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Robby Blanchard Reviews: Fraud Exposed by Victims (Update 2024)

Robby Blanchard, the creator of Omission Hero, claims that he helps regular individuals earn $1000 online every day. No way is that a typical outcome for one of his kids, but let’s say you’re able to overlook that.

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Robby Blanchard review: Is his business strategy, which educates users on how to advertise ClickBank items on Facebook, effective? 

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Absolutely not. Given that I’ve evaluated hundreds of products, it’s definitely my least favorite out of all of them.

What financial benefits does Commission Hero provide you?

With the help of affiliate marketing, Commission Hero claims to be able to earn you commissions of up to $1,000 a day.

Based on three main foundations, this course is structured:

  • The best ways to search ClickBank for offers with the greatest commissions.
  • Create websites for your offers.
  • Advertising your ClickBank items using Facebook advertisements.

As the most successful ClickBank affiliate in the world, the course’s creator Robby Blanchard is well-versed in this business model and seems to have truly learned it. 

According to reports, Robby makes hundreds of dollars each day via ClickBank. 

He also appears to be an expert at Facebook offer promotion.

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You must strictly adhere to the Commission Hero guidelines in order to succeed. It might be challenging and take a while to use affiliate marketing. Additionally, you’ll need some working capital to run Facebook ads. Therefore, it is fantastic to have someone who has a track record of success show you exactly how to be successful in this business.

30/11/2023 Update
As of now, Robby Blanchard has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Robby Blanchard’s reviews tell us to beware—affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick plan; in order to be successful, your company will require a significant investment of time and money.

The Commission Hero method is briefly explained by Robby Blanchard in this video which is given below:

What is Commission Hero intended for?

Theoretically, both newcomers and experts in affiliate marketing should enjoy using Commission Hero.

Even if you have no prior experience, you can succeed, according to the Commission Hero advertising materials. It also states that if you possess-

  • No need to sell any of your own goods
  • Websites are absent.
  • No one to assist you on the job

Moreover, without consulting your clients

All of the above is accurate, however, the advertising does not go into much detail about what you truly DO need, so it may be deceptive. Time and extra money are also involved.

The Commission Hero program is not for you if the initial expense of the course is too much for you. After paying for the course, a student must be able to invest at least $1,000 more. These funds will be used for Facebook advertising and other necessary items.

A student’s comments…
A 90-day coaching contract with an authorized coach will cost you $10,000. The majority of the highly successful people who post in the Facebook group have had a private coach, therefore this seems to be the best strategy for reaching 1k per day. That indicates that there is private information that is not publicly disclosed in the Facebook group to which you gain access after you purchase the course.

Additionally, you must be able to commit at least ten hours a week to this project.

What is the reputation of Commission Hero?

The conclusion is that Commission Hero does not have a good reputation after thoroughly searching the internet and examining a large number of reviews as well as student feedback. 

Students’ top grievances appear to be:

  • It is not made evident right away that a considerable extra sum of money is necessary for success.
  • Refund policies don’t exist.
  • The techniques advocated always result in Facebook account suspension.
  • No assistance is offered, and the procedure might be complex.
  • Mediocre client service. 

Getting outcomes for Robby Blanchard’s students?

Robby Blanchard’s reviews tell us they have been able to locate a few recent, laudatory reports despite an overwhelming majority of unfavorable ones. However, these testimonials are silent regarding the amount of time and money the people invested before finding success.

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What does Commission Hero set you back?

For what it offers, Commission Hero is rather pricey. 

There are two methods of payment:

  • $997 will be paid once.
  • Two $597 payments spaced out by 30 days. 

These additional expenses are:

  • At $27 per month, ClickMagick
  • At $15 per month, GetResponse

The Inner Circle (club) upsell costs $296 a month, Facebook ads must cost at least $200 per month, and you must hire an illustrator from Fiverr to make your photos.

More Information-
In the course, it was discovered that there were gaps. he begged for assistance because he was so overwhelmed that he had to make my investment worthwhile. he received various offers of assistance, like private coaching for $10,000, Avenger Mastermind for $20,000, and lifetime membership in the Inner Circle for $2997.

Robby Blanchard reviews: Commission Hero Rebate?

Commission Hero does not offer discounts.

We looked everywhere, but we couldn’t come across any verified coupons or deals.

However, when you register for Robby’s free webinar, you’ll also be added to his email list, so if he ever runs a special promotion on Commission Hero, you’ll probably find out about it there.

Robby Blanchard reviews: Refund Procedure

The main website declares unequivocally that “we have a no-refund policy.”

However, there might be refund policies for some of the supplemental items mentioned in the course.

What is the structure of Commission Hero?

The course is broken up into nine modules and is rather extensive.

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with Robby Blanchard but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

Here are some Robby Blanchard reviews –

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# 1 Scam Alert 

robby blanchard review

Robby Blanchard reviews person told that a Click Bank affiliate helped him persuade people to buy his product during this epidemic. Google and YouTube are streaming his advertisement. Further in  Robby Blanchard’s reviews he tells us that people must check the reviews before believing such a thing.

