Sean Cooley Los Angeles – Child Molester On The Loose

Sean Cooley is one extremely shady and dangerous individual currently on the loose in Los Angeles, he is always high and always looking out and on a hunt for young kids, especially boys around the age of 15 years. 

I have come across many stories and instances about him and ever since have been afraid of my kids being anywhere around him. I am posting his photo here too, please have a look and spread the word to all parents living n Los Angeles. He is working right now in some shady weed delivery company called Grassdoor as a Content Director. I was shocked to see that there is nothing about his illicit behaviour online and how he has managed to build a fake persona online. This predator and child molestor needs to be exposed and apprehended by the authorities as soon as possible or else he will never stop abusing young boys and kids. 

Sean Cooley has previously worked with companies like Weedmaps and Thrillist. This animal is straight up a creeper.  He is ruthless and extremely cunning, he can sweet talk you and convince you he is a saint but please do not fall for it. Sean Cooley buys these naive innocent kids alcohol, marijuana and hangs out with them all weekend just to lure them in his deadly and dangerous trap. Everyone needs to watch out for him and keep their children as far and away as possible. Grassdoor is hiring such creeps which shows how shady the company itself is. 

This man called Sean Cooley in Los Angeles cannot be out on the streets, cannot be anywhere near anyone’s kids. I hope the cops take notice and do something about it to keep us all safe. 

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  1. Are you actually serious?

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