Is Rogers Backhoe LLC exposed due to poor performance? (Latest Update 2023)

Rogers Backhoe LLC
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Rogers Backhoe LLC, has received the allegations of doing poor construction. Let's find out truth about this firm.
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Rogers Backhoe LLC, which is operating, produces poor-quality work. It is accused by the knowledgeable customers of this business. Let’s first learn more about Rogers Backhoe LLC and its staff.

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21/11/2023 Update
As of now, Rogers Backhoe LLC has not responded nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Rogers Backhoe LLC: About the Services

Rogers Backhoe Service LLC, based in Ozark and open since 2010, appears under the fairly nonspecific heading of “Investors, Not Elsewhere Classified.” Businesses that provide investment-related services that are not very detailed and make it difficult to define their precise products or areas of competence are often placed in this category.

The company’s expected yearly revenue is $100,000.00, hence its financial performance is considered to be good. The fact that this number can change from year to year draws attention to the possibility of revenue stream volatility.

Only about two people are working for Rogers Backhoe Service LLC, which has a small staff. This small workforce size may be a sign that they aren’t fully equipped to manage challenging or extensive projects.

Essentially, while this information gives a general overview of the Rogers Backhoe LLC the lack of clarity in its product or service classification and the potential for inconsistency in its source of income could cause investors to have questions about their sustainability and capacity to offer thorough and specialized services. 

Additionally, the tiny number of employees they have may hinder the productivity and ability of Rogers Backhoe LLC to meet high client demands. For a more thorough evaluation, additional information regarding the details of the services they provide would be required.

The verification status of Rogers Backhoe LLC, which is displaying its actual standard in front of my dear readers, is seen in the screenshot up top. And this is only the beginning; there are many more unpleasant aspects to address. Additionally, I would want to emphasize that after conducting all of these investigations, the good claims made by Rogers Backhoe LLC are equally doubtful.

Who is the owner of Rogers Backhoe LLC?

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In Charlotte, North Carolina, Frank Rogers is the owner of Rogers Backhoe Service LLC. This business primarily specializes in digging and building material work, two disruptive and untidy parts of the building sector. Residents’ daily lives may be disrupted as a result of their involvement in numerous infrastructure and building projects throughout the area.

Monty Rogers controls a considerable amount of the company’s activities as the owner and operator. Even though he may be an expert in the construction sector, because of his position of power, he is ultimately responsible for any inadequacies or problems that arise within the business. This covers potential hold-ups, cost overruns, and community disruption.

Rogers Backhoe LLC: Drawbacks of its Services

Excavation and concrete construction are two services offered by Rogers Backhoe LLC that may be noisy, polluted, and disturbing to the environment. Earth and debris are dug up during excavation, which might disturb the neighborhood’s occupants and produce noise pollution. 

Additionally, concrete work, such as casting foundations or pathways, can cause additional disturbances including construction noise and an interruption in traffic.

One of their clients, Independence High School, may have had to put up with the inconveniences brought on by the building or remodeling work done by Rogers Backhoe LLC. Any building activity on the property or close by can disturb the calm and conducive environment that educational facilities like schools require for learning.

Building is a major business in Charlotte, a city that is expanding quickly. As a result, there will be more construction-related inconveniences for local residents, which creates chances for businesses like Rogers Backhoe LLC. 

The business owned by Frankie Rogers, Rogers Backhoe LLC, is focused on providing construction-related services that may be unpleasant and inconvenient for nearby towns. 

Due to their excavation and concrete operations, the environment and locals are frequently negatively impacted by noise pollution, dirt, traffic disruptions, and other factors. 

The business may prosper in Charlotte’s expanding building market, but because of the annoyance it causes to the local population, its operations may be viewed negatively.

Rogers Backhoe LLC: Reviews & Ratings Exposing The Truth of their Services

Before moving to the reviews I would like to draw your attention to the following screenshots which show the actual status of the services provided by Rogers Backhoe LLC.
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Now let’s move to the comments that are posted against Roger Backhoe LLC.


Frankie Rogers, the founder of the aforementioned business, has a reputation for being unreliable and untrustworthy when it comes to following construction specifications. Although Frankie Rogers gives off the impression of being a nice person, there have been problems with their work. They were given a comprehensive list of specifications for a building venture, but they constantly disregarded it.

Frankie Rogers showed little interest during the first meeting at the employment site and just asked a few questions. 

They did not take the required actions to evaluate or confirm that the job was completed in accordance with the given specifications. It was immediately clear that this lack of dedication to detail existed.

The organization was given the responsibility of cleaning up a certain area that was roped off with yellow, and this presented a huge challenge. When they came back, it was clear that they had ignored the outlined rules and simply cleared what they felt was appropriate. 

