Rudy Ruiz – Convicted Drug Dealer and Criminal Exposed

Rudy Ruiz is a drug-dealer who was arrested and sentenced for his crimes in the US. However, now, he is trying to make people forget about his criminal past by promoting himself as an author and entrepreneur.

Rudy Ruiz changed his name from Rodolfo to Rudy because he was arrested in 2014 and is trying to bury his drug dealing past.

According to his marketers, Rudy Ruiz is a social entrepreneur, advocate, and author based in San Antonio, Texas.

rudy ruiz
A snippet of the press release mentioning details of Rudy’s arrest (Source)

He is the co-founder and CEO of Interlex Communications, an advocacy marketing agency that helps clients make a positive impact on diverse audiences. The agency was founded in 1995 by Ruiz and his wife, Heather Ruiz.

The following review will take a closer look at the various PR attempts of this drug-dealing criminal and help you understand why you should avoid dealing with him.

Did You Know?

PR agencies are focused on creating a favorable online image of their clients. The PR agencies contribute to the media gatherings and the favoring newspapers headlines. 

AGE43 Years old
BIRTH PLACEBrownsville, Texas
MOTHER NAMELilia Zolezzi Ruiz
PROFESSIONAuthor, Advocate, and Entrepreneur
WIFEHeather Ruiz
CHILDRENSPaloma and Lorenzo
NET WORTH$1 Million – $5 Million

For example, his marketers make it seem like Rudy is mainly known for his “social work”.

However, his marketers fail to mention that he has spent several years behind bars for drug possession with intent to sell.

Here are a few more examples of what his PR guys want you to believe:

Ruiz is known for his work in social impact and has been recognized for his contributions to the field. He is a frequent speaker on topics related to social impact, diversity, and leadership. He is also the author of two novels, “The Resurrection of Fulgencio Ramirez” and “Seven for the Revolution,” which explore issues related to identity, culture, and social justice. He has been recognized with awards and honors for his work in social impact and innovation and has been featured in various media outlets for his contributions to the field.

Exploring the Criminal Past of Rudy Ruiz: Arrest, Sentence and More

Three Brownsville occupants have been condemned to government jail for their part in a medication dealing and tax evasion scheme declared US Lawyer Kenneth Magidson. Roberto Ruiz otherwise known as Bobby, 38, Rodolfo Ruiz Jr. otherwise known as Pollo, 26, and Jose Luis Guerrero also known as Pana, 41, recently confessed to ownership with the expectation to disseminate in excess of five kilograms of cocaine and plotting to wash the medication continues.

U.S. Locale Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos condemned Roberto Ruiz to 140 months, while Rodolfo Ruiz and Guerrero got separate sentences of 100 and 160 months.

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Rudy Ruiz

All will likewise need to serve five years of directed discharge following the finishing of their jail terms. As a component of his request understanding, Roberto Ruiz consented to relinquish his advantage in his home in Brownsville.

In evaluating her sentence, Judge Ramos noticed the length of the scheme, which was from Jan. 1, 2005, to Aug. 28, 2013.

She likewise noticed that Roberto Ruiz had a position of authority in the association. Guerrero, she noted, had a broad criminal history.

Rudy Riaz headed a major drug-dealing gang and was arrested for this, along with several additional crimes.

Likewise charged and indicted were Peter Spirits otherwise known as Pirucha, 31, of Houston, and Leonel Mendoza Diaz also known as Masacuata, 39, of Brownsville.

They confessed to the medication connivance and were recently condemned to 135 months in jail. Ricardo Olivas otherwise known as Bugs, 42, and Mario de la Fuente, 37, the two of Brownsville, likewise confessed to their contribution in the connivances and will be condemned sometime in the not-too-distant future.

All respondents have been and will stay in care forthcoming exchange to a U.S. Agency of Jails office not entirely settled sooner rather than later.

This case was explored through a joint exertion by the Medication Requirement Organization, Inner Income Administration – Criminal Examination, Customs and Line Security, Texas Division of Public Security, Cameron Province Head prosecutor’s Office, sheriff’s workplaces in Cameron and Willacy Districts, as well as police divisions in Brownsville, Port Isabel, Harlingen, and San Benito.

The case is being indicted by Colleague US Lawyer Michael Hess.

