Roland Weedon- Scamming Essex Mortgage Clients, Exposed by Victims

Roland Weedon has received many serious accusations. Many of his victims claim that he indulges in predatory business practices and takes advantage of the customers of Essex Mortgage.

before you consider doing business with Roland or Essex Mortgage, be sure to read the following review:

About Essex Mortgage

Claims to be established in 1986 in In Orange County, California, as a privately held mortgage provider. Also, they claim to be one of the fastest-growing companies in the mortgage sector.

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Roland Weedon is the CEO of Essex Mortgage

The company further claims that they are standing as a reliable, successful business that can provide a variety of accessible home loans. They provide FHA, VA and several other types of mortgage loans.

Roland Weedon is the CEO of the company named Essex Mortgage. 

Where are they situated?

Corporate Address:

2100 W. Orangewood Ave. Suite 180

Orange, CA 92868

What exactly is the truth? (Victims Expose Roland Weedon)

The company claims to be loyal but the customer reviews say otherwise!

One of the customers named Marjorie Luchsinger says that she paid her mortgage in full each month in 2022, along with a portion designated in an escrow account overseen by Essex Mortgage for miscellaneous costs like our taxes, flood insurance, mortgage insurance, etc.

Marjorie further mentions that Essex Mortgage handed me $110.00 in December 2022 without providing any further details. I then discovered that Essex Mortgage mishandled the setup of my escrow account and was in reality showing payments made to Essex Mortgage as having been allocated to my escrow account for the aforementioned miscellaneous charges.

Marjorie added It turned out that the $1100 that Essex Mortgage provided me was the amount for the flood insurance for 2023 that I had paid in 2022. My insurance company, USAA, on behalf of FEMA granted Essex Mortgage a 30-day extension after they failed to pay their flood insurance premium on time.

After being given a 30-day extension by USAA, Roland Weedon’s company then neglected to pay my flood insurance premium. As part of my monthly mortgage payment to Roland Weedon’s firm for the year 2022, I had previously paid the annual flood insurance premium. To cover the cost of this insurance, Essex Mortgage erroneously claimed that a portion of my mortgage payment was allocated to an escrow account administered by Essex Mortgage.

To comply with the terms of my mortgage, I was required to pay an additional annual flood insurance premium of about $1500 or risk having my flood insurance canceled due to non-payment and having to obtain a new flood insurance policy at a significantly higher cost.

While pouring out the pain the customer further mentioned that Not Essex Mortgage but USAA, my bank and insurance provider, informed me of this inaccuracy. When my hazard insurance premium was due earlier this year, USAA reported having comparable problems with Essex Mortgage. I’d never heard of a problem from Essex Mortgage.

I spoke with Essex Mortgage multiple times about this problem, but there was no resolution. Only when I officially and in writing complained to CRBC did someone from the Essex Mortgage Customer Experience Team get in touch with me. Sadly, instead of offering to help, they increased my yearly mortgage payment by $1500.00 to cover the 2023 flood insurance premium that I had already paid.

Did You Know?

CRBC has established relations in trade & commerce with approximately 60 countries in different regions of Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. CRBC promotes mutual benefits with all its partners.

She added that “Since I had to pay the $1500.00 flood insurance premium twice, I told Roland Weedon’s Customer Experience Team representative that I thought it was unjust to require me to return the $1100.00 that had been mistakenly paid to me from my escrow account. To recover the $1100.00 that Essex Mortgage sent me by error, they have decided to raise my monthly mortgage payment by $1500 starting in 2023. I told the Roland Weedon Customer Experience Team representative that I wouldn’t pay a higher mortgage payment as compensation for their error.”

“I’ve been financially harmed by this mistake. I had to make the difficult choice of losing my flood insurance, which I had already paid twice for, or skipping buying Christmas presents for my granddaughters. Unlike Essex Mortgage, who utterly failed in all of their fiduciary obligations to me, I decided to continue being a fiscally responsible person. I am confident that my account was not the only one that was intentionally set up to report accurate fund allocations. I tried to resolve this for several days with Essex Mortgage, the insurance division of Essex Mortgage, and the customer service division of Essex Mortgage. Employees at Essex Mortgage treated me disrespectfully, which resulted in emotional trauma and frustration for me.”

