Shaun Chadwick Leicester: Why Has He Received Complaints? The Truth Exposed (2023)

Shaun Chadwick Leicester has received allegations of body shaming fellow colleagues. There are even screenshots of his texts. Here’s what happened exactly:

Who is Shaun Chadwick Leicester?

Shaun Chadwick Leicester claims to be the executive manager of eight Leicester practices and the managing partner of a Leicestershire practice. He previously worked as a specialist adviser to the CQC, receiving £300 for each inspection.

Shaun Chadwick Leicester

NHS supervisor ‘taunted a colleague suffering from MS and called her council filth’.

In details given below it is observed that an NHS manager has been accused of telling a former colleague ‘karma is a bitch’ after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

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Shaun Chadwick Leicester, a senior executive partner at Spectrum Health in Oadby, Leicestershire, is also accused of fat-shaming another former colleague, leaving her feeling suicidal and reliant on antidepressants’.

Spectrum Health’s senior executive partner in Oadby, Leicestershire, has refuted the charges, calling them “grossly inaccurate and insulting.”

The first woman, who did not want to be identified, said she was really upset when Mr. Shaun Chadwick Leicester made derogatory remarks about her on a common friend’s Facebook post following her MS diagnosis.

Sorry to hear about your poor health – karma is a b***h,’ Shaun Chadwick Leicester allegedly stated in a post on his account. “I hear you’re as unhappy as ever. ‘Poor woman.”

‘Grow up, you fat cow, and enjoy cleaning, because that’s all you’re worth,’ she alleged he subsequently said in a direct message. Scum of the council.’

The argument was reported to the regional Clinical Commissioning Group, the Care Quality Commission, and Leicestershire Police after she responded to his statements with insults and abusive language of her own. 

‘It genuinely saddened me to think someone could think that of me, and I also want him to know that I would have merely overlooked this behavior while working for him,’ the woman said. 

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The first woman, who asked not to be named, said she was ‘really upset’ when Mr. Shaun  Chadwick Leicester posted offensive remarks about her.

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The first woman, who did not want to be identified, said she was really offended’ when Mr. Shaun  Chadwick Leicester made insulting comments about her. But now that I’m stronger, I want him to know Mr. Shaun  Chadwick Leicester can’t talk to me that way anymore.

‘I had the impression that he was constantly laughing at me in meetings, picking at things Mr. Shaun  Chadwick Leicester said I hadn’t done. We got along great when he first started working at the surgery, but sometimes along the way, he began to resent me.

Mr. Shaun  Chadwick Leicester was one of the reasons I left, and I had blocked him on everything and had no communication with him since then. I’m not even Facebook friends with him, yet he noticed my comment on a mutual friend’s page. 

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Mr. Shaun Chadwick Leicester appeared to repeatedly joke about his victim’s weight 

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Mr. Shaun Chadwick Leicester is also accused of calling another ex-colleague ‘Chubbs’ and making a joke about a caricature of her drawn for the surgery. 

Mr. Shaun Chadwick Leicester claimed to have made a joke about a caricature of her made for the operation that made her look bigger than she was.

‘It appears [she] is about to explode,’ Mr. Shaun Chadwick Leicester allegedly remarked in a Teams message, along with a laughing emoji.

‘I urged him to change it and not use it, but it was posted on the website and put up in the surgery,’ the woman claimed, adding that his actions had made her suicidal and reliant on pharmaceuticals.

‘Mr. Shaun Chadwick Leicester laughed and replied, “Don’t worry, you don’t have that many chins.” It continues to haunt me to this day.’

It is also claimed that Mr. Shaun Chadwick Leicester shared sensitive questions with practice staff that Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspectors planned to ask during a visit, instructing them to be prepared with the correct responses.

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It would be a violation of the body’s confidentiality rules, as an email at the time asked colleagues to treat the documents “in the strictest of confidence.”

‘Mr. Shaun Chadwick Leicester rejects the claims, and legal procedures for defamation, malicious communication, and harassment have commenced,’ stated a Spectrum Health spokesman.

Mr. Shaun Chadwick Leicester takes such complaints very seriously and has consequently appointed an outside facilitator to review the workplace culture at Spectrum Health.

‘We can certify that such charges are false and offensive.’

‘We cannot comment on ongoing individual instances, however, we are aware of concerns that have been raised and are working to investigate in accordance with the proper NHS complaint processes,’ said a joint statement from NHS England and East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG.

A CQC spokeswoman stated that the claims will not be investigated because Mr. Shaun Chadwick Leicester is no longer an expert adviser.

‘We are not aware of him sending an email to a GP practice containing information regarding the CQC inspection system,’ they added.

Mr. Shaun Chadwick Leicester has been approached for more information.

A Spectrum Health spokesman said: “Mr. Shaun Chadwick Leicester denies allegations made and legal proceedings via our solicitor and Leicestershire Police have commenced. Mr. Shaun Chadwick Leicester takes such allegations extremely seriously and therefore ordered an external facilitator to investigate the working culture at Spectrum Health.

“We can confirm that such allegations are grossly inaccurate and insulting.”

A joint statement from NHS England and LLR CCGs said: “We cannot comment on ongoing individual cases, but we are aware of concerns which have been raised and we are working to investigate following the appropriate NHS complaint processes.”

What is Body shaming?

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Body shaming is the act or inaction of subjecting someone to shame and criticism because of their physical characteristics. The scope of body shaming is wide, and includes, although is not limited to fat-shaming, shaming for thinness, small breasts, height-shaming, shaming of hairiness (or lack thereof), of hair-color, body shape, one’s muscularity (or lack thereof), shaming of penis size or breast size, shaming of looks (facial features), and in its broadest sense may even include shaming of tattoos and piercings or diseases that leave a physical mark such as psoriasis.

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Body Shaming Must be Stopped

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Body shaming has myriad negative consequences on mental health. Here are some important ones:

Adolescents who are body shamed have a significantly elevated risk of depression.

  1. It may lead to eating disorders.
  2. Body shaming worsens outcomes for obese women attempting to overcome binge eating.
  3. Body shaming can cause dissatisfaction with one’s body, which then can cause low self-esteem.

Additional mental health concerns associated with body shaming include:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Body dysmorphic disorder
  3. Depression
  4. Higher risk of self-harm or suicide
  5. Poorer quality of life (due to body dissatisfaction)
  6. Psychological distress

How to Combat Body Shaming

  1. Understand the Importance of Body Positivity
  2. Accept yourself and stop hiding. Accept responsibility and hold yourself accountable.
  3. Take Charge of Your Social Media Platforms Practice Self-Love by Being Kind to Yourself
  4. Thank God for Your Body

What to say to people who are body shaming your body

Instead of arguing with someone who has body-shamed you, respond with kindness. For instance, you could say, “Thank you for your concern.” For the time being, I’m attempting to focus on loving myself and being good about my physique. I’d appreciate it if you could refrain from saying stuff like this in the future.” Don’t fight any further and leave the conversation to avoid escalation. 


Mr. Shaun Chadwick Leicester is charged with revealing private information and making disrespectful remarks in a formal context in this excerpt. Legal action has been taken, and he disputes the accusations. Through the appropriate processes, both Spectrum Health and the NHS are looking into the allegations. More information is awaited since the situation is still developing.

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