of their clients easily. 

Industry-specific PR agencies: Many PR agencies specialize in specific industries or niches, giving them a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within that sector. 

Reputable PR agencies with proven track records: Look for PR agencies with a proven track record of success in your industry. 

These agencies will have case studies, testimonials, and references to demonstrate their expertise and the results they’ve achieved for past clients.

Freelance PR consultants: If you’re not ready to commit to a full-scale PR agency, consider hiring a freelance PR consultant with experience in your industry. 

Freelance consultants can provide valuable PR services on a project-by-project basis, allowing you to test the waters before committing to a more extensive PR campaign.

DIY PR: For smaller businesses or those just starting, consider taking a do-it-yourself approach to PR. 

By learning the basics of PR and leveraging your existing network and connections, you can achieve some level of PR success without falling victim to fake PR scams.

However, Robb Thornsberry has hired an Industry-specific PR team to make their profile very interesting and also be famous among their clients. It helps in giving a positive impact on the organization i.e. (IEI) Infinity Events Inc.

Filtering Sponsored News Articles From Unbiased Media Coverage:

With the help of its PR team, Robb Thornsberry praised its businesses. Usually, these articles are present in news publications and blogs with a particular “tag.”

Therefore, the websites distinguish that content with a dedicated category, they keep it ambiguous enough to ensure a reader wouldn’t notice it. 

Eventually, there are websites with a sole focus on publishing sponsored content. 

Sponsored interview on VoyageLA

VoyageLA is a business interview site for the prominent news website of an individual. There, Robb Thornsberry and his PR team posted their promotional content on the website.

robb thornsberry

However, it’s nothing but an interview site exploited by shady PR agencies. 

The sponsored content posted on the interview website asks a question about how can people work with Robb Thornsberry, collaborate with, or support you. 

However, with the help of fake PR and sponsored content, Robb Thornsberry tries to hide its shady side. 

Sponsored interview on SHOUTOUT LA

SHOUTOUT is an interview website with a special focus on businessmen and entrepreneurs. This website also depends on tech & culture information. 

According to their website, they ask many questions to Robb Thornsberry about their business venture such as what should our readers know about your business? 

image 661

However, the website claims that Robb Thornsberry answered their questions very intelligently. 

Therefore, SHOUTOUT doesn’t always post interviews with reliable people. Most of the time, PR agencies would use the website to publish misleading interviews of their clients. So did the PR team of Robb Thornsberry. 

With the help of this kind of interview, the PR agencies of Robb try to hide the incriminating information available to them. 

Should You Trust Robb Thornsberry?

Robb Thornsberry is not as reliable as it markets itself on different websites with the help of his PR team. Their PR team is engaging in shady activities and spreading misinformation about them. 

Robb Thornsberry’s biggest challenge is not to mislead its clients. But, it would happen because of fake or sponsored content posted on the website by his PR team. 


It’s important to proceed cautiously when evaluating a PR firm working with Robb Thornsberry’s Infinity Events Inc. Watch wary for companies making bold assertions about their capacity to enhance brands, and evaluate their openness. Genuine PR firms ought to be happy to talk about their processes and past achievements.

A trustworthy agency should also be easily accessible online in the current digital era. If there is no online support, it casts doubt on their veracity. When a PR firm requests a sizable upfront payment, proceed with caution. While deposits are customary, hefty upfront payments before results are delivered can be a hint of potentially dishonest behavior. The legitimacy and credibility of a PR firm working with Infinity must be determined by careful examination of openness, web presence, and financial requirements.

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