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Rory Vaden

Rory Vaden spreads his propaganda & forces his opinions on people. He has tons of complaints but he ignores them all. Read more on Gripeo.
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When you meet people, and everything seems perfect with them, trust me when I say something is not right there. I have come to become acquainted with Rory Vaden, a man that most people perceive to be an absolute genius, a great speaker, and indeed a motivational shaker. That is what I thought in the first place until I got to know him, and I can tell you that every single thing you have known of Rory Vaden beforehand not a facade, not what you will expect at all.Rory is something else entirely that made me a fool in believing in his ideas in the first place. Rory Vaden, who pretends to be who he is not living a fake life in front of the audience to make a couple of dollars and earn a reputation he does not deserve is nothing but complete slime, and I will tell you exactly why.

Who is Rory Vaden?

Background, Lies, Career, Personal Life, & More.

Rory Vaden was born in Colorado in 1982, July 26. He attended the University of Denver, where he earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree simultaneously. Rory is considered a speaker, an author, and an entrepreneur. He co-founded Southwestern Consulting. He also co-Founded Brand Builders Group and is the host of the podcast, Rock Solid Reputation.Rory Vaden began speaking at an early stage and got a knack for attracting an audience like me when I first got to know about him. He has several certifications on speaking and authored the book Take The Stairs: 7 Steps To Achieve Great Success and Procrastinate on Purpose. Rory made publications for sure like CNN and Huffington Post. This is the idea, all he does is travel up the leader trampling on me, on you and everyone else and you will see exactly how he achieves this.

His Ideas Lack Originality

Rory Vaden: The Plagiarism King

For a motivational speaker, you did think he is in the right position to speak life into people, inspiring you with his words obtained from all he had experienced. However, you did be surprised that Rory Vaden, half the time, does not know what he is talking about. This is a man that has seen that people like listening to him, and he does everything to keep it so.

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Why would someone do something he does not necessarily believe in and wants someone else to believe in such? To make things worse, whatever he so proud of saying is something that you and me, if we listen closely enough, have all heard before.Simply because people like listening to him, Rory does not put much effort into actually making an idea his own. He only knows how to speak. Nothing beyond that. You think he has inspired you, get another book, you will see the same thing. For a man with such a high reputation, he lacks originality, creativity, and imagination.Unlike many out there who know the importance of being a great author, that is being creative enough to make your ideas unique and your own, Rory Vaden does not have time for that. He does not give much thought to what he writes; all he wants to do is write. This the hard truth if this. People like him are not worth the attention we give to them. He feeds from us and does not care how much he takes as long as it satisfies him well enough.

Forcing Propaganda & Misinformation

He imposes his ideas on you, whether you like it or not.

Rory Vaden does not necessarily care whoever you are, as I said, he likes to talk and write what you might consider his lack of originality books. When it comes to religion, every single person has the liberty to conform to any one of their choices. Whether it Christianity, Islamism, Buddhism, or even Hinduism and the several lots out there. However, Rory does not seem to think this way, or he does not use to think at all.

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When he writes, he is insisting his religion on you like yours is meaningless, and he’s absolute. He tells you all about the way he lives his life and subtly indicates that if you cannot line the way he does, then you are nothing and cannot achieve the success you want. The fact that he had little regard for my faith makes me question myself. He makes you feel like your faith, and religion is not worth being called one. Imagine how many people out there that have come to feel that way. Imagine how many people he has subtly told that their religion is meaningless and of no value to them? It is like the only way you can be the best of yourself is to be Rory Vaden. Nothing more and thus, nothing less. Hence, Rory does not care about you, and he does not care about what you think or how you feel. All he believes in and thinks which you see in the way he talks and writes is to embrace everything that he has embraced. That will probably be the only way to get his ideas right. Rory Vaden had no right to make me feel that way, and he should keep his religious practices to himself. In any case, he is clueless; he should know that they are more religious than both my and feet can count. If he is intelligent enough, he would have concluded that people who read his books will not necessarily have the same religion as him, but he is not smart and does not have time enough to find out. He is merely selfish and close-minded. Who Rory is, why then should you or I listen to a man who doesn’t believe in the people he is trying to motivate but only in himself? He kept on making references to his old books in any case, you feel like reading one of his books, make sure to start from the very first, if you don’t well, Rory is going to tell you to one million and one times in the second book. In his second book, Procrastination on Purpose, all you will read is references to Take the Stairs, his previous book.