His Background and Career: What His Marketers Want You to Believe

In the following sections of this review, I have shared what his marketers want you to believe. This way, you can get an idea of just how dangerous this drug dealer is:

Rudy Ruiz’s career has been marked by a focus on social impact and advocacy. He has founded or co-founded several organizations and companies that aim to make a positive impact on diverse communities. 

Here are some highlights of his career:

  1. Interlex Communications: In 1995, Rudy and his wife, Heather Ruiz, founded Interlex Communications. The agency specializes in advocacy marketing and helps clients make a positive impact on diverse audiences.
  2. Woodlawn Academy: Rudy co-founded the Woodlawn Academy, a public charter school in San Antonio, in 2008. The school focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education and aims to prepare students for college and careers in those fields.
  3. San Antonio Independent School District: Rudy served as a board member for the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) from 2003 to 2007. During his time on the board, he helped develop policies and initiatives aimed at improving educational outcomes for students in the district.
  4. Author and Speaker: Rudy is the author of three novels, “The Resurrection of Fulgencio Ramirez”, “Valley of Shadows” and “Seven for the Revolution,” which explore issues related to identity, culture, and social justice. He is also a frequent speaker on topics related to social impact, diversity, and leadership.
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Rudy Ruiz’s work and career have focused on finding innovative ways to make a positive impact on communities, whether through advocacy marketing, education, or creative works of fiction.

Rudy Ruiz’s Entrepreneurship and Social Impact: How Rudy is Trying to Bury His Criminal Past

Rudy Ruiz is a notable example of an entrepreneur who has used his skills to create a positive social impact. As the co-founder and CEO of Interlex, a social impact agency, he has helped clients make a positive impact on diverse audiences through advocacy marketing.

One way that Rudy has used entrepreneurship to create social impact is by helping non-profit organizations and social enterprises to create effective advocacy campaigns.

Through Interlex, he has helped organizations to raise awareness about issues such as health, education, and civil rights, and to mobilize supporters to take action.

Another way that Rudy has used entrepreneurship to create social impact is by co-founding and serving on the board of several organizations that focus on education and social justice.

Rudy has also used his entrepreneurship skills to create economic opportunities and promote diversity.

He has also spoken publicly about the importance of diversity and inclusion in business and has worked to promote economic opportunities for underrepresented groups.

Rudy Ruiz has put in a lot of effort into marketing himself as an entrepreneur and author so people wouldn’t find out about his drug-dealing past.

Overall, Rudy Ruiz’s entrepreneurship has had a significant impact on social issues, particularly in the areas of education, diversity, and social justice.

By using his skills to help non-profit organizations and social enterprises, co-founding and serving on the board of organizations that focus on education and social justice, and promoting economic opportunity and diversity, Rudy has demonstrated a commitment to using his entrepreneurship skills for social good.

Rudy Ruiz as the Famous Author:

Rudy Ruiz is the author of two novels, “The Resurrection of Fulgencio Ramirez” and “Seven for the Revolution,” both of which explore themes related to identity, culture, and social justice.

“The Resurrection of Fulgencio Ramirez,” tells the story of Fulgencio Ramirez, a Mexican-American man who is believed to have died in Vietnam, only to reappear in his hometown of Purificación, Texas, 30 years later. The novel explores themes of identity and cultural assimilation, as well as the impact of war and trauma on individuals and communities.

“Seven for the Revolution” is a historical novel that takes place during the Mexican Revolution and follows the story of a group of seven men who band together to fight for social justice and freedom. The novel explores themes of leadership, sacrifice, and the struggle for social change in the face of powerful opposition.

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Overall, both of Rudy’s novels explore important themes related to identity, culture, and social justice, and offer insights into the struggles and triumphs of individuals and communities that are often marginalized or overlooked. 

Rudy Ruiz books

Speaking and Thought Leadership: Rudy Ruiz Markets Himself as a Leader

As a social entrepreneur, author, and advocate, Rudy Ruiz is frequently invited to speak on topics related to social impact, diversity, and leadership. He has delivered keynote speeches and participated in panels and interviews at a range of conferences and events.

