Notice: Beware of Scammer [email protected] is falsely claiming to represent GripeO. Do not pay them for removal services. Contact us directly to report any incidents! – ‘Stole $5k From Me, Do Extortion & Plagiarism’ Exposed By Victim

My horrible experience with this website goes back to December 2020. My nightmare started when I messaged them for getting money back from a credit card company.

They have taken approximately $5,000, they keep making excuses and try to take more money from me but I have realized that they will not let up or get me my funds back.

I was redirected to this agency MyChargeBack and those people have played me like a fool.

Please please do not fall for this recovery scam. All of their claims are lies! They make their money by manipulating you into sending them money!

ScamWatcher dot org Blackmails Forex Brokers & The Like

I myself was shocked to find out that ScamWatcher dot org doesn’t just run a chargeback scam, but they are also involved in a terrifying defamation/targeting scam. They post slanderous reviews & complaints against popular Forex brokers and then extort their reputation. I had no clue that something like this was even happening until I read their complaints on Google. 

Defaming & Blackmailing HULT Private Capital

image 33 Clearly defamatory material is published, including statements such as_ 1. HULT Private Capital is a scam that you should avoid at all cost 2. HULT Private Capital is an unregulated Investment Company 3. not reliable and abuse the regulations 4. You should be able to find easily who is the CEO of this investment firm 5. This is the reason why HULT Private Capital is a dangerous Investment Company to deal with 6. SCAM. 7. Your Money isn’t safe with HULT Private Capital 8. A red flag that we noticed is HULT Private Capital is withholding vital information to users. 9. A broker who receives a public warning is a scam 10. Never trust the broker 11. There are no banking information about this Investment Company. 12. HULT Private Capital is an unregulated Investment Company to avoid at all cost.

image 35

The HULT website, image, logo and wording has been copied without permission and we would like it removed from the infringing site.

Lucia Salinas Fighting Back

image 34

If you are on this page, you are probably victim of a scam from a fraudulent company. Keep calm, we can help you! We have a fast and effective solution to get your hard earned money back. Your money is not gone for good! We will help you! If the amount scammed is over $3000 we have a professional team that will be able to help you to recover your funds. The success rate of our partner is about 90%.

More Defamation!

image 36



The entire text is misleading and untrue

Publicly Defaming 4xc

image 37 in the shape of Google ad (that shows on top when performing search to 4xcube), is publicly doing defamation of our company 4xcube, associating our brand to scam activities and claiming that can help users to recover funds from different financial companies. 4xCube has obtained a money changing license (MC-03/2018) from the Cook Islands Financial Supervisory Commission (hereinafter FSC) based on the Money Changing and Remittance Businesses Act 2009, after undergoing all the required checks by the relevant authorities, as per the legislation. Furthermore, the ongoing business is constantly monitored and supervised by the Cook Islands FSC, including but not limited to quarterly audits and reviews, alongside daily oversight of all AML and KYC procedures as per the FSC’s code of practice. 4xCube has a physical presence on the Cook Islands, in the form of offices and employees to aid the relevant authorities to complete their assessmen …

ScamWatcher dot org is running a scam with MyChargeBack!!! Beware!

ScamWatcher dot org is promoting the MyChargeBack scam on their website. This is possibly the worst kind of online scam anyone can ever fall for. 


Because ScamWatcher dot org is scamming people who have already lost thousands of dollars to another scammer. Oftentimes these are offshore Forex brokers, credit card scammers, shady crypto wallets, etc. 

These pathetic frauds play on the desperation and neediness of their “clients”. Websites like ScamWatcher dot org know that the audience which reads about Forex brokers & scammers are very likely to have been a victim of an online scam, so they make ties with frauds like MyChargeBack and take huge commissions by scamming those victims.

ScamWatcher dot org not only ruined my life but with their traffic (insert SEM rush traffic), they have definitely scammed dozens if not hundreds of people just like me. People who had high hopes from them when they claimed to give you your money back from a scammer, and then charge your exorbitant fees, leaving you with much less money than before.

Their fraudulent operation doesn’t just stop with MyChargeBack scams, they have also been reported for extortion, misinformation, fake news, and forum manipulation.

Anyone who has been listed on the website should not try to contact the website, nor should people who have lost funds to a Forex Broker listed on ScamWatcher dot org. Otherwise, you’ll play right into their manipulative scam funnel.

I have lost $5,000 to these con artists already, and that is not a small amount, at least not for me. I am writing this report here to make sure the scammers at ScamWatcher dot org get exposed and don’t scam even 1 more innocent person. 

Share this report with anyone you know who might be at risk of falling for the chargeback scam or extortion scam of ScamWatcher dot org. My experience with this website has been plain horrible.

DO NOT TRUST ScamWatcher dot org 

When I first contacted them for a chargeback for my funds, they claimed they can get all of my funds back. In their emails ScamWatcher dot org acts extremely professional and nice, you won’t even realize that behind the scenes you are just a prey for them.

They will talk to you as if they want to best for you, they’ll trap you with statements and persuade you into sending them “fees for funds recovery” this can be anywhere from $500-$10,000 and this is exactly what they were after from the start. I made the horrible mistake of trusting them, I thought they would recover my lost funds but in the end, I just lost more instead of getting my money back.

Looking back, it doesn’t make any sense how would these losers even get my money back from a random broker.

It’s plain ruthless what the offshore team behind ScamWatcher dot org do, and get away with.

Victims of these frauds need to stand up against them, take a stance! I posted this report here so we can have a voice, if someone had warned me about this scam then I wouldn’t be in the financial disaster I am in right now.

Takedown ScamWatcher dot org Once And For All

It’s time that the tables turn. I wouldn’t be in the situation I am in, if it wasn’t for ScamWatcher dot org, I can’t help but feel pity for the dozens of others like me. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Authorities Need To Arrest The Criminals Behind ScamWatcher dot org & MyChargeBack 

I researched a little and there are a few ways we can actually take down these scammers. Including the authorities will do wonders, and this is why I think we should report MyChargeBack & ScamWatcher dot org to the Federal Trade Commission. 

Please report this website to their hosting provider. They need to know what kind of criminal activities they are endorsing.

I also suggest that you contact the hosting provider of ScamWatcher dot org which is NameCheap, and email them about this website’s illicit activities. The host might not even know how these scammers are abusing their platform.

Don’t let them win and speak up if you have been scammed by them as well

Please don’t be afraid to speak up if you are also a victim of the ScamWatcher dot org scam. Our freedom of speech is what gives us power over them, they will hate it if someone spills the beans about their charade. I was scared to make this post, but at this moment I have nothing to lose, these scammers have taken everything from me, so it’s do or die for me now.

Please share my post. If you think someone you know might be in danger of being a victim of this scam, then please share my report with them, it might save them from trauma, mental torment, and financial ruin.

Dr. Henrique J. Duck
Dr. Henrique J. Duck

Dr. Henrique Duck, PhD in Media Studies and Critical Theory, specializes in writing detailed critics stories and reviews. He has contributed to prominent newspapers and websites, providing insightful analysis of media content and its effects on society.

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    There are no complaints and they are in business since 2007

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