Although Roland Weedon’s team apologized for their mistake, they haven’t taken any steps to fix it other than trying to raise my monthly mortgage payment for 2023. This conclusion is unsatisfactory. Because it is their fault, I propose that Essex Mortgage pay the $1500.00 needed to refund my escrow account and maintain my monthly payment at the amount I agreed to pay under the terms of my house purchase.

They made a mistake and were discovered. It is absurd to raise my mortgage payments to make up for a mistake that they made and for which I have already paid — twice. Call it an act of good faith, an admission of the harm they did me, or whatever they would want to call it.

It has been a point of contention since the end of December 2022. Although they are aware of my request, Roland Weedon and his company has declined it. It has been two months and 60 days since I discovered that Essex Mortgage handled my money improperly. Still no solution. As I am aware that my account is not the only one for which Essex Mortgage has mismanaged funds or reported fake fund management, I am sharing this complaint for everyone and anyone to read.

I’m hoping that after reading this, other people would share their experiences as well. A class action lawsuit could compel Essex Mortgage to address legitimate grievances from real homeowners who feel they are being cheated out of their houses.

Instead of absorbing the $1500.00 now, they can absorb the entire purchase price of my home. By the time the lawyers get involved and get their cut, Essex Mortgage will be out of business.

More Reviews Exposing Roland Weedon and Essex Mortgage

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There are many victims of Roland Weedon

What is a Mortage Fraud?

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The purposeful act of falsifying or omitting information used by a mortgage underwriter or lender to fund, purchase, or insure a mortgage loan is referred to as mortgage fraud. Both mortgage lenders and borrowers have the potential to perpetrate it. Housing or mortgage fraud can be committed by individuals who intend to occupy a property as a primary residence or by groups of investors who defraud via rental properties or commit appraisal fraud when flipping homes.


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According to many reviews, Roland Weedon engages in illegal practices

The good news is that by lowering mortgage fraud, we can strengthen the markets. People need to have reasonable expectations for their borrowing and homeownership experiences. Investors should set attainable profit objectives. Industry professionals must uphold higher standards of conduct and accept organizational accountability from their peers. Governments must harmonize the law and reconcile law enforcement with ongoing inquiries.

Clearly, you should avoid doing business with Roland Weedon and Essex Mortgage. They are extremely dangerous.

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  1. we were 20
    days late we
    knew we wold be 30
    days late called to see if they can help us they over the phone said you can apply to have next 2 months added to 3 months and catch up so we went to pay the payment and they had no clue what we were talking about and said there syestem
    has changed and its taking a long time to get your infomation i said it was with you how is it taking a long time no managers can talk in a meeting and we ask to call use never did we have filed a complant with attorney general and this went from 30 days late to 2 months and soon 3 becuase they are scammers

  2. Not rustable Essex is running this scam for several years and making their people suffer for a small amount of money so I will suggest you avoid investing with this firm and make sure you are never taken away by these nefarious schemes, companies like Essex are always planning to loot their users after trapping them into some sort of scheme and then not providing them the profit it is very much familiar for these nefarious companies to practice these scams.

  3. The reviews of the investors for the company will let you explore every problem which they have been provided with from Essex it is our responsibility to invest accordingly with trustworthy investors otherwise most of the investors have suffered only and have never offered the promised services so make sure your name isn’t added with any of the scams and make you suffer loss of thousands of dollars it is very much essential to be sure before investing or taking financial assistance form any company, it is observed people have suffered a lot behind these fraudsters, so make sure you are with the safe company and enjoying the fruit of your investment, not like others investing in nefarious firms like Essex and then running here and there for registering complaints. It would be much better to invest with some better forms providing higher returns and being true to their words otherwise you will never be able to get any of the returns and also the firm will only scam you rather than providing you any profit or any financial help they will try to get you some property and earn higher profit. Once you are into the trap of Essex none of you will be able to get out of their fraudulent scams and schemes, it is very much essential to beware of these fraudsters before investing with them. I will suggest you avoid these firms at all costs for earning higher profits so that you are never provided with any profit and have to face loss so avoid investing in these nefarious firms filled with evil thoughts always trying to capture your property after providing you some loan.

