Is there a Florida Bar complaint against Robyn Sztyndor? (Update 2023)

Robyn Sztyndor Attorney is a medical malpractice attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She claims to have assisted clients in medical malpractice and healthcare law for more than a decade. 

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The Florida Bar, on the other hand, has filed a complaint against Robyn for allegedly making a series of outrageous claims, including insulting opposing counsel and witnesses and criticizing the qualification and integrity of members of the judiciary.

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The Florida Bar approached the Florida Supreme Court in 2021 in response to Robyn Sztyndor’s unethical & unprofessional behavior during a lawsuit. 

The following article focuses on that case so that people are informed of Robyn Sztyndor’s dubious background.

Florida Bar Complaints Against Robyn Sztyndor Attorney

The Florida Bar filed a complaint against Robyn on June 29, 2021, according to court reports in Count 1st, she represented the defendant in the case of State v. Blair Wright, Outreach housing. 

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Throughout her representation, she sent emails to plenty of people involved in the dispute in which she made inappropriate and criticizing statements regarding opposing lawyers and witnesses. 

Robyn’s emails about opposing lawyers described them as “out of control,” “overly hostile,” and other negative adjectives. Robyn Sztyndor Attorney also claimed in emails with opposing counsel that the depositions of two of the witnesses in the case were “going to be epic” and great “entertainment.”

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In addition, Robyn represented the defense in the following cases: Outreach Housing, Nationwide Pools, and Home Defence. Throughout all of those cases, she made disrespectful and sarcastic statements about opposing counsel and witnesses.

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According to the Court report, she made unprofessional statements orally, in emails, and in court documents that called into question the integrity of Circuit Court Judge Michael Gates.

Later, She filed a Judicial Qualifications Commission Complaint against Judge Gates, which she then publicly submitted in the Outreach Housing and Nationwide Pools cases, seeking Judge Gates’ disqualification. Furthermore, she claimed that the judge “rubber stamped” 53 orders for the Office of the Attorney General.

Robyn Sztyndor Attorney

Clovis Nelson was a witness who had a claim against Outreach Housing. During his scheduled deposition, he asked for a reschedule in order to retain counsel, but Robyn Sztyndor attorney, denied the request. 

She sent Him text messages saying that she would seek a Certificate of Non-appearance and threatened to move a strike against his claim if he failed to appear in court. 

Later in the deposition, Nelson declared on the record that he wished to hire independent counsel. Robyn Sztyndor’s attorney opposed the deposition being postponed and stated that she will seek fines and an appeal to strike his claim.

Robyn Sztyndor Attorney

The Florida Bar’s final complaint against Robyn’s behavior during the case was that she questioned the credibility of opposing counsel during the deposition.

Furthermore, she made identical charges against them while communicating through email with the assigned Judge’s court assistant. 

Then, in a motion filed with the court, she repeated the same charges. Due to her actions, the clients fired the opposing lawyer.

Finally, Robyn Sztyndor Attorney, was found guilty of breaking the following Florida Bar regulations:

  • She tried to break the Rules of Professional Behavior. 
  • She was engaged in behavior related to the practice of law that is harmful to the administration of justice. 
  • She was throwing questions about the qualifications and integrity of judges or other officers.
  • She was publicly reprimanded for making sarcastic remarks about opposing counsel and witnesses in email communications.
  • She claimed that the judge “rubber stamped” 53 orders for the Office of the Attorney General.
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Who is Robyn Sztyndor Attorney?

Robyn Sztyndor Attorney is the managing partner of the firm’s Fort Lauderdale office. She is a founder member of Physicians Law, P.A. Robyn Sztyndor claims to focus her civil litigation practice on commercial litigation and medical malpractice defense for physicians and healthcare facilities.

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Robyn Sztyndor Attorney
Robyn Sztyndor Attorney

She is a physician-recognized expert in malpractice defense litigation who represents individual physicians and big medical practices in New York, New Jersey, and Florida.

She claims that with her comprehensive knowledge and deep awareness of the strategy and tactics used in complex litigation, she can provide first-rate representation in difficult legal matters to medical practices and healthcare providers.


A bar complaint has been filed against Robyn Sztyndor Attorney, a partner at Physicians Law in Fort Lauderdale, for allegedly making several outrageous claims in emails, including questioning the qualifications and integrity of judges and disparaging opposing counsel and witnesses.

After reviewing her case, it is clear that everything she says about herself is a lie and she is not even capable of conducting herself in a professional manner.

Such people find it extremely easy to cover up their background using fake positive feedback and a few released bogus interviews, but the court has ruled on everything. Robyn Sztyndor should is not trustworthy to any clients, so everyone should use caution around her.

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