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Scott Tominaga: Did He Defraud his Customers? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Scott Tominaga
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Scott Tominaga might not be as reliable as he claims to be. Find out if you should do business with him or not below.
Scott Tominaga
Scott Tominaga

Who is Scott Tominaga? CRD# 2416724

Scott Tominaga has worked for over 25 years in the financial services and alternative investing industries. He began his career as a FINRA regulator and spent over 20 years in brokerage and investment management. He is well-versed in financial services businesses’ middle and back offices, accounting, compliance, and administrative duties. Throughout his career, he has been in charge of all parts of back-office operations, investor relations, and marketing. He graduated with a B.S. in Business Finance from Arizona State University.

Scott Tominaga began his work as a quality control expert at Mitchell Sweet & Associates from 1988 to 1989. He then worked as an Associate and Compliance Examiner, and subsequently as a Senior Compliance Examiner, at the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. in Los Angeles, California. He was involved in many situations where he was discovered to be defrauding his consumers. It was discovered that he was doing transactions on behalf of his customers without informing them. 

Scott Tominaga on behalf of his member firm, prepared and filed with the NASD 12 false and misleading focus reports. He even failed to appear for an on the record interview.

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Allegations against Scott Tominaga

Scott Tominaga has cheated his customers by not informing them about the       transactions which he made without their consent. He was making transactions on his       customers behalf without telling them anything about it. Not only this, he also on behalf of his member firm, prepared and filed with the NASD 12 false and misleading focus reports. He even did not come for an on the record interview.

  • He cheated his customers and made transactions on their behalf without informing them.
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What is NASD?

National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) was a regulatory body responsible for overseeing the securities industry. It was responsible for both the operation and regulation of all securities exchange, market trading, as well as over the counter (OTC) market trades. 

What is FINRA?

The NASD and the NYSE’s regulatory arm merged to establish FINRA. The SEC supervises FINRA, and it is critical that FINRA follows all of the SEC’s regulations, rules, and standards. 

FINRA’s key tasks include overseeing securities trading agents, branch offices, and brokerage companies. FINRA regulates securities and securities trading. 

Can you expose the broker trying to trick you?

FINRA offers the free web tool BrokerCheck, which allows users to check a broker’s credentials, registration, and employment history. The disclosure part of BrokerCheck includes information on client conflicts, disciplinary proceedings, and specific financial and legal issues on the broker’s record.

FINRA is also in charge of enabling the licensing of representatives who trade securities or provide trading services. 

About Firm


This company was established in Arizona on 01/11/1999. Fiscal year of this brokerage firm ends in December. This firm is classified as a limited liability company. This firm is no longer registered with FINRA or a national securities exchange. Allegations on this company are unauthorized trading and the breach of contract.
EMPIRE ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC (INVESTMENT ADVISOR) and EMPIRE CAPITAL GROUP, LLC (BROKER/DEALER), they both are sister companies owned by the parent company EMPIRE CAPITAL HOLDINGS GROUP, LLC. This firm’s registration was from 07/22/1999 to 10/24/2002.   

Who is a broker?

A broker dealer is in the business of buying and selling securities, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and certain other investment products on behalf of its customer (as broker), for its own bank (dealer), or both. Individuals who work for broker dealers the sales personnel are commonly referred to as brokers.

Who are investment advisers? 

An investment adviser is someone who is paid for providing advice about securities to clients. In addition, some investment advisers manage investment portfolios and offer financial planning services. For a financial professional it is very common to act as both a broker and an investment adviser. Therefore it is very important to do proper research about your financial advisor before investing your money.

You should do proper research about your broker before investing your money or giving your sensitive information to them because not only can your investment but also your sensitive information can be misused. 


Financial advisors frequently use Disclosure Expungement to remove their complaints from FINRA’s public database. Even legal companies provide expungement services to financial advisors in order for them to conceal or eliminate customer conflicts and preserve a clean record. So, the absence of any disclosure on BrokerCheck does not necessarily mean that there have been no previous disagreements. Even legal documents are frequently removed from the internet. 

Scott Tominaga works at a hedge firm in Los Angeles, which explains why we can’t discover any information about his financial misdeeds on Google. This is definitely important that people like him and other investment banking executives who are wrecking lives are always at the top of Google so that innocent people don’t get duped by such scumbags who use their money and power to clear their name and remove all of the allegations that their clients have made against them. It has become quite tough for traders and investors to distinguish between who is a liar and who is truly trustworthy. 

Crimes in the financial industry are on the rise, and there is no means for the average citizen to learn about them. We just want to urge all investors to conduct thorough investigation before spending their money or providing sensitive information to such fraudsters since it is not worth it to risk your investment and personal information. 

Scott Tominaga: Did He Defraud his Customers? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Scott Tominaga: Did He Defraud his Customers? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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  1. People like Scott Tominaga try to deceive many individuals and want to earn more money, by not showing the full transaction history to their customers. This is ridiculous, I would never invest money in these types of bogus platforms.

  2. It is completely misleading for men to claim to have 25 years of experience in the financial services industry while secretly carrying out transactions on behalf of their clients.

  3. I believe it is better to never invest in the brokerage firm. There are many scams that are taking place in the market and people are unaware of these types of activities. At last, they have to suffer heavy losses.

  4. Why is the regulatory authority unable to take any strict action regarding these types of issues, every time naive people have to suffer losses? Due to unethical and inappropriate activities done by these fraudsters.

  5. Now it is quite simple for scammers to run these types of activities and give misleading reports to the FINRA. The US government has to set some boundaries for the brokerage firms. It would affect the scams which would happen in the country.

  6. These people use their power and money to suppress the allegations which are put on them. There are many complaints regarding Scott but he always tries to escape from the crime.

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