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Roostify Inc Exclusive 2023 – Management & Inequality At A Glance

Roostify Inc is a fintech company based in San Francisco. They are a premium home lending technology provider and claim to simplify the lending process for various lenders. 

The firm is focused on growing its staff and to do so, received $32 million in Series C funding round from Ten Coves Capital. 

As a Saas company, Roostify Inc has been operating for several years. Their office is located at 180 Howard St, San Francisco, CA and their contact number is 888-908-2470. 

While it seems like an ordinary tech firm at first, Roostify Inc has a lot of issues. Their leadership has received a lot of criticism because of rampant favoritism and incompetence. Before you consider looking into Roostify Inc revenue, it would be best to go through the various Roostify Inc reviews present on the web. 

It would help you understand whether the company is worth your business or time: 

Rajesh Bhat: CEO Of Roostify Inc

This company has received a ton of complaints from its disgruntled employees due to its poor management and leadership. That’s why the firm tries its best to avoid sharing many details about the upper management. 

The CEO of Roostify Inc is Rajesh Bhat. He is also the co-founder and before launching this firm, he was a senior associate at Pace Harmon, a consulting and advisory firm. Prior to that, he worked at multiple other companies including Ernst & Young and Allolio & Konrad. 

The CFO of the firm is Eric Amblard while the President of Home Lending is Chris Boyle. 

It’s important to know who are the leaders at this firm because most of the complaints are against them. As you’ll read the following Roostify reviews, you’ll understand why it was vital to highlight the problems present in this firm: 

Leadership Does Not Value Roostify Inc Employees

Roostify Inc review

This review is from a current employee of the firm. According to the reviewer, the leadership of Roostify Inc doesn’t value its employees. They complain that the company fails to live up to one of its core values, i.e., putting people first. 

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Furthermore, the company has a very high turnover rate. Many talented staff members leave the company after spending a year due to the toxic work environment caused by the top executives.

What is a Red Flag? 

A red flag serves as a signal or sign that there may be an underlying issue or danger associated with a company’s stock, financial statements, or news reports. These indicators can come in many forms and are often identified by analysts or investors as any notable undesirable trait.

Company Wastes Investor Money and Lacks Vision

Roostify Inc review

In their review, the ex-employee of Roostify Inc complains that the product team and the executive team are the worst they have ever seen. They point out they have worked in the industry for 7 years and the teams at this firm were the worst. 

The reviewer advises the firm that they should listen to their engineering team and look at the competitive landscape. They left the firm because it had the worst culture they have ever seen in a small-size company. 

Ignoring employees and providing them with a toxic work culture is a huge red flag. Usually, it means the upper management is corrupt and doesn’t care much about the company’s growth as talent retention is key in the current market. 

Take the case of Trulieve Cannabis for example. The firm’s CEO is currently facing charges of public corruption and bribing government officials. Their management has plenty of negative reviews for exploiting its employees. Roostify Inc seems to be on a similar path. 

No Appreciation for Hard Work

Roostify Inc review

The reviewer shares that the primary issues in this firm are weak management, no direction, and no cooperation. They highlight that in the cases of some hired people, you don’t know what they even do while some employees take working here for granted. 

The reviewer points out that several staff members only come to the office on a few occasions. Remote employees are far more productive than them considering those people don’t do their job properly. However, it is puzzling how an employee dedicated to talking to clients can’t even communicate effectively.

Still, these unproductive employees are paid far more than the ones working hard. Also, there is a lack of focus on the application and expansion. The reviewer points out that the management should start appreciating staff members that actually do their job and address the employee’s requirements. 

Roostify Inc Has a Culture of Workplace Bullying

Roostify Inc review

This reviewer points out that there’s no direction, alignment, and communication here. The only communication that occurs is once a week when the executives talk about all the exciting things that will happen which never do. 

Furthermore, people leave the company like rats from a sinking ship. However, the management is irreplaceable so new staff is treated like trash. The reviewer suggests thinking twice before joining such a toxic work environment. 

Also, they highlight that some people managers are offensive, insulting, and malicious. The company doesn’t treat people like it should. 

Employee Complains About Roostify’s Flawed and Weak Leadership 

Roostify Inc review

This reviewer points out that the leadership at Roostify Inc is weak and seems to think that absent-minded execution will somehow lead to success. There is little leadership strength outside of the product organization. 

Moreover, the company constantly struggles with execution and very few employees have any industry knowledge. Due to these reasons, a lot of the staff’s time is wasted on learning about the industry. 

