Ryan Rock Empire AG- Allegation of Caught Secretly Recording a Female Coworker? Creep Exposed! (New Update 2023)

Ryan Rock Empire AG
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Ryan Rock Empire AG is a predator and a creep who tried to secretly film a female coworker. Find out more on him on Gripeo.
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Ryan Rock Empire AG is a predator and a creep who engaged voyeurism. He tried to take sensitive pictures of a female coworker by placing a camera secretly.

Voyeurism is defined as an interest in observing unsuspecting people while they undress, are naked, or engage in sexual activities. If a man commits such an offense, he faces a minimum of one year in prison, which can be increased to three years, as well as a fine on his first conviction and also a lifetime loss of reputation and prestige. 

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30/11/2023 Update
As of now, Ryan Rock Empire AG has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

What Ryan Rock Empire AG Claims to Be:

Ryan Rock Empire AG
A picture of Ryan Rock Empire AG

Ryan Rock began working in construction during high school and later joined the United States Army. He served as an infantryman in Operation Iraqi Freedom before returning to civilian life and beginning work in commercial construction.

This section contains content from the promotional material put out by the PR team of Ryan Rock Empire AG. Notice how he tries to market himself as a credible person when he is a predator.

It was during this time that he met his wife and began his own family. Ryan Rock Empire AG established Empire Ag in 2010 with the intention of providing contracting services to the agricultural industry. That small business has since grown to become one of Iowa’s leading providers of its kind. When Rock isn’t working or spending time with his family, he’s usually out hunting or fishing, two activities that are important to his Midwestern roots.

Ryan Rock Empire AG

About Empire AG (Ryan Rock Empire AG’s Latest Venture)

Ryan Rock Empire AG

Empire AG is a design-build general contractor specializing in agricultural and industrial construction. AG provides a full range of construction services for your next project. Empire AG crews are knowledgeable in a variety of fields, including cast-in-place concrete, slip-formed concrete, structural steel fabrication, equipment installation, and millwright construction. AG has design-build experience with grain elevators, feed mills, flour mills, and processing facilities. With its diverse set of skillsets and laser focus on client satisfaction, Empire AG has a project solution for nearly every client.

Snippet of the claims of Ryan Rock Empire AG

Ryan Rock Empire AG- Secretly watching a female official by placing a camera in her personal workspace

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On Wednesday, a victim testified in the case of an Ankeny man accused of installing a camera in a private room at his Ames workplace to allegedly watch a coworker’s breast pump. Ryan Edward Rock, 35, is currently facing an aggravated misdemeanor charge of invasion of privacy. According to court documents, he pleaded not guilty in February of this year. Rock was also charged with obstructing justice, which is also an aggravated misdemeanor, until the charges were dropped on March 7.

The victim was the first witness to testify in Rock’s case. She stated that she has been employed at Todd & Sargent, the scene of the incident, since 2015. At the time of the incident, she was a purchasing specialist.

At the time, Ryan Rock Empire AG was a project manager and a shareholder in the company. According to the victim, purchasing specialists and project managers interact frequently.

The victim gave birth to her child in the summer of 2017, and after an eight-week maternity leave, she returned to work and learned about the lactation room provided by the company.

The victim described the room as an office with floor-to-ceiling glass windows on one side that had been frosted with a special coating. The room had an inside lock, a desk and chair, and a mini fridge for breast milk underneath the desk.

The victim stated that she would pump three times per day on a regular basis. She described how she undressed, attached the apparatus to her body, and partially covered herself with a jacket.

She said she would sit in a chair and rest her elbows on her knees when lactating was difficult. She’d then rest her forehead on the edge of the desk, exposing her entire chest beneath the desk.

She stated that at the end of the workday, she would clean the bottles and set them to dry before dressing and leaving the room.

According to the victim, people had been in the office installing computers and updating software. She claimed that Ryan Rock Empire AG hung a print and a rack on the room’s wall shortly after she returned from maternity leave. Because the print and rack were prototypes, Rock reasoned that keeping them in the room would ensure they were not damaged.

She stated that the prototype was moved under the desk prior to the incident but she had not given it much thought, and she was unaware of who moved it.

On December 11, 2017, as the victim was putting away the bottles from her 3 p.m. pump, she noticed a camera on the upper shelf of the printing rack, according to her testimony.

“It definitely felt like it was recording me cause of how I’d been doing my (pumping) process,” she said in reference to her position when it was difficult to lactate.

She stated that when she held the digital camera in her hands, it felt warm as if it had been working for a long time. She was counting numbers while touching a button on the device and a time at the corner of the screen surface. She claimed that when she pressed the button again, the numbers flashed and then stopped moving as if the camera had completed its recording.

In a statement she gave police, the victim said the number on the screen indicated almost seven hours of recorded time.

