Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso: Is He Condemned to 4 Years in Prison? Exposed!

Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso is a monster who got away with one of the worst crimes imaginable by using legal loopholes and money.

The Peruvian was sentenced in Salamanca for 4 years in prison but didn’t spend much time in jail as he left the country quickly. Moreover, he is now spending on marketing himself as an expert so people don’t find out about his criminal past.

The following review explores the criminal activities of Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso and how his marketers are trying to bury the same.

For starters, here are some of their claims for Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso:

Brought into the world in Lima in 1998, Rodrigo was keen on modern cycles and understanding how things functioned. It was intriguing to him to envision how many machines he saw all through Peru worked. He could envision inside universes of worlds of gears, pulleys, and different gadgets cooperating in show.

This early interest enlivened him to really focus in school, which permitted him to go to San Pedro School and Universidad de Lima, two of the best universities in his space. Salas cherished the school climate and tracked down it an invigorating method for learning and investigation inside his field. During his examinations, Rodrigo procured an Unhitched male’s in Modern Designing.

A portion of his number one classes were arranging and control of tasks and inventory network the executives, as he kept on finding business activities captivating. He was additionally vigorously intrigued by many subjects that amazed his instructors and guardians. For instance, he took inventory network courses to extend his inclinations.

Claims made by Rodrigo’s marketers
Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso
Media coverage of Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso’s arrest and trial

Other than procuring his four-year certification, Salas likewise procured a CAE Diploma and Sprachdiplom Recognition while in school. These high-level declarations in unknown dialects expanded his language information and make him a more alluring choice for some organizations.

2/12/2023 Update
As of now, Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Such different preparation has assisted Rodrigo with hanging out in his field in numerous ways. For instance, it has given a well-balanced CV that grandstands somebody who treats his abilities and training exceptionally in a serious way.

His GPA and school achievements represent themselves, as he ceaselessly procured good grades in his classes and commendations from his teachers. Shockingly, he has proactively distributed a few acclaimed papers that have influenced the supply chain field.

What Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso’s Marketers Want You to See:

The following section only contains the claims made by Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso. It shows how hard his promoters are trying to hide his criminal past.

Rodrigo Salas has a shockingly profound and noteworthy CV for somebody who as of late completed their schooling. For instance, he took a nine-month Real Estate Strategy and Operations internship from IBM that aided show him more this field.

He took this entry-level position while going to the Universidad de Lima, acing this movement while not losing center around his fundamental examinations. This capacity demonstrates the way that he can sufficiently divide his consideration in the work environment without losing his uprightness or ability.

Rodrigo has likewise grabbed the eye of different experts all through Lima and outside Peru for his keen comprehension of cycle investigation and Lean. He painstakingly concentrated on these ideas during his college days and constantly tracked down ways of extending and developing his abilities.

Besides, he was not just scholarly however much as could reasonably be expected about these ideas yet tracked down ways of further developing them. That shrewd and inquisitive brain has previously provided him with a great deal of buzz in his field, even external to his local Peru.

Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso

The Peruvian was condemned in Salamanca for four years in jail for free, abuse in Lima. The student who penetrated a young lady deprived of sense on College New Year’s Eve in 2018 isn’t in jail: he has been conceded the substitution of the sentence for expulsion from the country.

The Peruvian understudy who in April of this current year was condemned to four years in jail by the Common Court of Salamanca for infiltrating a young lady on College New Year’s Eve 2018 when she is denied of sense because of liquor consumption. Equity has conceded him the replacement of the sentence for removal from the country for a time of 10 years. On Friday R.A.S.M. He took a trip to Lima, where he resides in freedom.

As LA GACETA has learned, since the Provincial Court condemned him to four years in jail, as well as the installment of 10,445 euros for, sequelae, injuries and moral harms, the high court of Salamanca settled on June 16, 2021 to give the solicitation for ejection documented by the legal counselor of R.A.S.M., a choice that was pursued by the gatherings and that has now been sanctioned by the Superior Court of Castilla y León (TSJCyL).

Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso
Media coverage of RASM’s case

Also, it does as such, as contended in the request, as per article 89 of the Penal Code, which accommodates the substitution by removal of all sentences of over one year in jail forced on outsiders, given that they don’t surpass five years of detainment. prison.

Also, the TSJCyL comprehends that the supposition covered by the exemption for this article doesn’t happen, or at least, halfway consistence with the sentence in Spain without bias to resulting ejection, since it thinks about that “such consistence isn’t important to guarantee the protection of the lawful request and reestablish trust in the legitimacy of the standard abused.

“We don’t question the earnestness of the reality for which the conviction has been made. However, it should likewise be considered that there are conditions that permit us to consider that said reality is relieved by conditions like the tipsiness of the sentenced individual and the incomplete repayment for the harm”, since he kept 5,000 euros before the trial.

