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Robert Ryan Porter: Charged with the Allegations of SEC (Update 2024)

Robert Ryan Porter is a fraudulent scammer based in the United Kingdom but is the presenter of Maltese. In recent years, he has been making headlines for his criminal deception activities. He has been on the criminal list for about many years presented all over the world. Most of the people were individuals who had fallen for his complicated projects. 

About Robert Ryan Porter

Robert Ryan Porter has been well-known for using various strategies to fraud people with their earned money. One of the most ordinary things in his plan is to promise people to return their money on time and about their lucrative investment with him. In return, he vanished all the money of the investors after receiving it from them. He has been famous for his fake bank account opening and exchanging of currencies. He usually took all the money of an individual and gave ridiculous excuses for investing with the companies in exchange for the money laundering process. 

Instead of this, he took all their money and was exhausted. 

Robert Ryan Porter’s well-known fraud is all about convincing investors of fake cryptocurrencies and making promises about returning to them with high interest. Unluckily, most people get attracted to his lie, and later on, they realize the fraudulent scheme

What is the definition of fraud as a crime?

Fraud is punishable by jail or a fine. A fraud conviction could result in a sentence of up to three years in jail. The maximum prison term for a more serious fraud, such as one committed against an agency of the government, is six years.

Despite various complaints filed against him, Rober Ryan Porter has somehow managed to dodge the jurisdiction and pursue his scammer activities. The capacity of Porter has increased and continues to control the legibility of the people and make their fraud

It is more significant to be careful and aware while dealing with people like Robert Ryan Porter. It is also very important for those who never done research on the company’s name and investigate the company and the owner while investing. 

Porter is in police custody and basic inquiry in all the Europe by the famous investigating team namely Interpol. 

He is the only one behind this big scam from EMEXPAY and EMEX, around 15 million euros have vanished from the people invested with him, containing Siegfried Borg-Cole. 

23/12/2023 Update
As of now, Robert Ryan Porter has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Should You Trust Robert Ryan Porter?

No, Rober Ryan Porter is not running a legitimate business. He has been running an illegal business to make people fraud. He was also the founder of the company Belight Capital Group, which is related to Cyprus and the CySec license. The license of the organization was canceled in April 2020, after he swindled over 1.6 million with a fake online bank name. 

His best and most common strategy of Porter is to convince people to invest in his business. He is smart in achieving the trust of the people and influencing them. He used to call their sufferer with the help of mobile phones and the Internet. 

Robert Ryan Porter’s Belight Capital Group Ltd: License Cancellation 

According to the report of OffshhoreAlert;

robert ryan porter

Public statements claim that the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission has canceled the license of Belight Capital Group Ltd. for intended contraction. According to the reporter’s report: the Cyprus Registrar of the organization has been showing that the owner of Belight Capital Group Ltd is Robert Ryan Porter. 

The decision has been taken by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission to cancel the license of the organization for the fraud and scam he did. 


In conclusion, it has been clear that Robert Ryan Porter is a fraudulent businessman and a very dangerous scammer of the UK. He knows how to manipulate people and easily grasp the attention of sufferers with the help of his fake schemes. People would protect themselves by educating them and doing research about the company and the owner as well. 

Unluckily, despite his long scam story, Porter also becomes very difficult for the legal agencies because he is not under the custody of any police agency. He now become famous for his fake names and addresses and has been constantly changing them to keep away from detection. 

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  1. This guy has been defrauding people through various schemes and never seems to face justice. Numerous reports have been sent to the authorities but he still manages to steal peoples money wherever he goes.
    Originally from Bangor in Northern Ireland and then Ayr in Scotland he moved to Malta around 2015.
    His family connections have kept him at arms length from facing legal proceedings but that cannot last forever.
    Do not trust this man with anything. A very convincing and articulate individual on the surface but ask him detailed questions and he will get frustrated and angry (basically because he doesnt know the answers). In reality Robert or Ryan Porter is just a common thief
    This review is 100% genuine

  2. Get these criminals and put them behind bars for their crimes and let them face the consequences.

  3. Man is changing his location to not be traced by the legal authorities, but I will call this a lack of bonding among the agencies, otherwise this not possible for a criminal to run away like this, and not be detected.

  4. Can we make sure that these frauds will be decreased and that none of these scammers will repeat the same to others, because everyone has gotten irritated after reading stories about these scammers?

  5. There are several investors still waiting for their money to be returned by this man.

  6. Robert has been blamed for taking away the money of his investors and none of them have registered a legal complaint against him, strange.

    • Nonsense, he is named as the defendant in three current cases in the UK and another in Mauritius for starters.
      Did he ask you to write that for him ?
      A word of advice my friend, run away from him.

  7. I will make sure none of my family members gets involved with this scammer because this man is not reliable for investing and most of his schemes are fraudulent and reflect his money-minded mentality.

  8. I will make sure none of my family members gets involved with this scammer because this man is not reliable for investing and most of his schemes are fraudulent and reflect his money-minded mentality.

  9. If this man has got your money then the chances of getting them back in the form of any profit and investment return are impossible because several other investors have tried after trusting this man.

  10. Robert is the most untrustable person on this planet earth, if you have given your money in the name of investment to this man, then you should take this seriously and avoid investing with this man. So many clients are regretting providing their money to this man he is not at all trustable for his schemes, so make sure he is not connected to you in any form.

    • Hi Bobby, are you from KK by any chance ?
      I am aware he was involved in CC and managed to shift the blame for his theft on to others. Typical Porter.

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