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Samuel Hagai Artist: Defrauding Consumers (2023 Review)

samuel hagai artist
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Samuel Hagai Artist is a scammer who claims to be a successful painter but only steals from his clients. Beware of him.
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Samuel Hagai Artist is a fraudster who has received numerous complaints from victims of his deception. To sell his pieces of art, he goes by many names, including and Samuel Art.

Samuel Hagai Artist is an artist from Israel. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are well known for their art markets. Numerous renowned art galleries are housed there, including Artspace Tel Aviv, Gordon Gallery, Stern Gallery, Litvak Gallery, and Alon Segev Gallery.

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It’s interesting to note that the US Justice Department recently identified art theft as a highly profitable global criminal enterprise. In terms of profits, it is just after narcotics and weapons. $8 billion in losses as a result of art crime each year, which also includes theft, fraud, looting, and trafficking.

About Samuel Hagai Artist – What He Claims to Be:

What is the danger of customer fraud?

The risk of fraudulent activity is the potential for any unforeseen loss, whether it be material, financial, or reputational, as a result of fraud by an inside or outside actor. Financial losses resulting from theft, embezzlement, or other sorts of financial crime are examples of how fraud has an impact.

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Samuel Hagai Artist claims that he was born in Netanya, Israel, in 1982. When he was 12 years old, he self-taught himself how to paint with oil paint on canvas.

Samuel Hagai Artist has worked in a variety of businesses and professions since discovering his love, but he has never been able to commit fully to anyone. He had finally concluded that his after-work activity was more than just a hobby after searching and learning about it for years.

Samuel Hagai Artist began showing his artwork to his loved ones, close acquaintances, neighbours, and finally, Israeli local communities. The artist gained a lot of encouragement and support from those who appreciated his work, which helped him gain the attention of art galleries, collectors, and admirers, initially in Israel and then in many other countries across the world.

Samuel Hagai Artist’s love eventually led to his career, and today he finds no greater pleasure than working with oil paint on a canvas or a wall to create mural art and seeing how his clients and followers respond.

All across the world, walls and galleries display Samuel Hagai Artist’s artwork. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, London, and several Israeli cities are just a few of these locations.

Samuel Hagai Artist is a present Los Angeles resident who regularly exercises and feeds his creative mind. To follow Samuel Hagai Artist’s artistic journey and learn about his unique inventions that bring the paint strokes to life, like him on social media.

However, none of these claims can hide the fact that Samuel Hagai Artist is defrauding consumers.

Samuel Hagai Artist’s Recent Works

samuel hagai artist
samuel hagai artist
samuel hagai artist
samuel hagai artist
samuel hagai artist
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Samuel Hagai Artist Reviews

Many online reviews reveal Samuel Hagai Art’s shady character and his suspicious art enterprise.

“Samuel Hagai Art stopped communicating…”

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Charlotte Williams posted the following comment noting that they had sent him a payment and waited for nine months. So Samuel Hagai Art simply stopped responding to their messages and kept their $4,000 money. They claim that it is regrettable that there is such dishonesty in the art world.

“Samuel Hagai Art sent the wrong item…”

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Robert Davis emphasizes that he had faith in Samuel Hagai Art and had paid him upfront. But Samuel Hagai Art sent him the wrong thing, and then he stopped talking to him. He hasn’t returned their calls or emails since, either.

“Samuel Hagai Art sent the worst fake ever”

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Jonathan Ackley identifies some After getting the cash, Samuel Hagai Art sent him the worst fake. He tried to talk to Samuel Hagai Art about it, but he blocked him.

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The reviewer claims that he is a genuine con artist who is damaging the reputation of his nation. He concludes the review by lamenting how these scams take place.


After considering the abovementioned details, it is obvious that Samuel Hagai Art is a con artist. He has been the subject of numerous accusations of scamming customers and failing to fulfil paid commissions. Millions of dollars were lost by some of the victims.

Because not every victim posts their story online, there may be a huge number of more victims. It’s still obvious that you should steer clear of this con artist. Dealings with Samuel Hagai Art should be avoided.

Samuel Hagai Artist: Defrauding Consumers (2023 Review)
Samuel Hagai Artist: Defrauding Consumers (2023 Review)

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  1. I would ask, why the country’s regulatory authority didn’t penalize him for his illicit activities.

  2. People like Samuel have various allegations of duping customers and stealing people’s hard-earned money.

  3. There was a long wait for a customer, but they never got their order.

  4. These people were only running the scams, which decreased the value of the nations all over the world.

  5. These fraudsters were only here to deceive the individuals and nothing else.

  6. Samuel is a nightmare for art collectors since they have to lose large amounts of money while dealing with him.

  7. It is better to say these folks as con-artist. I agree with the author’s point to stay away from these people.

  8. This is not the right way of doing business, as to show the art galleries to attract customers. And it was quite simple for Samuel Hagai to run their fake tactics to defraud a large number of people and earned money.

  9. After reading this article I agree with the author and what the author tries to say many people like his artwork, but they didn’t know the intentions of these scammers who try to deceive people and just earned money.

  10. Samuel Hagai defrauded numerous people, and after committing fraud, they were unable to get into the limelight and easily acquired access, to go away from there, and also had no concern that these types of acts would be reported in the news.

  11. What a liar! Why were these types of people never shown by the media? They were scamming many people who loved their artwork, but after the money was made, they had to face various problems such as receiving the wrong order, getting damaged products, or receiving the amount back.

  12. I strongly believe that Samuel only wants money, and for this, he uses his paintings as a source of earning and defrauding the people. It is better to stay away from these fraudsters whose main intention is to deceive the people.

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