It ought to be recalled that albeit the Public Examiner blamed the Peruvian for the wrongdoing of rape and mentioned for him a sentence of 10 years in jail, at long last the Commonplace Court condemned him to four years in jail, understanding that there was maltreatment with lustful access, however not assault, because the understudy didn’t utilize power or terrorizing to conquer the young lady’s assent, something excessive either because she was oblivious from liquor consumption. As demonstrated realities, the sentence expressed that the young lady lived on Varillas road with different understudies.

On December 13, 2018, on the event of College New Year’s Eve, he went out with a schoolmate subsequent to having drunk liquor.

They met in a store with a gathering of compatriots, with whom they got back to the apartment.

Then they went to a bar and when the casualty was extremely impacted by liquor utilization, her accomplice, alongside the litigant and three different men, took her to the floor and left her in her bed, dressed and covered with a sheet.

Some came out once more and others — the person in question and the now sentenced among them — remained on the floor. Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso exploited the way that she was oblivious to, determined to fulfill his sexual motivations and without utilizing force, entered her vaginally.

“I just aided her to get a hold of herself” – A Criminal’s Justification of Assaulting a Woman

Also, in the courtroom he affirmed at the preliminary that he had obscure recollections of that day, that he had drunk liquor and medications, and denied having engaged in sexual relations with the young lady.

As he made sense of, he went to her room, which minutes before he and different companions had left in bed since he was unwell from drinking liquor, however just to “give her a glass of water, after which she spewed, and assist her with reuniting.”

“I recollect his face a foot from mine” – What Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso’s Victim Said

The person in question, who recognized that she was extremely tanked that day, described what she recalled, how she felt when she awakened, totally bare, encompassed by upchuck and with torment in the genital region, as well as injuries on her chest. In spite of the fact that she expressed that she just has “streaks”, she recalls that her face was extremely near her, a range away.

Reveals Made by the Forensics Report

In the examinations did, the forensics brought up, natural and sperm remains showed up in vaginal regions. Likewise, staying viable with the young lady was viewed as in the male. Which would show that “there was genital contact between the litigant and the person in question.”


After going through the above points, it’s clear that Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso is a criminal.

He used legal loopholes and his financial power to avoid the prison sentence. Now, he is paying marketers to hide his criminal past and promote himself as an honest and upstanding citizen.

There are plenty of criminals who use marketing and legal loopholes to get away with their crimes.

Some examples include Carl Iberger, Juan Monteverde, and Khory Hancock.

Hence, beware of Rodrigo.

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Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso is a criminal who got away with sexual exploitation of a woman by using legal loopholes and his financial power. He is using marketers to bury his criminal history. Avoid dealing with him.

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  3. If you are interested in movies then these scenes can be seen in several movies.

  4. The people in the administration are the people who are part of this sector and are only helping these criminals not getting punished.

  5. his man is free to move after molesting a woman and also even after getting a written notice for the crime isn’t taking the matter seriously.

  6. There are several users who might be having proof of being scammed by these fraudsters but they aren’t able to come up with those documents.

  7. There are numerous business typhoons that used the power of money and contacts to get out of several cases, in this case, Alonso used his money to get a team for hiding his criminal record from all the internet sites.

  8. Nowadays the main target should be to make these criminals feel the feel the gulit of attempting to do these acts of harassing.

  9. The government should make these scammers feel that they are practicing the real sh#t making innocent people suffer for their money, and making millions for themselves.

  10. We are the real culprits and promoters of these fake schemes if we will not share the reality of these scammers with the users then it is our fault.

  11. This man has used his money and power from getting imprisoned and keeps his fraudulent schemes alive.

  12. Make sure not to invest in any of the firms related to Rodrigo Alonso.

  13. These criminals are having connections with government officials and use their powers to get out of the punishments like Rodrigo did in his case.

  14. Make this criminal bleed through eyes for not attempting anything similar in the future and there should be some warning issued by the government for other criminals not to attempt anything like this.

  15. Makie this criminal bleed tears for not attempting anything similar in the future and there should be some warning issued by the government for other criminals not to attempt anything like this.

  16. How can the authorities allow a criminal to fly away from the country without any interruption this proves that the legal authorities are helping him to get away from the country.

  17. Never indulge in any of the deals with Rodrigo Alonso, he got the charges for molesting a woman.

  18. People who are helping him to bury his past criminal record should save all that stuff in some drive and share it with the official news channels and social media sites so that he could not get away from the crime.

  19. In this era of women’s empowerment people like Rodrigo are moving freely after exploiting a woman and the consequences were very minimal if compared to the type of crime.

  20. Make them suffer the punishment for the crime.

  21. I don’t get the plot where these criminals leave the country, without getting in the light of investigation. He ran after attending the trial and then after he flew from the country, this is impossible that none of the officials knew about his plans.

  22. Make this bastard prisoned.

  23. These people are misusing their money and power for getting out of these criminal charges, the authorities themselves help these criminals to leave the country after committing these crimes.

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