Russian charlatan Alexey Smirnikin promises crypto-currency security and sells SCAM on Crypto Bridge 2022

Alexey Smirnikin SCAM

One Russian Alexey Smirnikin promises an incredible event – Crypto Bridge 2022 – Summer sprint. This is a real SCAM which is now circulating on the Internet.

No one knows or has heard anything about Alexey Smirnikin. High-profile press releases now promise to provide some secret knowledge. They also promise to give away a new Smarnika coin.

Did You Know?

There is a huge difference in the levels of regulations of Forex, Cryptocurrencies, and Stocks. Where Forex & Stocks are regulated by government authorities such as FCA, SEC & CySEC and Cryptocurrencies are mostly decentralized and unregulated. 

In 2019, Alexey Smarnika had already organized a similar event with the same name, which took place in Greece. At that time, the crypto-currency market was booming.

And this scammer organized an offline seminar where one could only get in with a badge. Rich tourists were invited to the event through local scouts, they wanted to get into the cryptocurrency theme.

The event was more like a meeting of an underground poker club in the 1930s. There was a basement room and a private party where you weren’t even allowed to use your smartphone.

Alexey Smirnikin’s coins were sold for cash. Can you imagine that? Access to the addresses where these coins were supposed to be stored was promised to be sent to email addresses left by visitors to the event. However, no one got any tokens.

The world of cryptocurrencies has never seen such a stupid and at the same time brilliant ICO.

Why was this possible and why should Alexey Smirnikin be avoided?

Despite the ridiculousness of the whole situation, such a scam succeeded. It’s all about Smirnikin’s charismatic personality. He is incredibly eccentric and has the gift of persuasion.

If you compare him to the best presentation experts in business, Steve Jobs would have been jealous of this fraudster’s skills.

In Greece in 2019, he took away $1.5 in cash during one evening. And he fled in an unknown direction.

There are no documents confirming someone’s investments. The only thing is the words of the people present.

Among other things, Alyosha is not on the Web. 

Crypto Bridge 2022 — Summer sprint – SCAM by Alexey Smirnikin

Alexey Smirnov

The press release describes Smirnikin as a modern-day Satoshi, as well as a security expert. Moreover, he promises to reveal the SCAM projects that are now in the market. But the only SCAM is Alexey himself.

The power of this man’s conviction is incredible. And just as incredible is the lack of any principles. 

The seminar, even a free one, is a trap. People will find out that they lost their money only after the seminar.

So if you care about your money, keep away from the professional charlatan Alexey Smirnikin.

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Alexey Smirnikin - russian scummer

Don't believe it if you see Crypto Bridge ads. It's a fraud.

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