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You know, there are several platforms out there to sell books, Amazon, Walmart, and others; we do not need someone to sell a book within another book. Seriously if you want to know what I mean, pick up Procrastination on Purpose and see for yourself. The truth is you will be better off saving your money and get something for yourself that is so much better.Rory would not shut up about Take the stairs like that is his greatest achievement and he takes no interest in educating readers or give them their money’s worth. If you haven’t read Take the Stairs before reading Procrastination on Purpose, then Rory will ensure you gain nothing other than splashing the cash at him.Other authors do this subtle or spend some cash in promoting the book, not Rory, everything that he is, and everything he can lay his hands on he will use as a weapon to make himself look good and make money. Rory does not care about you, me, or anybody else. All he is obsessed with is selling his books, and that is the end of that.Just like he would not shut up about his religion or his old books, he still wouldn’t keep quiet about how great Southwestern Consulting is. You see what I am saying about how I came to realize Rory does not give a thought about you or me or anyone else. All his effort is on himself, and through that, avenue makes money for himself.He keeps rattling off about how great the Southwestern Consulting coaching classes are — giving you a subtle hint to join them. Even Wikipedia notice this in one of his several articles online.Exactly what I have said before, Rory believes the only way you can make it big is to adopt his ideas as yours is worthless. There is a difference between brainwashing and inspiring.I do not think Rory knows about the difference. You have to work with Southwestern Consulting to truly make it, my religion is perfect, see you have to adopt it, buy my old books to make the most of it is all Rory Vaden spends his time doing all year round. What is more painful is that he has truly made so many believe in him when he typically has nothing in him for some to believe.

Rory Vaden is a speaker, an entrepreneur, a writer and a copy cat.

I know there is probably nothing wrong with using someone else’s idea. However, there is something incredibly wrong when you make that idea seem like yours; then in that way, Rory is a copycat. Going through his books and also confirmed by another who read the same books, Rory steals other people’s ideas without so much as giving them credit for it.

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 All he seeks is the glory. He does not have dignity enough to give someone respect when it is due. Precisely what I concluded, Rory does not care about you or stealing someone’s ideas and making it his own; all he wants is the limelight to be on him, no wonder he is enthusiastic about speeches. This given, it visible now that Rory is not intelligent enough to cook up something unlike so many others believe. I hope it does not shock you that Rory Vaden does not have the creativity to come up with something. I wonder what he takes his reader for, just money in his pocket? He considers us not intelligent enough to have spotted the fact that he took some else idea, word for word, as his.

Vaden Reviews Around The Web

Actual Rory Vaden Reviews & Complaints Speak The Truth

I found this interesting that on Amazon, the reviews with a low star were more helpful to others more than the five-starred reviews. It tells you one thing, not only know that Rory is not worth it, but a lot of other people have come to realize this also. For instance, on two starred reviews on how Rory Vaden was all about selling his books more than educating his reader, fifty-one people found this to be helpful compared to the two people that found a five-star rating review on how a genius Rory Vaden is, useful. Many people have started knowing the man for who he truly is. Another two-starred review one how his ideas were not unique turned out to be helpful for twenty-three people, compared to five starred reviews that did not say anything useful or unusual about the book.

The Restraining Order Rory Doesn’t Want You To Know About

The Rory Vaden Restraining Order Details

Vaden was sued by his company and was placed on a temporary restraining order. Despite all his ranting about his company and how creative their life-changing coaching is, imagine when I got wind of the fact that the company sued Vaden. Yes, you heard it right, and the company demanded a temporary restraining order on Vaden. What could have gone wrong? Last year June, Southwestern Consulting sued Rory Vaden and two others and immediately filed for a temporary restraining order to be put on Rory. Well, this should not come as any surprise as I had told you I knew from the instant I got acquainted with this man, he was a hypocrite making all smiles for you, me, and the camera. The nature of the suit was under “890 Other Statutory Actions. Southwestern Consulting filed a case upon 15:1125 Trademark Infringement (Lanham Act). I checked it out, which indicates using intellectual property that does not belong to you as though it your own. The case against Rory Vaden was not specific, but you can manage to deduce that his company sued Rory for probably claiming a right, which is not his to claim. He is the co-founder and not the founder. If Rory intelligent enough, which isn’t, he would have realized this. There is no doubt that something like this will happen. All Rory Vaden wants is to increase his reputation continually, and he does not necessarily care who he tramples, what he says on how towards it.

image 51

Rory Vaden’s page on Wikipedia was considered for deletion. Another surprise right, on my way to knowing about this man, I found out that Wikipedia considered deleting Rory’s page. Now, being curious about my new found acquaintance, I checked out why. It turns out that Wikipedia decides to delete a page that they see to look somewhat promotional.

image 52

For Wikipedia to confirm this, it shows you the real person Rory is. They spotted it and knew instantly that Rory was a fake. Now, some else has confirmed everything I have come to accept and what you should start believing in also: all the so-called self-discipline strategist only cares about putting his name out there, in his books his speeches and even going as far as on Wikipedia.

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The man is, indeed, desperate.

He is ready to take advantage of you if you give him a chance like he did his organization that got him disgraced in court.

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Rory Vaden is not the man we think he is, what you see is a facade of someone else. This kind of people do not deserve our attention; the type of reputation they crave; he like the rest of the people like him does not care for you or me. He fake smiles to get you to like him buys his books, imposes his religion on you, forces his organization on you, says sweet words you would want to hear, and does not have the creativity to come up with his content. This is who Rory Vaden is.

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