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Where is Sharkeisha now? About The 2013 Viral Video

A video of Sharkeisha severely punching her schoolmate ShaMichael Manuel went viral in 2013. Stars collaborated with startling footage to create a viral phenomenon. Most viewers found the video hilarious, drowning out the few rational voices that recognized the savage attack shown in the film.

Sharkeisha  old pic

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ShaMichael confirmed the extent of her injuries by releasing photos. In spite of the fact that the incident took place over eight years ago, memes incorporating the footage are still appearing on social media. Sharkeisha became a sensation online.

The Big Apple is home to Instagram model and social media influencer Sharkeisha.

According to MTO News, the lady is a New York-based Instagram model.

Did You Know?

Fred Mwangaguhunga, a former corporate lawyer, founded the MTO News website in 2006. It is a website that is well known for providing the gossip and entertainment news, mainly on African American celebrities and topics. 

The site showed photos of Sharkeisha, but no social media name was provided.

Sharkeisha went underground after her arrest on social media, perhaps to avoid the attention that had been drawn to her by the viral video. babyy is still active on the internet, but we believe it is a fake.

A mugshot was used on the account of Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson, a 22-year-old North Carolina woman arrested in August 2011. A bogus mugshot wouldn’t have been used if the account belonged to Sharkeisha.

Twitter user “Queen” expressed her joy at her newfound fame following the attack. She boasted about her popularity across the continent on Facebook. It was a complete surprise to me that they had internet.” I feel renowned now.

With a following numbering in the thousands, Queen continues to be active. Her tweets can only be viewed by those whom Sharkeisha has given permission to view them.

Throughout the years, erroneous reports have circulated that Sharkeisha had passed away. Sharkeisha was believed to have died in a hit-and-run accident.

In the second report, Sharkeisha was shot while in her vehicle.she and her friend were attacked on foot by a group of assailants. Sharkeisha did not survive, but her companion survived.

Her victim, ShaMichael Manuel, expressed concern that the incident might follow her throughout her life.

she attack on ShaMichael might have gone unreported if their mutual acquaintance hadn’t recorded and spread the video. As a result of the footage, Sharkeisha was placed under arrest and prosecuted for assault.

She went to her apartment to retrieve some of her belongings, but she wasn’t aware that Sharkeisha had set up an ambush for her. ShaMichael told KHOU-TV, “I was just in shock.” “I was like, ‘Oh, my God. Is it possible that she carried it out? You are supposed to be one of my closest friends.”

ShaMichael said Sharkeisha didn’t appear to have changed during their conversation at school earlier. According to her, Sharkeisha was probably upset over a male they both had a crush on.

Initially, Olevia Henderson, Manuel’s mother, let the authorities handle the matter; however, after the video gained widespread attention, she contacted the media. According to Henderson, HuffPost reported:

In the first week of the programme, people have already started making jokes about it. Kevin Hart is making hilarious remarks about it, and a man down here just wrote a song about it. I dial the news station because individuals on the internet are writing horrible remarks about my daughter.

Despite having healed by the time she appeared on HuffPost, the scar of being publicly humiliated and attacked on the internet would never fade. “I’m going to live with this for the rest of my life,” she said, quoted by The Daily Mail. How would you feel if that happened to your daughter or son?

Every time Olevia saw the video or saw how others reacted to it, she felt her daughter’s misery. In addition, she said:

In the grocery store, the cashier helped me check out my purchases. Baggers couldn’t help but laugh and chat about how ridiculous it was. The moment I told them that it was my kid on the video, their reaction changed.

Dr. Henrique J. Duck
Dr. Henrique J. Duck

Dr. Henrique Duck, PhD in Media Studies and Critical Theory, specializes in writing detailed critics stories and reviews. He has contributed to prominent newspapers and websites, providing insightful analysis of media content and its effects on society.

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  1. Wrong photo. That’s not Sharkeisha. The girl in the photo put her two sons in the oven and killed them. She’s from Atlanta, Oakland City area.

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