Robyn Sztyndor – Unprofessional Conduct and Shady Past

Robyn Sztyndor is an attorney who faced legal trouble after the Florida Bar filed a complaint against her. 

Currently, she is an Attorney At Law at Physicians Law.

In 2021, the Florida Bar approached the Supreme Court of Florida because of Robyn Sztyndor’s unprofessional behavior during a case. 

The following write up focuses on that case so consumers can be aware of Robyn Sztyndor’s shady history.

The Case Against Robyn Sztyndor Lawyer:

In 2021, the Florida Bar filed a complaint against Robyn Sztyndor for being unprofessional. According to court documentation, Robyn was representing the defendant in the case of State v. Blair Wright, Outreach housing.

During the proceedings, she sent emails to various individuals participating in the case and made multiple unprofessional and sarcastic remarks. The remarks were directed at the prosecutor’s team and witnesses. 

Robyn Sztyndor

Her emails referred the opposing counsel as “out of control” and “overly hostile” among other things.

Moreover, her tone and words were extremely unprofessional during the case. 

Robyn Sztyndor

She said that the depositions of two of the witnesses were “going to be epic” and great “entertainment”. 

That’s not all.

The Florida Bar highlighted that Robyn Sztyndor made unprofessional statements orally, in emails and in court filings impugning the integrity of the judges. 

She filed a Judicial Qualifications Commission Complaint against one judge and even publicly filed the complaint seeking the judge’s disqualification. Moreover, she alleged multiple times that the judge had “rubber stamped” 53 orders for the Office of the Attorney General. 

Robyn Sztyndor attorney

In his recusal, the judge noted that Robyn Sztyndor attorney had called his judiciary assistant and said that she didn’t know if it was “just Judge Blanc’s confusion or his bad memory” regarding a certain issue in the case. 

Furthermore, she told the judicial assistant that she would take up the matter with the JQC and take her orders from the JQC from that point onwards. 

Also, Mr. Nelson was a witness with a claim against Robyn’s client. On the morning of his scheduled deposition, he requested to reschedule it to retain counsel. However, Robyn Sztyndor rejected the request and sent him text messaging saying she would seek a Certificate of Non-Appearance. 

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She threatened to move to strike his claim if he failed to appear in court as well. 

Nelson appeared at the deposition and stated on the record that he wanted to hire independent counsel. 

Robyn Sztyndor attorney objected to postponing the deposition and said that she would seek sanctions, content and move to strike his claim. 

Robyn Sztyndor lawyer

The final complaint the Florida Bar had with Robyn’s conduct during the case was that she questioned the opposing counsel’s veracity at deposition. Moreover, she made similar allegations against them while communicating with the assigned Judge’s judicial assistant through email. 

Then, she made the same allegations in a motion she filed with the court. 

Her conduct caused the clients to fire the opposing counsel. 

If you want to learn more about the case against Robyn Sztyndor attorney, check out the following document:


It’s pretty common for shady attorneys to get into trouble and then use various methods to ensure prospective clients never find out about their history. 

For example, Simone Selkirk used to be an Australian attorney who had her license revoked because she defrauded a luxury store chain. 

Then, you have the case of Juan Monteverde, a lawyer who abused his power to take advantage of his assistant. 

Hence, beware of Robyn Sztyndor.

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It would be best to avoid doing business with Robyn Sztyndor. She has a shady history and has been reprimanded for her poor conduct.

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  1. My experience with this woman isn’t satisfying and were never came to any conclusion the only thing she knows is filling her pocket, and avoid Robyn at any cost.

  2. I can’t even think of dealing with Robyn for any of the cases as she isn’t reliable.

  3. Beware of such irritating people they are always ready to scam their users for money, and none of their clients is satisfied with their work, it is important to provide Robyn with the punishment for her actions.

  4. Sending messages to the defendant and the category of the messages was sarcastic then she should be punished for doing such.

  5. I will always request you avoid these scammers, this incident of Robyn Sztyndor is an example of loose behavior of the bench for allowing such a fraudster to enter this sector.

  6. These fraudsters need to be stopped from scamming their users, and some guidelines should be issued by the government for securing their people.

  7. I am sure Robyn could have practiced the same with some of the previous clients would have faced the same problems.

  8. Avoid people like Robyn Sztyndor, they aren’t reliable for their post and authorized powers, they are misusing those powers for their benefit.

  9. This is very much unprofessional after securing such a high-profile position it is our responsibility to make sure none of your clients gets irritated because of your behavior, so make sure you are aware of the dignity of your post and designation.

  10. I feel sorry for her client. Her unprofessional conduct must have harmed their case tremendously. Keep this in mind folks, never hire an attorney with attitude issues.

  11. She sounds like a terrible lawyer. An attorney’s tone and behavior plays a major role in determining if they are truly a winner or one of those losers who fail to win the case and blame it all on the client.

    I hope anybody considering hiring her would find this post. They should at least know about her past I think.

  12. 0.75

    I remember working with one such lawyer. He always talked down to everyone and made it all about himself. The brat lost his job within a few months. I hope he learned his lesson. You can’t grow and operate in the legal sector with unprofessional and bratty behavior. It will only land you in trouble and cause problems for everyone around you. Young lawyers should learn something from this case, seriously.

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  13. I am glad the Florida Bar took the strict action. If they hadn’t, Robyn Sztyndor might have gotten away with it.

  14. Don’t hire such a pathetic lawyer people who makes you lose the whole case through their poor decision making and attitude.

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