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Robert Bordett is the Worst Person to Hire for Mediation! Delays the Process to Create a Huge Invoice

We had hired Robert Bordett to be the mediator for our divorce proceedings. 

Robert is also popular as Bob. When we had hired him we expected him to do a good job. I have mentioned the credentials Robert has so you can see why we thought he would be a good fit. 

Robert (Bob) Bordett is a financial advisor and a certified divorce financial analyst, also known as CDFA. Bob is also the senior VP of Consolidated Planning Corporation, an investment advisory company based in Atlanta. Apart from the CDFA certification, Bob also has CFP certification, which stands for Certified Financial Planner. He has a degree in marketing and has many years of experience. His office is in 400 Colony Sq. Suite 525, Atlanta, GA 30361. 

Did You Know?

CFP certification is a professional credential that marks the expertise in financial planning. It is offered by the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB), which is a global organization that sets standards for financial planning experts. 

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Even though he looks like a person with powerful credentials and experience, Robert is the complete opposite of what you would expect him to be. That man claims that he has his clients’ interest at heart but he only focuses on delaying the proceedings so he could charge more fees. It might seem like an exaggeration but Robert really delayed our ADR process for months. He doesn’t care about his clients’ interests or his duties. Because his sole focus remains on filling his pockets with his clients’ money. Both of us were paying him very heavy fees for doing very little work.

He was supposed to finish the ADR process within a few weeks when we had hired him. But when those few weeks passed and we asked him about that, he just told us that he needs more time. ADR is already a very stressful process and both of us were struggling to cope with it. The additional turmoil of waiting for Robert to complete the ADR process just made things worse.

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He didn’t respond very professionally to this demand and started claiming that he’s doing his best. Robert started talking in a very rude and loud tone. He also told me that he doesn’t work fast when under such pressure. 

I have never heard of a professional who talks in such a tone and manner with his clients. After this conversation, Robert stopped answering my phone calls. What kind of a mediator stops talking to a party? Nonetheless, we had a deadline of finishing the ADR process within X months and we were nearing the deadline. But it didn’t have any effect on Robert. 

Robert started acting like a kid as he would not answer my calls, only talk to my ex-wife, and make it seem like I was putting a lot of pressure on him. When the deadline finally got close, Robert told us that we’ll need to request an extension. I didn’t know what was taking him so long. Because my ex and I had already agreed on all aspects. We had to request an extension in our ADR process in the court and we only got a month to resolve the matter. 

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Robert kept stretching the paperwork and created a huge invoice of billable hours. Obviously, we had to pay the guy but the whole experience was so painful that I thought I must share it everywhere.

I enquired about such a huge invoice. But Robert’s staff told me that it only consisted of the billable hours and his services. Even when both parties of the mediation process had completed the process, Robert Bordett extended the timeline by delaying the paperwork. This led to a humongous invoice of billable hours and embarrassment in court as I had to request an extension in our ADR deadline.

I don’t recommend Robert’s services to anyone. No one should have to face his childish tantrums and pay him for his incompetence. All of the claims he makes on his online profile are just a bunch of lies to make people think he’s a good professional. 

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Worst Guy You can Hire!

Robert doesn't respect his customers and focuses on delaying paperwork so he can charge you more. Don't hire him for ADR.

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