For example, most of the senior management has no past experience in the mortgage industry as many of them come from SaaS startups. Their SaaS background would’ve been helpful if the company’s main market wasn’t in the mortgage industry. 

The reviewer points out that there’s a lack of focus but a lot of delusion of global expansion. These can cause failure in execution. 

The reviewer suggests avoiding the firm if you’re a strong woman as they will overwork you without any appreciation whatsoever. They also highlight that the upper management devalues women.

The reviewer suggests Roostify to acknowledge their weak leadership and focus on execution. They also recommend focusing on executing plans and understanding the needs of the market. 

Leadership Lies to Employees, Makes False Promises

Roostify Inc review

This reviewer points out that the top executive leadership at this firm is greatly challenged to shift its focus from the founding vision to the execution needed to transition into the next stage. 

They point out that the latest decisions have been focused on short-term gains instead of the effect it might have on the staff. 

The company doesn’t ensure that the team has the required resources to deliver and sets unrealistic standards. They ask the management to improve planning and set up predictable execution but they are discarded to focus on short-term gains. 

Furthermore, in many instances, the company made false promises to the employees. They promised something but didn’t deliver as soon as the team completed its tasks. 

Also, there is rarely any direct communication with the employees affected by this. Most of the affected employees were women. 

Like other Roostify reviews, this one suggests the leadership to set up realistic standards. They also recommend ensuring that the team has all the necessary resources. 

Employee Loses Hope in the Leadership of Roostify Inc

Roostify Inc review

The reviewer points out that the leadership team is the worst they have ever worked with. None of them take any feedback. Instead, they berate their subordinates and are incapable of translating high-level vision into execution.

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The company outsources most of its engineering jobs to India and the management is too incompetent to even understand the advice they get from the product team. 

Initially, the reviewer was hopeful things will get better but the management only pretends to be receptive when asking for feedback. Everyone they know in the firm is actively looking elsewhere. 

They suggest the company remove toxic people from leadership roles.

Roostify Inc is a Disorganized and Clueless Organization

Roostify Inc review

The reviewer says there is a lack of diversity in the company, the ratio of technical contractors to full-time engineers is absurd, the open floor layout is very disruptive, and there’s no trust in leadership. 

Also, their toxic work culture causes mediocrity in the product. Instead of accepting these flaws, the company attributes them to being a startup. They suggest the leadership of the firm to stop playing the game as people can see right through them. 

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Roostify Management is Incapable of Listening to Any Feedback

Roostify Inc review

According to this ex-employee, some of the developers at this firm create a hostile work environment. Furthermore, the upper management hesitates to clean up the mess created by their inexperienced developers as most of the managers have no industry knowledge. The reviewer compares working here to working at a circus. 

They also point out that the leadership at this firm is incapable of listening to any criticism. 

Company Badmouths Former Employees

Roostify Inc review

The reviewer says that it’s not a good company for a diverse workforce. Also, the upper management will block your hire or your promotion if you don’t fit the very narrow view of culture fit.

The new management prefers to waste time and set unrealistic goals. 

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They highlight that the company’s leadership should stop sticking their heads in the sand and attacking people who highlight the issues. The reviewer points out that the firm had a team of talented and passionate individuals but the management didn’t care. 

Also, the company brings in a lot of foreign contractors who don’t have sufficient industry knowledge. 

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Roostify Inc is a tech company with a lot of issues. The company should focus on becoming more diverse and addressing the needs of its employees first. 

Many reviewers complain that the leadership doesn’t promote minorities and is very narrow-minded. These aren’t small issues and should be talked about. 

What’s worse is many former employees left the company after losing hope in the leadership. It’s time that the upper management at Roostify Inc took note of these issues and started taking some serious action. 

Until they introduce more inclusive and employee-friendly policies into their firm, it’s advised to avoid dealing with them. 

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Needs a lot of improvement

Roostify Inc has a terrible reputation as an employer. Various ex-employees complain that the company isn’t inclusive enough and there is rampant favoritism. Such practices make working difficult for the employees and the leadership at this firm should start working on it. After all, employees are human beings too.

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    Don’t trust Roostify Inc! They are the scum of the earth. The management will chew you up and spit you out as if you are nothing. You are expected to work long hours without expecting anything in return. Expecting a promotion? Sorry, you won’t get any. Expecting a bonus? They don’t do that here. Unless you are extremely ‘close’ to some people, don’t expect to gain anything from this abusive and toxic workplace. Rajesh Bhat is an incompetent CEO and his management skills are clearly visible in these reviews. Stay away from this place.

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