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Scotland Titles – Is It Legitimate? Review 2024

Who Owns Scotland Titles?

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Scotland Titles is a 2020 entrant to the laird titles scene. the domain was registered in June 2020. An invention of entrepreneur, Grant Jarvie of Kent, it began life as a simple copy of the Highland Titles product, identifying Highland Titles’ land in their documents and displaying stolen photographs – showing Highland Titles’ land. See October 2020 Internet Archive

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More recently a wood in Caithness has been identified as the land being sold, but much of the language and style of the product remains “Highland Titles”.

Scotland Titles has been in the market for laird titles since 2020, which is not too long ago. But it has already gotten a bad name for publishing controversial Scottish titles. In this piece, we’ll look more closely at Scotland’s Titles, its history, and the debates that have come up about it.

About the History of Scotland Titles

Grant Jarvie, a business owner from Kent, started Scotland Titles in June 2020. It started out as a simple copy of Highland Titles, another company that sold laird titles. But it got a lot of attention quickly because it used Highland Titles’ land in its papers and showed stolen photos of Highland Titles’ property. This caused a fight between the two businesses. Highland Titles accused Scotland Titles of stealing intellectual property and violating its trademark.

There are disagreements about Scotland’s titles.

Since it started, Scotland Titles has been involved in more than just the fight with Highland Titles. One of the main complaints about the company is that it makes people think they are getting a real Scottish title when they are not. In fact, the titles that Scotland Titles sells are not official and cannot be enforced in court.

Also, the company has been attacked for its high prices, which for a title package can be as much as a few thousand dollars. Some people have said that Scotland Titles take advantage of people who don’t know how much their Scottish titles are worth and trick them into spending a lot of money.

Is scamming a serious offense?

White-collar crimes, in particular, are deemed to be serious offenses by the court and can carry harsh punishments, such as hefty fines and incarceration.

The word “laird” is used by the company in its marketing materials, which is another point of contention. In Scotland, the word “laird” has always meant the person who owns a piece of land, not a title that can be bought. Because of this, Scotland Titles has been accused of lying about its goods being real Scottish titles.

Scotland Titles
Scotland Titles – Scam

Is Scotland Titles a real business?

It’s hard to say if Scotland Titles is a real company that sells Scottish titles or not. Even though the titles the company sells are not recognized by the government, it is not against the law to sell or own them. But the company’s actions have led to scandals that make people question its ethics and openness.

In the end, each person has to decide for themselves if Scotland Titles is a valid source of Scottish titles. Some people might think that the company is dishonest or taking advantage of people, but others might see it as a legal way to own a piece of land in Scotland and a non-official title.


Scotland Titles is a controversial company in the market for laird titles because it has a history of copying another company’s materials, using stolen photos, and tricking people into paying a lot of money for non-official Scottish titles. Even though the company is not breaking the law, its actions have led people to question its legality and morality. Before making a choice, anyone who wants to buy a Scottish title should do a lot of research on the company and learn about the arguments about it.

Established Titles – Cloned content

scotlandtitles document pack 2
The documents that Scotland Titles send out are a letter and Master Title Deed which are direct copies of the Highland Titles documents and a certificate which is substantially the same as a Highland Titles Certificate

Scotland Titles is simply a scam. Avoid.

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  1. I’m from the US and actually tried finding the “land” on the “estate” h to at I purchased through Scotland Titles. It doesn’t exist. The google coordinates and other attempts at helping you locate the land all lead to someone else’s home/property.

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