  4. The mortgage firms are making millions after scamming their customers so it is the responsibility of the users to make sure whether the firm from which you are taking help is worth the investment otherwise I will suggest you invest with some other firm. Essex has added several criminal charges with them, so it is very important to ensure isn’t wasted with these nefarious ventures. It is observed that people who have invested with Essex have been handed over with a package of scams so I will request you to avoid investing with these nefarious firms and search for some better investment options and also make others aware of their scams so that they aren’t able to practice the same, I will suggest you search for some better option rather than investing Essex.

  5. Make sure none of your relatives, or friends get scammed by this fraudster, they have harmed several investors with their fake schemes and none of them received the insurance claims, which disclose their reality.

  6. Most of the reviews about Essex and Roland are negative, which reflects his true personality of being negative.

  7. This company isn’t reliable for their business deals so make sure you aren’t indulged in any of the deals with this company, Essex isn’t reliable for investing so avoid doing any sort of business with them.

    • I currently have Essex mortgage and approximately 5 months ago I fell behind in my mortgage so I called to ask if I could get some assistance in any way because it states on the website that they have mortgage assistance team. It took me almost 2 months to finally get a hold of someone after leaving 10 emails leaving probably 20 voicemails I finally got a hold of someone. They had all these different ways of helping me until they told me about this partial claim agreement. I was told whatever money that I owe they would put in the back of the mortgage and then when it came time to sell the home I would have to pay it back I said great!! Well they sent the contract to my home they gave me 30 days to look it over fill it out and send it back. First of all this contract should have been taken to a lawyer because what they told me after signing it I still don’t see it in the contract but I was told that it’s not just about paying the money I owe back at the end of my mortgage I have to pay the over $9,000 before I refinance or before I sell the home, I didn’t know this.. but what is really upsetting is that my mortgage payment was increased by almost $200 a month when I saw that I assumed that they increased my mortgage because that was the extra money going towards the $9,000 that I owe but no they said it was my escrow account including flood insurance, taxes, home insurance but I don’t have for insurance through them anymore, I called my homeowner insurance and it only went up maybe $5 a month and my taxes from 2022 to 2023 only went up $600 so where are they getting the extra almost $200 a month. I called last week a couple times and I spoke to someone who directed me to the proper person I should talk to about this escrow thing and no one ever answers the phone. Almost every time I called Essex mortgage they are very nice they say welcome to our family blah blah blah but there are a few times I’ve spoke to Representatives who were completely the opposite. Also the first year I was in my home I was receiving bills from the flood insurance and my homeowner insurance because they said Essex mortgage wasn’t paying them. So they called Essex mortgage I had to call Essex mortgage because the money wasn’t getting there so who is handling our money my money?! I am appreciative that they help me but I found out there were other means of assisting me with my back mortgage ways that would have not just paid off what I owed but help me a few months ahead that was never mentioned because I guess it meant that they wouldn’t profit from it.

  8. Essex is not that much reliable as we are thinking after going through their reviews instead we should go for the actual game of the company, they aren’t dealing legitimately.

  9. One review where the man has shortened his expenses for his Christman celebration was heartbreaking, the company shouldn’t do this, they should have provided the expenses and claimed the money.

  10. Make sure you are never indulged in any of the schemes provided by this scammer.

  11. The company has neglected to pay the insurance claims of their clients so avoid them for any business, it is important to make them aware of the reality of their people.

  12. This article is very informative where they have exposed all the fake schemes this company they have ever indulged in, after reading this article I will never invest with Roland Weedon, he is a confirmed cheater.

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