They refused to undertake the task they were contractually required to complete when asked about it and instead responded that it wasn’t in their proposal.

To make matters worse, when the aggrieved party went to “Elite Homes” in Springfield for help, the owner, Rick Hunt, took Frankie Rogers’ side and made matters worse by giving misleading information and failing to assure adherence to the project’s criteria.

As work on the project went on, it became apparent that the specifications that had been initially agreed upon were not being followed. Contrary to the goals established before the project began, the corporation appeared to be pursuing its own course of action.

The company’s incompetence in relation to a cut phone line is a further problem raised. They decided to conduct the repair themselves without following the necessary procedures instead of reporting the situation for expert repair.

This article presents an unfavorable impression of the organization run by Frankie Rogers. Despite giving off the impression of being nice people, their behavior has shown a lack of dedication to following building guidelines and keeping their end of the bargain. It has been suggested to steer clear of dealing with this organization due to the discontent with their work and the uncooperative behavior that accompanied it.

#2. Rogers Backhoe LLC is a fraud


According to the comment, the client engaged Frank to construct his foundation, but he had a very unsatisfactory relationship with him. We were really unsatisfied with his work because a number of problems came up during the construction phase.

Firstly, Frank started the job without the required blueprints or specifications, which created a number of issues. He mysteriously built vents in the foundation instead of constructing a conditioned crawl area as he had intended. This departure from the predetermined course revealed a lack of care for detail and an ignorance of the needs of our project.

Concerns were also raised by Frank’s personnel selection. To work on the project’s physical components, he recruited a person who acted in an unprofessional manner and seemed to be having problems with substance misuse. The work atmosphere was made uncomfortable and unsafe by this choice, which also reduced the standard of the work.

An additional major issue was Frank’s work schedule. He frequently came in the wee hours of the morning to begin working on the work, which proved not only uncomfortable but also disturbed our peace and solitude.

Frank didn’t make sure that the structure was properly oriented, which was one of the most important problems. His foundation was built 6 1/2 inches out of square, a significant departure from the norm. Moreover, he failed to construct footing ditches in undisturbed dirt, a crucial step in building a solid foundation.

They had to spend a lot of money hiring a different business to fix the southern portion of the house because of the problems brought on by Frank’s subpar work. Even our efforts to solve the issues on the outside of the house were not enough to solve them.

As a result, according to their experience, they firmly advise against using Frank for any building job. We now have a heavy financial and emotional load because of his lack of care for the little things, shoddy craftsmanship, employee selection, and contempt for building codes. In picking a contractor for their projects, we hope that others will be able to benefit from our knowledge and make better choices.

Placing a structure on top of the rock and a barrier to vapours, which is a blatant infraction of good construction practices, was possibly one of the most worrying mistakes. This decision not only jeopardized the foundation’s structural stability but also demonstrated a lack of comprehension of the fundamental ideas behind the foundation.

Another issue was with Frank’s French drain/curtain drain installation. In order to stop water from leaking into the surrounding soil, he employed several forms of pierced pipe without placing plastic under the line.

 As a result, the drainage system was rendered useless as water poured into the bar’s holes and eventually returned to the earth. He used supplies that were obviously left over from earlier jobs, which further highlighted his disregard for quality.

All of these problems came to a head when our crawl area began to consistently leak after a rainstorm. Despite our efforts to get in touch with Frank and resolve these issues via written correspondence, he showed resistance to making things right.

#3. Rogers Backhoe LLC is a poor contractor

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Due to a number of serious problems uncovered during their work, the client in the above review strongly advises against employing the company to build the foundation for your modular home. 

Particularly in the incorrect setting of the vapor barrier and the pouring of footings upon it, which jeopardized structural integrity, they demonstrated inexperience and unprofessionalism. They also disregarded the project’s vent requirements, which may have resulted in issues with moisture and air infiltration. 

The foundation broke from square requirements by 6 1/2 inches, which could cause issues, and they handled a curtain/French drain incorrectly, which resulted in water problems. 

The lack of transparency and concern for the needs of the consumer is further evidenced by their inability to accept blame and make amends for their errors. Finding a more credible and trustworthy contractor is advised for your job.

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with Rogers Backhoe LLC but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.


Now, if we examine the primary failings of the Services of Rogers Backhoe LLC, we will observe a lack of morals, a lack of honesty, and a lack of openness. And the reviews that have been placed against this business & the owner make these issues quite evident. As we continue, I want to show you another screenshot that will paint a less favorable picture of Rogers Backhoe LLC. 
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Is Rogers Backhoe LLC exposed due to poor performance? (Latest Update 2023)
Is Rogers Backhoe LLC exposed due to poor performance? (Latest Update 2023)

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