Sasan Massachi, MD – Misleading and Unprofessional

If you’re searching for a primary care physician in Beverly Hills, you might come across Sasan Massachi, MD. He claims to be a caring expert but his reviews say otherwise. 

According to his patients, he has incompetent staff who charge you wrongfully and make racist comments. Furthermore, he misdiagnoses people with serious illnesses and acts as if it was nothing. 

Before you trust him with your reports and your health, it would be best to check these reviews yourself. I have shared some of them below: 

About Sasan Massachi, MD:

Sasan Massachi, MD is an internal medicine specialist based in  Beverly Hills, California. His clinic is located at 8900 Wilshire Blvd Suite #360, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, US and its contact number is 310-553-3013.

He offers various services at his clinic including digital x-rays, vaccinations, annual physicals, bone density scans, EKG stress tests, and more. Also, he claims to help patients with identifying healthy practices and incorporating them into their daily lives. 

Sean Massachi, MD received his degree from the University of California, Los Angeles. He claims to be courteous, empathic and discreet. However, his reviews tell a different story. 

Sasan Massachi, MD Misdiagnosed a Patient with a Serious Disease

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Alexandra shares that Dr. Massachi might be a nice man but she doesn’t recommend him for anything more complex than a cold. Why? Because he misdiagnosed her with a serious illness which she doesn’t have. He read her lab results inaccurately and gave her the wrong diagnosis. 

She shares that she spent the whole day in tears before reading the paperwork carefully herself. When she read the results herself, she realized what a terrible mistake she had made. Furthermore, when she confronted him about this mistake, he responded with “there were too many pages”. 

Alexandra shares that it’s unacceptable for an MD to behave like this. 

The Clinic Messed up with the Client’s Insurance

Anushri here points out that she was very disappointed with her experience at this clinic. She went there for an annual checkup in December. The nurse was quite confused during the checkup as she kept changing her rooms. 

Anushri adds that the nurse checked her blood pressure in one room and her heart rate in another. It seemed as if she was taking her on a tour of the clinic. 

Moreover, the clinic didn’t even email her the check up report. She only received an email from Dr. Massachi about the medicine she should take. 

To make matters worse, they messed up her insurance. Till now, Anushri has been receiving a bill from the clinic every month. Hence, she doesn’t recommend going to this clinic. 

“Sasan Might be Using Fake Reviews”

Here, the reviewer says that the reception staff at Sasan Massachi, MD’s clinic is very unfriendly. Whenever they needed to get some information after the appointment, they had to reach out to the office. However, the staff treated them quite poorly as if they were inconveniencing them. 

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Note that the reviewer had only called to get info on their results. 

Also, the reviewer suspects that most of the 5-star reviews on Sasan’s clinic are not from the actual patients. 

Staff at Sasan Massachi, MD is Extremely Rude and Condescending

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Sarah had a terrible experience with the front desk staff of this place. When she was waiting in the reception, an older couple who had been waiting before her, went in. As soon as they went in, the staff started rolling their eyes and made several terrible comments about them. 

Sarah didn’t like that. 

Furthermore, she saw it happen again with another client. She had given the front desk staff 3 cares, her credit card, insurance card, and her ID. Upon reaching her home, she found that her insurance card was missing. 

So, she called the clinic and requested them to check  their camera footage. However, they didn’t like her calling them and responded with “you are abusive, I don’t like your tone” and more negative comments. 

Sarah shares that she won’t be going back to this clinic after such a horrible experience. She even messaged Dr. Massachi to share her experience: 

The Doctor and the Staff are Racist!

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Vette shares that that receptionist hung up on her face because she refused to allow her to mispronounce her name continuously. She had corrected her politely multiple times. 

Vette points out that she had to see her primary care physician several times recently because she fell ill. She has left messages for the doctor in the past to make appointments but the front desk staff never return her calls. 

Initially, she let that go because offices were busy during the early days of COVID-19. Eventually, she got an appointment. However, she points out that whenever she goes to the clinic the staff gives off a weird energy. 

In one of her visits, she noticed that the doctor was making stereotypical judgments about her because of her race. Also, in the same visit they made her sign an agreement to pay $300 if her insurance did not cover her visit. She points out that she had never had to do this in the past and it seemed quite odd. 

The reviewer let it go because she thought there were different policies now. 

However, in her latest visit, they didn’t make her sign any documents for payment. She couldn’t find any receipts so she called the clinic. The reviewer needed to send those receipts to her insurance but the receptionist kept mispronouncing her name. 

