Ron Gutman Intrivo – Abuse and Harassment of Staff

Ron Gutman Intrivo is a serial entrepreneur with a sketchy past. He was ousted from his previous company because of a controversy surrounding his intimidation tactics. 

He has given a TED talk on the power of smile but he himself wasn’t following his suggestions. 

Ron used to run HealthTap, a venture-backed medical advice startup. The board fired him because they had received too many complaints about Ron Gutaman Intrivo’s behavior in the company. 

He posted this news a bit before the board of directors informed others. 

According to an explainer, Ron had intimidated and abused his staff members. He committed acts of mistrust and repeatedly mistreated, threatened, harassed and verbally abused his staff. 

The letter read, “This leaves us with no choice but to fire you. The toxicity you introduced into the workplace ends now”.

This was quite a peculiar development because in 2011, there was a Ron Gutman TED talk about the power of smiling. He had attracted a lot of publicity because of his positive message. 

Later, TED even published a book based around the concept Ron had discussed in that talk. It’s called Smile: The Astonishing Powers of a Simple Act

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Ron Gutman Intrivo ted

It’s worth pointing out that Ron Gutman Intrivo denied harassing or abusing his employees. He released a public statement saying that the actions of the VC were harmful to the firm and they violated their duties. 

Ron claimed that they were trying to take control of the company unfairly. 

Instead of addressing the issue, he shifted the focus on the VCs and claimed that he will continue fighting for HealthTap and its employees. 

However, it wasn’t the first time Ron Gutman was in a controversy. 

When Ron Gutman Intrivo Abused Content Creators and Bloggers:

Before launching and running HealthTap, Ron used to run Wellsphere. He sold that startup to rival firm HealthCentral, which was a collection of consumer health and wellness information. 

While none of the parties revealed the terms of the deal, many bloggers began complaining about it later.

It turns out, Ron Gutman Intrivo had tricked them into agreeing to an ‘irrevocable, perpetual’ license to use, make or sell the content they had posted on the company’s website.

Furthermore, what shocked most of the content creators was that Wellsphere had contacted over 1700 medical bloggers. It called them ‘true medical experts’ and invited them to publish content on their platform.

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Ron founded Healthtap a year after the deal. 

Since then the firm succeeded in raising millions from Khosla Ventures, Mohr Davidow Ventures and Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors. 

Here’s the board’s letter: 

Dear HealthTap Team,

The Board of Directors has decided to make a change in company leadership. As of this morning, Ron Gutman is no longer the President and CEO of HealthTap, nor is he employed by the Company in any capacity. He is also no longer a member of the Board of Directors.

After receiving concerning reports by employees about Ron’s conduct as CEO, the Board of Directors hired an outside law firm to conduct an investigation into these allegations. What we learned left us with no choice but to make this change, and we did so after taking the necessary steps from a corporate governance perspective.

Last evening the Board voted to appoint Bill Gossman as CEO and also elected him to the Board of Directors. He begins his position immediately. Bill is a tenured executive with a wealth of experience in enterprise software, consumer internet and mobile applications. Those of us who have worked with Bill in the past have witnessed his transparent, empowering leadership style, and we firmly believe he is the right leader for the company at this time.

There will be an all-hands meeting this morning at 9:30AM in Palo Alto, where you will get to meet Bill and hear about his near-term plans for the Company. You will also hear from the Board. We ask that employees in the San Francisco office join by video conference if they are unable to attend the meeting in person.

We are confident this change is the right thing to do and in the best interests of the Company. We want HealthTap to offer an atmosphere where employees are treated professionally and respectfully – and where they are rewarded for their contributions. We believe that by working together under Bill’s leadership, we can achieve HealthTap’s full potential.

Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication to HealthTap.

Employee Reviews Expose Ron Gutman:

After reading about the employee abuse allegations, I thought I should look more into Ron and check out if there were any reviews on him. 

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As it turns out, there are plenty of employee reviews on “Ron Gutman” and they all expose how dangerous he is. 

You will find a large collection of positive reviews on HealthTap saying how Ron’s leaving the company has helped it so much. 

ron gutman healthtap
ron gutman healthtap
ron gutman healthtap
ron gutman healthtap
ron gutman healthtap
ron gutman healthtap

Ron Gutman Wikipedia: Additional Information About the Entrepreneur

Ron Gutman is the founder and CEO of Intrivo Diagnostics. It is a Diagnostics-as-a-Service company which focuses on helping employers fight COVID. 

The company provides virus control solutions which combine science, technology and a simple user experience. 

ron gutman intrivo

According to the company’s website, they are located in California. 

Crunchbase reveals that Ron runs Festihealth as well, a virtual health festival program. 

ron gutman intrivo

Also, he is an advisor at KPMG US and Rock Health. Moreover, he has been the Managing Partner of Live Ventures since May 2010.

What is Ron Gutman Age?

There is no information available on his age. 

Where is Ron Gutman From?

Ron Gutman Intrivo is from the US and is a graduate of Stanford University. 

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What is Ron Gutman Net Worth?

While there is no clear data available on his net worth, different blogs estimate Ron Gutman net worth to be around $1.75 million. 

What is Ron Gutman Twitter? 

His Twitter ID is @RonGutman. He has more than 4,600 followers on the popular social media platform. 


After going through the above points, it’s clear that Ron is not as reliable and ‘positivity driven’ as he claims to be.

You should be extremely wary of him and his ventures. 

There are plenty of entrepreneurs and CEOs who have received complaints of employee abuse and harassment. However, they rarely face any consequences of their actions. 

For example, Giri Devanur is the CEO of ReAlpha, a real estate venture notorious for abusing its staff. Another example is Ronn Torossian who has received numerous complaints for harassing his subordinates. 

Beware of Ron Gutman Intrivo.

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