Satvir Singh Birk – $800,000 Fraud, Arrest and Fake DMCAs

Satvir Singh Birk is a former financial advisor who went to prison after pleading guilty to charges of defrauding his clients of $800,000 in 2018.

Unlike most financial fraudsters who try to give themselves a new start by improving their behaviour, Birk took a different approach. 

After his conviction, his representatives began taking down articles from the internet by using illegal marketing tactics.

However, we should first discuss his fraudulent activities:

More Details on the Fraud Case Against Satvir Singh Birk:

The prison term was for 2 and a half years. Satvir Singh Birk was from the Gold Coast and received his sentence in the Southport District Court. ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) carried out the investigation. 

They released a statement saying his actions were dishonest and betrayed his clients’ trust. 

However, this wasn’t the first time he faced charges of fraud from ASIC. He had faced charges of fraud in July 2016 after an ASIC investigation. But he was able to get released under several conditions. 

The charges are pertaining to his actions from September 2010 and October 2011. At the time, Satvir Singh Birk was an authorised representative of a financial investment company. 

satvir singh birk gold coast

ASIC began investigating him when the company reported his shady activities to them. 

There were multiple allegations against the former financial advisor. ASIC alleged that he was using his position to withdraw cheques from client’s superannuation account without authorisation. 

Moreover, he deceived many clients to use the money present in their superannuation accounts and deceived them into investing into an illegal scheme. 

Also, he received allegations of sending a client’s proceeds to his own father. 

But the story doesn’t end here. 

Apparently, Satvir Singh Birk didn’t want anyone else to find out about his criminal past. More on this in the next section:

Using Fake DMCAs to Take Down News Articles Exposing Satvir Singh Birk’s Criminal Past:

After his conviction, Satvir didn’t spend a lot of time in jail. The sentence allowed him to get out of jail after only 4 months under the condition that he would maintain good behaviour for the rest of the 2 and a half years. 

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So, he was out quite quickly.

Many news outlets had covered Satvir’s fraudulent activities but he didn’t want people to find out. 

So, he began posting fake DMCA notices against these articles. A fake DMCA notice is when the culprit copies the original content, posts on their website and claims that they are the original owner of the same. 

It’s an illegal marketing tactic but highly popular among scammers and criminals. Criminals use this tactic to remove any mention of their shady activities from the internet. 

For example, Margex is a shady forex broker which used this tactic to get rid of negative reviews from the internet.

Apparently, Satvir Singh Birk has posted a ton of fake DMCA notices. Here’s one of them:

satvir singh birk

As you can see, he has used a fake website impersonating a major news publication. He (or his representatives) have done this countless times since his conviction. 

Keep in mind that posting fake DMCA notices constitutes fraud, perjury and impersonation


After going through the above points, it’s obvious that Satvir Singh Birk is a criminal. Not only was he involved in shady fraudulent schemes but he also used illegal marketing tactics to clear his name. 

Beware of him and any of his associates. There are plenty of scammers using such tactics to deceive others. You should be extremely cautious when dealing with them. 

For example, Patokh Chodiev is an oligarch notorious for his long history of criminal activities. No action was taken against him so he never stopped his shady dealings. 

Hence, be extremely cautious when dealing with Satvir Singh Birk. 

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