Sepy Kopahi – Forgery, Fraud and REMAX

Authorities have begun investigating Sepy Kopahi of Re/Max City Realty for forgery in an agreement of old Boat House, Heritage Penitentiary. 

The property is situated at 319 Governors Court New Westminster. Also, the purchase was of $5.2 million dollars. 

Sepy Kopahi isn’t the only person the authorities are looking into. They are also looking into Gurinder Sodhi of HM Tax. 

Realtor Rav Rampuri was representing the sellers while Sepy Kopahi was the representative for the buyers. 

Gurinder Sodhi of HM Tax is a director in Governor’s Court Holding Inc. The company is facing legal partnership problems in BC Supreme Courts in New Westminster. 

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Did Sepy Kopahi Break Any Canadian Laws?

The authority looking into this case of forgery is BCFSA. BCFSA looks into cases of financial fraud and shady real estate transactions. 

In Canada, Section 368(1.1) of the Criminal Code says that if someone uses or possess forged documents, they are guilty of an indictable offense. Also, they are liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than 10 years.

Certainly, Sepy of RE/MAX City Realty can certainly go to jail because of this offense.

Who is Sepy Kopahi Personal Real Estate Corporation – RE/MAX City Realty?

sepy kopahi

Sepy Kopahi is a realtor at REMAX City Realty. Her office is located at 2806 Kingsway Unit 101, Vancouver, BC V5R 5T5, Canada. Also, her contact number is 778-227-1200. 

According to her profile, she claims to have over 10 years of customer service experience in different industries. 

Sepy says she is a charismatic, friendly and caring professional. 

The Sepy Kopahi Instagram handle is @sepy.remax.

RE/MAX is short of Real Estate Maximus and runs through a franchise system. Seeing from her profile, it’s obvious that Sepy Kopahi has a franchise of RE/MAX. 


Forgery is a major crime. If the allegations are true, Sepy can go to jail for 10 years. 

You should be extremely cautious while dealing with such realtors. Forged documents can land you in trouble as a customer as well. 

Take, for example, Homestead Builders Iowa. The company is run by Jeremy Lawson who faced charges of forgery and fraud in Iowa and Nebraska. He used fake documents to scam consumers. 

Another example is Kalpesh Kinariwala, who used forged documents to steal money from his company. 

Beware of such criminals. 

It would be best for you to steer clear of Sepy Kopahi.

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Sepy Kopahi is facing heat from the authorities for forging a signature in a $5 million transaction. Forgery is a major crime which can cause the culprit to face jail time of 10 years. It would be safer for you to avoid dealing with her.

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