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Royal Regis – Investigation for Alleged Fraud, Impersonation, and Perjury – Fake Copyright Takedown

Beneficiary Royal Regis
Contact Info:Address: 201 Al Ittihad St, 3rd Floor, Office 20, Al Mamzar Center – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 
Phone: +971 4 230 0700
Possible Infringements:Perjury, Impersonation, Identity-theft, Misrepresentation
DMCA Report:
Original Link:
Fake and
Submitted by:Edward Clark and Royal Regis
Date of Submission:October 16, 2020 and November 27, 2019
The Fake DMCA Notices

What was Royal Regis trying to hide?

It seems Royal Regis has an unflattering review ranking high on search engines. The website owner did not agree to remove the review, and therefore Royal Regis took matters into their own hands.

Since this review has now been illegally ‘removed’ from Google, we take it upon ourselves to show you that review –

Royal Regis Travel &Tours LLC. FRAUD COMPANY ROYAL REGIS TRAVEL FRAUD COMPANY, DON`T WASTE UR MONEY I want to inform everyone about Royal Regis Travel & Tour’s. I got a call that, I have won a gold coin and holiday Voucher, to collect the prize, and I have to attend a conference for 45 minutes along with my family in the Hotel in Deira. When I went with my family along with my 2 children’s around 8 pm in the evening, instated of the conference, they start to explain about holiday packages and one Travel Executive started to convince me to buy their holiday membership, and I was seated from 8 pm till 11:30 pm, and the next day morning my children’s is having school, so after they forced and confused us about Holiday membership plan, I give AED 10,000/-. By cash and AED 30,000/-. Credit card and sign a membership contract. Very next day when I realized that, I did a mistake by taking a membership, I started to call Royal Regis Travel & Tour’s office and only a centralized telephone system is working, and no one is answering a call. The same day around 12 pm I directly visited their office in Mamzar Center, Receptionist ask me to be seated and someone will come to attend to me. After I waited 3hrs and I started to shout, someone from customer service come and attended to me. When I ask for a refund again he started to convince me, also he told me that, the membership is nonrefundable. I refused, and I ask for a full refund in the amount of AED 40,000/-. After I waited for 15 days they have not refunded my amount and I went directly to DED – Dubai Economic Department, and then I got my money back, with the help of the Economic Department. ROYAL REGIS are big cheaters and Fraud Company be careful. Bad news for Royal Regis Members customers. Management has sold the trade license to some random guy who would never come to Dubai. The Only way to get the money is to go to Dubai Court in Wafi Mall

How Was This Done?

Someone named ‘Edward Clark’ decided to file a (fake) DMCA takedown notice with Google. To do so, he planted the above review on a Blogspot page. In case you don’t know, blogspot is a free blog by Google.

So, a loser opens a free blog, copies and publishes the content he wants to remove, backdates it, and then tells Google he owns the rights to the content. It’s that easy. Yes, it’s that easy to commit Perjury, Impersonation and Fraud.

And Royal Regis got caught.

In their defense, the people at Royal Regis do not seem to possess the intelligence to think of this scheme. They’re probably dumb enough to hire a fly-by-night Reputation firm to ‘Remove this Review at ANY COST’.

What is a Red Flag? 

A red flag serves as a signal or sign that there may be an underlying issue or danger associated with a company’s stock, financial statements, or news reports. These indicators can come in many forms and are often identified by analysts or investors as any notable undesirable trait.

Description of the Fake Notices sent by Royal Regis

Screenshot 2022 03 09 at 9.40.19 PM

Screenshot 2022 03 09 at 9.41.43 PM

Here’s the other review they tried to hide

Royal Regis is very poor in service. I have paid their fee at one time , after that they have not responded till 3 months , to start services , even after followup. When i asked them to cancel membership & return my amount ,for that there is no response since months . They don`t respond to email. They will not own their service failure/poorness . Their staff don`t take responsibility & put blame on each other even on customer for delay in their service. They have unprofessional way to deal/ talk to customer, after joining . I am struggling since October-2019.

It is quite evident that ‘Edward Clark‘ and ‘Royal Regis‘ who filed these DMCA notices, does not own any rights to the content.

Here are some key excerpts from what we got online –

On the review websites we read that the that this travel agency is owned and operated by a Hatim Manna and Yaser Khan with the name Royal Regis Travels and Tours Limited. They are located in the Middle East in Dubai.

Screenshot 2022 03 09 at 9.44.07 PM

Many scammers do what Royal Regis does. Remove negative links and reviews using unethical and illegal methods and plant fake positive reviews everywhere on the internet with the objective to create a fake positive perception about the company in order to drive business. They have flooded fake positive reviews on Google My Business, if you click on their page and sort the reviews from lowest rated to highest rated, you will unearth the true face of Royal Regis. Unfortunately, the con-artists have no conscience, ethics or morals. They have hundreds of complaints online which they are trying their best to suppress. Do not trust them with your money and do not get lured in to any of their marketing gimmicks.

Our Investigation

We have discovered this fake DMCA and have verified it to be so. Hence this article. The following stages will include –

  • manually informing all relevant parties involved in this, including Google, Royal Regis the beneficiary
  • forwarding the information to Lumen Database and selected media organizations who are interested in these cases
  • publishing the negative content (they tried to remove) on multiple free-speech platforms such as,, etc so that copies of the content are available for eternity, and the purpose of this fake DMCA lost forever
  • continue investigating this case to find out which of the actors are involved, including any reputation or law firm, and if/when found, we’ll make sure everyone knows who is behind these illegal activities
  • set up Google ads to name and shame these so-called beneficiaries of these scams
  • and most importantly, we’ll forward our findings to all relevant law enforcement agencies in the jurisdiction of the beneficiary

What is a Fake DMCA?

In case you are one of the ‘beneficiaries’  listed in this report and are wondering what really happened, we suggest you look within. If it wasn’t you, or your associates, it is definitely the ‘Reputation’ or ‘SEO’ firm you had hired in the past. Perhaps it was your law firm. So, instead of blaming us for this article, you must grill your Reputation/SEO firm and look for answers. We are merely publishing the facts available on public database and have nothing against you personally. It is more than likely that the service you hired indulged in criminal methods to deliver results for you.

Fake Fraudulent DMCA might seem inconspicuous until it’s you at the receiving end of this crime. This is not a prank, this is not an inconvenience, and this is not random. These fake DMCA cases are calculated criminal schemes targeting very specific and rather important information/content. These hitjobs are usually against the media, in order to help their client hide important information from the public’s eye, all in the name of Reputation Management. Millions of dollars are spent doing this, and if no one wants to bring this topic to the fore, we will.

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