# 2 Terrible experience 

robby blanchard review

Robby Blanchard’s reviews suspended my social media accounts after taking their advice. He didn’t get any aid when I asked for it. My request for a refund was flatly denied.

# 3 Avoid scams 

robby blanchard review

This Robby Blanchard reviews thanks for advising me to trust my instincts and not invest in Robby Blanchard’s Project Platinum in order to avoid falling victim to fraud.

# 4 They will steal your money 

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This Robby Blanchard reviews Person told that Please don’t interact with this individual; he stole my money. he was inside his policy window for a refund, but he disabled all of the stuff I had paid for and didn’t answer my letters about a refund. Due to his refusal to refund my money, he lost $10,000. Robby Blanchard reviews tell us they are scam artists, therefore he needs level advice.

# 5 They are Thieves 

robby blanchard review

This Robby Blanchard reviews website is under the hands of the most renowned fraudsters and crooks, who are robbing innocent people everywhere. He told that this website is completely fake. To recover your payments, contact Cindyamelia at Outlook, where she did assist me.

# 6 Don’t buy any course 

robby blanchard review

Robby Blanchard’s reviews informed me that he may start seeing benefits in the form of a return for as low as $40. he made my $1k purchase based on this presumption. As He discovered later in the course, this could not have been more false. He contacted their customer service, who informed him that after I’ve seen at least one video in the course, they will not issue a refund. Why else would he request a refund, if not because he was unhappy with the course’s material?

Derek informed me that the call was being recorded during our conversation, and he requested that the customer service representative check the recording to see if he had been given false information. If he had known that I would have had to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on paid advertisements to make this work, he would not have purchased this. They once more stated that they were unable to issue a refund since he had already accessed my course account.

Robby Blanchard reviews in no case should you purchase a course from them. Robby Blanchard’s reviews say anything to convince you to purchase their course.

#7 Robby Blanchard reviews: Worst Experience 

robby blanchard review

This Robby Blanchard reviews has terrible coaching experience for $10,000 USD

That was the worst coaching program I’ve ever experienced, and I paid them $10,000 USD for a 90-day coaching program.

  • false promises during a sales call.
  • improper coaching organization.

Coach halted his coaching. The show is in the middle.

Robby doesn’t even verify these things with his coaches when the coaches themselves aren’t producing the desired outcomes.

The assistance group had terrible, really nasty conduct.

Robby Blanchard reviews says they don’t tell you this on the sales call, so if you’re investing in his $10K program, be sure you have at least $5K to $10K more for testing and equipment.

Robby Blanchard reviews tells robby makes more money through his teaching business than he does personally. compared to affiliate marketing.

There are currently over 100 new people joining his Facebook page every day, where he was a member.

His lowest ticket program is $2,000, so on average he makes $200K per day with low ticket programs. Then they try to upsell you to his $10K 90-day program, which I joined, or his $25K Avengers Mastermind, and they close an average of 5–6 clients per day or about $250–300K per day.

Robby Blanchard reviews tell us he major company is courses and coaching programs; affiliate marketing is only a front face of his enterprise to draw clients.

# 8 Do not enroll

robby blanchard review

This Robby Blanchard review told that she would want to thank everybody for their frank reviews. He really DID NOT enroll because of them. My gut first warned me not to. His status as the top Click BANK affiliate is explicitly mentioned.

People like Robby Blanchard take advantage of the desperation that pollutes the air we breathe by using one of the numerous get-rich-quick scams that are available since there are so many of us struggling. How does he manage to generate that much income? Clearly from the costs of the courses!

Robby Blanchard reviews tell is actually marked as free! That’s deceptive advertising! That must be forbidden. Or perhaps it once wasn’t? Why is this person still unaffected by anyone?

Not everyone possesses the fortitude to conduct due diligence before making an investment. Or, even worse, people simply inhaled deeply and jumped in complete faith before the first person wrote a review. Maybe this tool bag has a boat, and his wife is covered in a lot more toxins than she could possibly imagine.

That which is done in secret always comes to light, I will assert. He may be at the top of his game, and his wife may be at the top of her game as a “woke yoga instructor,” but eventually all will fall apart, and he will once again be left with nothing but a broken-down gym.

Not even that, perhaps. However, Robby Blanchard reviews tell if he does, I hope he learns from his errors and takes action to improve society. similar to establishing a young community center. teaches protection to victims of domestic abuse and to children who are being harassed at school. I hope he can connect with people rather than just collect money.

What happens next, Mr. Blanchard, if you can’t take that money with you when you pass away? 

Whatever, there is nothing I can do about it anyway.

# 9 Gained nothing 

robby blanchard review

This Robby Blanchard reviews tell us that He was a total liar who stole thousands of dollars from investors.

Robby Blanchard reviews: Below are some more reviews 

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The Bottom Line 

Robby Blanchard’s reviews disgust us that If you want to discover how to market various ClickBank items utilizing Facebook ads and funnels, Commission Hero is a resource to consider.

Commission Hero is certainly worthwhile if you are willing to commit a large amount of time and money and fully commit to the training.

But do not count on making thousands of dollars overnight. It takes time and effort to do affiliate marketing. Furthermore, running Facebook ads can be a risky business that can eat into any profits you might make.

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