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Ryan Robinson does not exist, he tries as much as possible to leave a mark, but he keeps laying it out on the footprint others have created. He is a man that took advantage of technology and claimed to be innovative about it. He tries every day to push himself to a point where he does not have both the intelligence and capacity. Ryan Robinson is a cliché. More, he is a parasite taking from others for his gain and is hypocritical about it.

Ryan’s Background

Who is Ryan Robinson?

There is not much about this man, which will make you ask if he is even real or surrounded by so much fame that he is not worth having. There is nothing about where he was born, it is like Ryan Robinson is fiction nothing more nothing less. The only thing you will find about him is a list of achievements. Now with so many accomplishments, he would have been a shout-out from at least a blogger who will feel he is significant enough for people to know about.

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Ryan attended Chapman University and earned a bachelor’s degree.

He is known for being a blogger, an entrepreneur, and a contributor to several platform like Forbes, for instance. He is also a content marketer and host of The Side Hustle Project, a podcast.

His ideas are not unique

We are in the digital age, and blogging is on the rise. It has escalated with the advent of social media. With this, we can make money through this newfound globalization.

Now, I did not come to know about this reading Ryan Robinson’s articles about setting up a blog and making money through it. It is something almost everyone is aware of, and what people are already implementing and do not necessarily need anyone to tell me or you how we can earn a living through online mediums.

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You do not need anyone telling you, and you can make money online. It is a cliché now, one that we have gotten used to. Ryan Robinson is a cliché now. A cliché we should move away from in the hopes of something new, exciting, and fresh. Ryan is old news; his articles and podcasts are old news. We need new inspiring leaders that can tell us more, not acting like fillers just exactly as Ryan Robinson is going. We need game-changers, not game fillers.

“Making money online” post the best way to generate traffic

One way to make money is to generate traffic to your website. This is precisely what Ryan Robinson is doing. He writes stuff we all know about but still interests us and put it in such a way that you would think there is something new in it for you to know. This has misled me.

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I checked out how to make money online on Google and came across Ryan’s blog. The blog state 65 different ways to make money. I was excited at first to see so many ways to make something through the internet all in one place, rather than reading many articles. However, I came out disappointed that when I went through the first fifteen, it was the same thing I have known beforehand, “start a blog” “do affiliate marketing,” “write an eBook and sell on Kindle.” This should not come as a surprise to you.

The best way to run a blog and make a lot of money from it is to generate traffic and have a high percentage of visitors. This is exactly what that man Run Robinson was going. One of his write up he claims that he is bent on making people utilize their potential, but we probably know what he meant. He uses what you want to get what he wants.

Ryan Robinson uses what you want to get what he wants. 

Ryan’s Cunning Manipulation

It is all about him in the first place, not you or me. All Ryan cares about is the fame of being regarded as the epitome of success, as a genuinely inspiring individual, motivating young people.

Many out there like this status, many like Ryan revel in, even when helping you or me is not their intention. All Ryan wants is generated more traffic that we cannot all count. With this, he gets more attention, more call ups, more advertisers, which transcribe to more money.

You see a few people out there who have good intentions about genuinely helping people out, Ryan Robinson is not part of those people. He uses me, you, and every single person to get his way. He does this by twisting the things that we want into something we feel only him can provide.

He likes to feel like the giver and that you are collecting from him. Ryan, wants to feel like the boss, he wants to look exceptional, and the only way he sees you get what he gives is through manipulation. Manipulating me, you, and the rest of the world.

Absolutely nothing on Case Escape

The business he claims to have started Case Escape, there is no indication of it anywhere except its website and its YouTube account. I find it baffling that with the talk of the firm making a mark, it is just for show, even Amazon didn’t feature any of its phone cases.

So how it achieves the feat, Ryan claims it has reached? As I said, he uses what you want, manipulating it to get what he wants. He knows the only way for him to generate traffic, and thus, more money makes you believe that he is truly an entrepreneur and understand what he is doing.

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I find it equally frustrated that he is a known contributor to many sites out there. Then I realized just as he is using us, each platform that calls for his contributions is also using him. Know how? His ideas that are clichés are what people frequently want to listen to, so they use him to drive their traffic. This is the truth of everything.

Why iStash failed

Let’s Talk About iStash

iStash is an iPhone kike case Robinson made back in college. iStash a product that Ryan Robinson designed in a bid to be the next Mark Zuckerberg at 19 and make millions of dollars because he thought himself the next Mark Zuckerberg. iStash failed also be it was not the right product.

Ryan claims he did not analyse the potential product buyers, but the simple truth is that the product was not good enough. I know this because the case requires an effort to open. It is like it gets stuck by itself. Why would such a product make the grade?

image 46

Something that could not work correctly. This was exactly why it failed like the designer, it was not good enough. A bid to draw attention to himself, make a mark, even when he is clueless on how to go about it. stash failed because, like its owner, it did not have any purpose to fulfill, just a bid to gain recognition.

Promoting Heavy Marijuana Usage

Fake Guru On The Outside, Hippie On The Inside

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In any case, the main idea behind iStash as Ryan claimed himself is to stash weed. Not to keep anything else, which he will later claim for ethics. But the primary purpose was where you could hide pots and not get caught.

Now for a 19year old to have such a mentality, he never intended to design iStash for people beyond his age group. These young people with vision, and because someone like them wants to make extra cash, develop an addiction.

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People learn to curb their addiction to smoking weed due to some regulations in place. However, Ryan Robinson created a product that will elude such rules and give people the chance and liberty that will inevitably lead such a young generation into a fate that is not right for anyone. He created an opportunity for them that could destroy life in the hopes of becoming the next big thing.

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One thing to consider when building a product is making sure it is socially acceptable. iStash by Ryan Robinson is not socially acceptable. He built it, and fortunately for everyone, it did not work out. It seems the universe is on our side against people like Ryan Robinson, who does not care about how he creates attention for himself, his blog, and only wants to be recognized and make his money.

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What can be carried in an iStash

Another reason why we should be glad iStash never cut the grade was the designer not considering what can be carried in it and what those things can be used for. It is a small case that would not call for attention compared to a purse that people could use to carry portable guns and other weapons to conceal into places with the intent to kill.

Ryan Robinson was not smart enough to weigh the risk of such a product; all he was concerned about was creating something that would sell, and he will make money out of it. Don’t also forget that he wanted the fame, the recognition and the feeling of admiration from other people that comes with, in which hundreds of lives will be in jeopardy.

Another of his ridiculous schemes is to be proud to have greater such a product that he included in his LinkedIn profile despite all the risk and the laid-back attitude that came with it. Ryan Robinson is still proud today to say he did something like iStash, something that would promote addiction and could be used to cause harm. Ryan Robinson is pleased with this.

There are millions of people in this world that have changed it how we see the world, imparted it one way or the other. Nonetheless, Ryan Robinson is not part of them. It seems like he is doing something life-changing, says he is passionate about helping people realize their potential, all which he does for himself, not for these people he claims to be doing it for. He is a blogger; bloggers want to make money; that is why they go into blogging in the first place. For Ryan Robinson, he lies about his intention, and I don’t understand why.

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There are millions of people in this world that have changed how we see the world, imparted it one way or the other. Nonetheless, Ryan Robinson is not part of them. It seems like he is doing something life-changing, says he is passionate about helping people realize their potential, all of which he does for himself, not for these people he claims to be doing it for. He is a blogger; bloggers want to make money; that is why they go into blogging in the first place.

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