Rudy’s speaking engagements often focus on how businesses and non-profit organizations can create positive social impact through innovative marketing and advocacy strategies. He has also spoken about the importance of diversity and inclusion in business, and how entrepreneurs and organizations can promote economic opportunity and social justice.

Rudy has been featured in a number of media outlets, including The New York Times, NPR, and CNN. He has been interviewed about his work as a social entrepreneur and author, as well as his views on current social and political issues. Through these media appearances, Rudy has been able to reach a wider audience with his message of social impact, diversity, and leadership.

Overall, Rudy’s speaking engagements and media appearances have helped to raise awareness about important social issues, and have inspired others to take action in their own communities. His commitment to creating positive social impact through entrepreneurship and advocacy has made him a respected voice in the field of social entrepreneurship and advocacy marketing.


On one hand, Rudy Ruiz is a criminal. However, to rectify his mistake, he has spent a lot of money on marketing and PR.

According to the numerous paid PR articles posted by his marketers, Rudy Ruiz’s work and impact serve as an inspiration to others who are seeking to create positive change in the world.

His marketing efforts make it seem like his commitment to using entrepreneurship and advocacy to create positive social impact, and to promoting diverse perspectives and voices in literature and thought leadership, have made him a respected leader in his fields.

However, he can’t bury the past.

Also, his marketers want to make it seem as if his awards demonstrate his commitment to creating positive social change and promoting diversity, inclusion, and social justice, and serve as a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and advocacy to effect change.

The truth is, Rudy Ruiz is a criminal who is trying his best to make people forget about his gang-related past and how he dealt drugs with others. Please share this article with others who might be at the risk of getting in touch with this criminal.

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  2. It is okay if he wants to change his personality but yes this is wrong if he trying to hide his criminal past.

  3. The man is promoting himself as a writer cum advocate, this shows his level of changes he wants to inculcate, so makes sure people like them aren’t defamed but supported for enhancing their personality.

  4. Man is suffering from several lawsuits regarding money laundering, and drug trafficking this shows his level of indulgence in crime, making sure he isn’t able to affect others in any way if he is an author I am eager to read the books he had written.

  5. WTF he is an advocate promoting himself in this sector is devastating, a drug dealer is opting for being an advocate, get him down from this platform otherwise he will make others suffer.

  6. The government should take the matter seriously and expose this criminal because they should make them attend the lawsuit so that they can’t promote themselves as a motivational entrepreneur and an author.

  7. Author, this is the perfect sector for a drug dealer, he can inculcate various things and yes he could share his experience with the world.

  8. Let us make this article help others not to get indulged in any of the firms related to Rudy.

  9. We are the ones promoting these drug mafia, we will find various trends where teens are trying to copy the characters trying to induce the movie’s characters into their real-life personalities thus making their future insecure and trying to make it a serious concern for the government to control the spread.

  10. We require more articles on these criminals with a fake image of being the most praised entity.

  11. All his attempts to hide his criminal past will be in vain the articles like these will put the cover off.

  12. He has paid his PR team to hide all his criminal history so that he can market himself as a positive entity and introduce various schemes to keep his investors in disguise and develop fake positive popularity for attracting new investors. The business of posting fake positive reviews is taken into use by all investors with a dark history and involvement in criminal activities.

  13. Avoid any of the schemes and firms related to Rudy, a complete package of scams.

  14. If we will look into the positive aspects of Rudy we will find that he is a superb author and professional speaker, and he also served, being a board member of a school. He contributed to improving the educational outcomes of the school and focuses on enhancing the intelligence level of the students. Thus Rudy might be dealing Drugs but if you are trying to hide his superior and positive aspects.

  15. Let us make these criminals exposed to the world and apply sanctions to all their firms and agencies, that indulged in drug trafficking.

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  18. If we will make a study on the cases related to drug trafficking and the involvement of these popular dealers in the case makes the hype, instead of sending them to the prison they are praised by the teenagers. The trend of following these drug mafia, copying their style, and following their section is seen in teenagers. Doing drugs is a normal thing nowadays, according to a study it is found out of 10, 6 people are indulged in some sort of addiction related to drugs.

  19. The government should improvise special authorities to tackle these mafias for making the country full of trash and trying to destroy the environment of the country. The effect of these addictions is affecting the youth mentally and physically depressed, and the hazardous effect of the drug is impacting their health negatively.

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