Sara Leppänen: Local Bitcoins Scam Exposed (2023 Review)

Sara Leppanen is involved in a major scam. Before you consider doing business with her and her ventures, be sure to read the following review:

About Sara Leppanen

Sara Leppanen claims that she has a master’s degree in accounting and finance, but when she finished her studies, there was little knowledge of cryptocurrencies, and the main focus of the courses was on traditional financing.

When she learned that Local Bitcoins was hiring for the Finances department, she immediately thought the post would be a highly intriguing challenge because her previous employment was in the Medical Engineering and Healthcare sector. She is currently in charge of all monetary operations at LocalBitcoins, including billing, budgeting, and asset management.

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LocalBitcoins Claims

Jeremias Kangas established LocalBitcoins in June 2012. By the end of 2012, he had set up an escrow system for the market. By the beginning of 2013, the website had already begun to bring in money, and as of 2020, there were on average 29,566 profitable trades every day.

LocalBitcoins topped the list of Finland’s best-performing businesses in terms of financial performance in 2018, as compiled by the regional specialist journal Kauppalehti. People who utilized the website were detained for money laundering and other offenses in 2014, 2016, and 2018.

Hackers broke into users’ LocalBitcoins accounts in January 2019 and stole bitcoin worth $28,200. Instantly identifying and resolving the issue, LocalBitcoins informed its users of its accomplishment. The need for two-factor authentication was underlined by LocalBitcoins on the same day that it published information on how safe it was to use LocalBitcoins accounts. The Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority registered as a virtual currency provider in November 2019.

LocalBitcoins announced their closure later in February 2023 on February 9.

Victims Speak Out: What people are Saying about Sara Leppanen

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A user wrote Keep an eye out for crooks like Sara Leppanen at the conglomerate Localbitcoins.

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He did not log in for a considerable amount of time, at which point LBC placed him in vacation mode and did not reactivate his account.

Sara Leppanen

A user replied He believes that LocalBitcoins, a scam company, is paying you. It’s difficult to notice these comments because they are frequently deleted, but you can see that they only have a small number of comments because the majority of them are complaints.

It is risky if He uploads proofs since it will reveal his ID. He was the victim of a large financial swindle. His ability to withdraw Bitcoins has been disabled by Localbitcoins. Because they had already defrauded too many people, they had to cease operations.

Sara Leppanen
Sara Leppanen

A user asked if anybody knew about Sara Leppanen’s scammer profile.

He will ask the other 4 women where Sara Leppanen is in the meantime, but how can he do so without letting Sara Leppanen know? Let him know if defrauded any other people. He paid to have her arrested once he learned where they reside.

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A user replied What LocalBitcoins do to you. Show all of your documentation; I seem to recall that they allowed individuals to remove any remaining funds from their accounts.

As for your query, it is pointless to ask someone for personal information in a Bitcoin community where anonymity is valued and respected. Unless that person has passed a peer-to-peer transaction with someone else and is an active user here.

Sara Leppanen

Another one replied This is more of a request than an allegation. Even while paying someone to dox you won’t get you much favor in this community, you may perhaps provide some sort of incentive and list it under the part of the services.

Does that imply you have contact with corrupt police? He doesn’t reside in a nation where you can pay the police to arrest someone, but it seems it happens frequently in several nations.

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Clearly, Sara Leppanen is not as reliable as she claims to be. Avoid dealing with her.

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