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Robertson Breed – Focuses on Commission Not on Clients

My experience with Robertson Breed has been pathetic. Robertson Breed claims to be a client-focused financial advisor but he is just a greedy guy who is too focused on getting commission checks from his clients. Robertson Breed’s advice and suggestions haven’t helped me get many returns from my investments. Even though we have been working together for quite some time, it seems clear that he is not interested in enhancing my wealth.

Robertson Breed

No, Robertson Breed is only interested in increasing his wealth. I was skeptical of working with him before but after my experience with him, it’s clear that I shouldn’t have made that decision at all. It seems to me that he doesn’t care about any of his clients

I never liked his behavior at all. This is something you can’t say to a person’s face because that would be rude, but I never really liked it. He always seems too self-centered and recently, I’ve come to realize that he only cares about himself and not about his clients. Robertson makes it seem like he has your best interests at heart but that’s not the case.

What is the role of a financial advisor?

For payment, a financial advisor offers clients financial assistance or recommendations. Financial advisors, often known as advisers, offer a wide range of services, including investment management, tax preparation, and estate planning.

His staff doesn’t focus on formulating financial plans for clients so they would enhance their wealth over time. They are figuring out the investments that would make Robertson the most money. As his client, I have seen it happening with my own eyes.

His staff mixes up everything in jargon so it would become really difficult for you to understand what they mean. They use this strategy so their clients wouldn’t suspect their fishy intentions at all. 

Who is Robertson Breed?

I think it’s crucial to specify who Robertson Breed is for anyone who doesn’t know. Robertson P Breed is a reputed financial advisor of FL Putnam. He is a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and has been working in the industry for over 30 years. On paper, Robertson seems like the best finance professional out there. He has the qualification, experience, and reputation to help him attract high-net-worth clients. However, the reality is way different. The truth is, Robertson’s way of working with clients is crooked.

I have noticed how he avoids certain topics during our meetings. I wouldn’t want my financial advisor to behave this way. In my opinion, it would be wrong for any financial advisor to act dodgy and avoid any topics. Communication between the client and the advisor should be completely open and honest.

That’s something I haven’t felt while working with Robert. It might be because of the way he talks and acts during meetings. I suspect that he only suggests those investments that make him the most commission. His advice only focuses on helping him and not his client. 

Some people might say, ‘Well, he makes money through those commissions, so if he wouldn’t focus on them, how would he earn?” But to them, I’d say that as a financial advisor, Robert’s priority should be his client and not his finances.

I don’t mind when someone is too focused on making money. It’s a big reason why I let it go when I noticed this tendency before. I never told this him, and I probably never will, but I always suspected that he was too focused on his commission and not on my finances. His behavior has always raised suspicion in me. But when a person starts focusing on money at the expense of his clients, things become alarming. 

I no longer want to work with that man. He has been a huge disappointment and I don’t think he is ever going to change. If that’s how he has been operating for the past 30 years, then I feel bad for all of his past clients. They deserved better service than this. All in all, I don’t recommend working with Robertson Breed. I believe he is putting a bad name on the wealth management industry and is too greedy to be a financial advisor. 

3.4 Total Score
Definition of Greed

After my pathetic experiences with this guy, I wouldn't recommend his services to anyone. FL Putnam should end their association with him.

  • Greedy
  • Disappointing
  • Poor financial advice
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