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When the reviewer pointed out the wrong pronunciation, the receptionist didn’t listen. Instead, she started arguing about how it’s spelled and what should be the right pronunciation. The receptionist even yelled at her during the argument. 

Vette points out that the staff of Sasan Massachi, MD is quite rude, incompetent and racist. After this experience, she stopped recommending this clinic to her friends. It was horrible and the reviewer says that she is still shocked. 

Dr. Massachi Makes Misleading Claims About His Expertise, Has Pretentious Staff

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Jeanne says that Dr. Massachi is misleading people through his descriptions. He is not as skilled as he claims to be and the office staff is quite pretentious. She points out that if you’re not Beverly Hills material, you aren’t worth the attention of these people. 

She started seeing this doctor because he takes her Anthem Blue Cross PPO insurance. His description says that he assists patients with identifying healthy practices and behaviors but that’s far from the truth. 

Jeanne had her kidney stones removed where the hospital made her fax results 3 times before they would proceed. A week after the procedure, she received a call from the place telling her to “diet and exercise”. 

Her cholesterol was high. But this was the extent of their instructions. She had to ask him what kind of “diet” and “exercise” he meant. Dr. Massachi simply told her to cut down on red meat and that he’ll test her again in 3 months then maybe prescribe medicine. 

Finally, she asked for copies of her lab results and noticed that her cholesterol had been over 200 for at least a year. Being her primary physician, Sasan Massachi, MD never bothered to point this out. 

Hence, she saw a different doctor who talked her through her diet. In two months, that doctor brought down her cholesterol from 272 to 198 and gave her proper tests. 

On the other hand, Massachi was always hard to reach and his clinic never calls back. She finally got a response through email but she had to do a lot of follow through. 

Furthermore, the clinic never assisted her in getting the copies of her test results. She doesn’t recommend Dr. Massachi. 

Dr. Sasan Massachi’s Staff Doesn’t Know How to Behave Professionally

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Dezi had moved to the neighborhood recently and Dr. Massachi seemed like a good choice. She points out that the biggest problem here is the staff. 

She points out that the phone etiquette of this place’s admins deterred her entirely from proceeding with her appointment. For example, the staff didn’t know if Dr. Massachi could conduct a “biometric screening” aka a standard physical. 

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The doctor had to answer such simple questions himself, which is not a good sign. 

Dezi shares that at check-in, the staff was talking loudly about their domestic issues for everyone in the waiting room to hear. They didn’t even ask her for her ID, even though she was a new patient. 

Then, the nurse who administered the blood draw started giving the reviewer unsolicited advice on personal matters. Also, the nurse started complaining about the temperature in the exam room and asked her to leave her purse and belongings so they could switch to another room. 

Dezi liked Dr. Massachi’s behavior but she didn’t like the staff at all. 

Her husband came the next day for vaccination. He has the same insurance as the reviewer but the staff asked for his credit card instead. So, he contacted the insurance company who contacted the clinic and told the admin that they are completely covered. 

The reviewer says that the clinic didn’t even bother to contact the insurance nor did they file a claim. Distraught by this, the reviewer and her husband asked for a refund on their credit card. But the staff refused. 

Instead, the staff said they will file the claim that day and when they will get the funds, they will refund their credit card. However, it’s been 2 weeks and the staff has yet to file any claims. 

Other Reviews of Sasan Massachi, MD You Should Read:

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After going through the above reviews, it’s clear that Sasan Massachi, MD is not as skilled or professional as he claims to be. 

Several of his patients complain about insurance botch ups and how the staff treated them poorly. Moreover, both he and his staff don’t refrain from making racist comments, which is a huge red flag. 

Certainly, Dr. Massachi is not a trustworthy doctor and if you ask me, you’re better off without him. 

2.5 Total Score

Sasan Massachi, MD is not what he claims to be. He has received countless complaints for mistreating clients, giving wrong diagnoses, and making his patients feel uncomfortable. His staff is just as incompetent as he is, according to several complaints. Due to these reasons, it would be best to avoid him.

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  1. 0.75

    Not recommended. They stole so much of my time wasting it like there is nothing wrong. Worse thing was, they didn’t even apologize for cancelling my appointment on extremely short notice. They are unprofessional and disgusting. Only go to Sasan Massachi MD if you like getting insulted and lied to otherwise, just don’t. Trust me, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor.

    - CONS: Unprofessional
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  2. 1.35

    Dr is good but only if you want someone to treat your fever or something small. If you have something more serious, don’t come here. He doesnt make good diagnosis. He needs more experience maybe? I don’t know but I do know that you can’t trust his recommendations because he misdiagnosed me a while back.

    - CONS: Not good at making diagnosis
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