As she examined the camera, she discovered a micro SD card and attempted to insert it into her computer, but it did not fit into its port. She replaced the micro SD card in the camera and contacted her cousin, who works at the same company, as well as the human resources manager.

She attempted to play the files on the device but was unable to do so. When she and her cousin met, they went to the HR manager’s office, and all three employees went to the lactation room to see where the victim found the camera.

She stated that she displayed the camera where she first discovered it. She claimed she gave it to her HR manager and had not seen the camera since.

When prosecutors asked the victim if she planned the incident so that Ryan Rock Empire AG would be charged, she denied it. She stated that she liked Rock as a “boss” and is upset that he was charged in this incident.

They also asked her if there were any moments with Rock that stuck out to her that made her uncomfortable in any way. She said there was one that came to mind.

“When I told him I was pregnant, he said, ‘Well I guess you and me can’t run away together,’” she stated.

The victim said that she did not feel his statement was an issue as the idea was never brought into the conversation by Rock again.


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What exactly is a sex predator?

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Ryan Rock Empire AG has been exposed as a predator

A sexual predator is someone who uses predatory or abusive methods to obtain sexual contact with another person. In some cases, sexual predators are looking for more than just sex. Sexual intimacy is viewed as a means of asserting dominance. Children may be preyed upon by sexual predators.

Ryan Rock Empire AG- Conclusion

According to Ryan Rock Empire AG’s website, he has been married to his wife for over ten years and they have three daughters together.

It’s saddening to see how Ryan Rock Empire AG can perform such horrendous acts while being a father of three daughters. The man is a monster and a predator.

He should be called out for the same.


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Ryan Rock Empire AG- Allegation of Caught Secretly Recording a Female Coworker? Creep Exposed! (New Update 2023)
Ryan Rock Empire AG- Allegation of Caught Secretly Recording a Female Coworker? Creep Exposed! (New Update 2023)

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  1. This man is having three daughters of her own, so how can he attempt to commit this crime, he should take into account that one day his daughter will be exposed to the world.

  2. This man is having three daughters of her own, so how can he attempt to commit this crime, he should take into account that one day his daughter will be exposed to the world.

  3. Here the problem is that none of the members has been caught placing the camera there which means there are chances some other person could have placed the camera and blamed Ryan in the case, this should be investigated properly so that no innocent is caught.

  4. I have seen various people committing suicide after such incidents so she needed to be kept in safety to secure her life.

  5. We need to take serious measures to arrest such criminals as fast as possible and provide them with the required punishment.

  6. That woman needed to be addressed and all her points need to be taken into account for making her feel secure also none of the videos should get public not even by mistake

  7. Crimes like these are increasing day by day, and the reason behind this is, on social media, everyone is engaged in watching sexual content and having all that filled in their minds which has their evil.

  8. People like Ryan should not be left without being punished for their crimes.

  9. How terrifying it would be to find that someone is filming you while you are undressed and you are not aware of the person who he is in such a horrible situation.

  10. Men are always awaiting such opportunities to view girls without clothes, only lust is found in men. He should be punished for his mistake and asked to leave the office after making her life hectic.

  11. Avoid using unknown places for changing clothes, no one knows that people like Ryan would be filming you.

  12. My neighbor was sharing her experience which was similar to this one, where she was being followed by one of his staff members, she found he always tried to click her pictures which made her feel insecure and was trying to blackmail her.

  13. He should be placed behind the bars for filming such videos.

  14. This sounds so creepy he was trying to take pictures of his own employee, make him suffer for the mistake so that he could never do the same to any other woman, and also there should be more security checks in the office changing room so that it doesn’t happen again.

  15. Arrest him but don’t let his children know the matter, they would feel insecure.

  16. How difficult it would be after actually knowing the reality. Ryan is a complete monster and has three daughters of his own, how can he even think of that?

  17. People like Ryan should be exposed on the news channels.

  18. If something like this happened to anyone please register a complaint against that monster.

  19. Once one of my friends tried to take my nude pictures and blackmailed me, I then and there told the matter to my dad, after that, we searched for him for a week, but didn’t find him.

  20. The case similar to this happened to one of our friends, the man asked her to pay him some for getting the video deleted, it was a case of blackmailing, and we were not sharing the incident with her parents, due to the fear of getting their self-respect on stake.

  21. He had been serving in the US army and committed this crime it wasn’t expected from this man.

  22. He has defamed the US Army, and people like them have taken birth to demolish others’ self-respect.

  23. The government should take some severe measures to avoid such crimes. Otherwise, people like Ryan will commit these crimes without any fear.

  24. The case was highlighted on social media platforms, this man has crossed all the limits.

  25. If you are eager to look into someone’s privacy then be ready for the consequences, people like Ryan are spreading a sense of fear among women.

  26. This was very cheap Ryan.

  27. This is something that isn’t talked about much, the man should be punished and imprisoned. There should be more devices upgraded to catch these security cameras.

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