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Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS – Incompetent and Careless (Review 2023)

Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS is a plastic surgeon based in Maryland. He runs The Naderi Center and claims to be a rhinoplasty specialist. However, his clients say that he lacks empathy and has botched numerous procedures. 

Some of his reviewers also complain that he makes his clients sign waivers that prevent them from adding negative reviews. It’s important to know the good and the bad while picking a plastic surgeon. 

Did You know?

The very first plastic surgery was performed in India (Asia) by ‘Sushruta’ the ancient surgeon, in 800 BC. He developed a method to reconstruct nasal defects by the use of forehead tissues.

Hence, I’m sharing some of the negative Shervin Naderi reviews I found online to help you make a smart decision on this matter: 

About Shervin Naderi MD FACS:

Dr. Shervin Naderi is a rhinoplasty surgeon based in Friendship Village, Maryland. He runs the Naderi Center which is located at 5454 Wisconsin Ave Suite 1655, Chevy Chase, MD 20815, US. 

The contact number of his clinic is 301-222-2020 and it opens from 9 AM to 4 PM on weekdays. 

Dr. Naderi claims to be a specialist in rhinoplasty and only performs this procedure. He also offers injection services such as botox and fillers. The guy has taught doctors how to inject botox and Dysport properly. 

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While Dr. Shervin Naderi might be limited to performing only one procedure, his clinic isn’t. Some of the cosmetic services available at his clinic include: 

  • Scar revision
  • Breast lift
  • Labiaplasty
  • Breast reduction
  • Liposuction
  • Face lift
  • Lip enhancement

And many more. 

According to his website, the Dr Naderi rhinoplasty cost ranges from $11,500 to $14,500. Similarly, the cost of a revision rhinoplasty ranges from $17,000 to $20,000. 

Apart from Dr. Naderi, you’ll find Dr. Erica Anderson, Dr. Jessica Kulak, and Dr. Alexandra Snodgrass. 

Dr. Anderson is a specialist in breast and body procedures while Dr. Kulak is a specialist in facial surgery. Similarly, Dr. Snodgrass is a dermatologist who specializes in Aesthetic Dermatology. 

At first, The Naderi Center seems like a genuine plastic surgery clinic. However, the place has tons of negative reviews. Also, Dr. Naderi uses deceptive marketing techniques to promote his business and distract people from the various negative reviews. 

For example, he posts various press releases to bury the complaints people post about him online. 

Shervin Naderi’s Biased PR Stunts Revealed:

Shervin Naderi review

If you’d google Dr. Shervin Naderi PR, you’ll find multiple press releases on different PR websites. All of these articles praise Dr. Naderi and share his accolades and accomplishments. 

This is the work of his marketing team. The obvious reason for posting so many paid PR articles is to gain new customers. But another reason why Dr. Naderi spends so much money on PR articles is he doesn’t want people to find out the complaints others have posted. 

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Moreover, Dr. Naderi makes his clients sign a waiver that says they can’t post a negative review about him. He has a reputation for calling his negative reviews “fake”. 

As you’ll read the following Shervin Naderi reviews, you’ll realize that there’s a lot more to this guy than it seems. 

Dr. Shervin Naderi Botched a Rhinoplasty, Gave Asymmetrical & Uneven Nose with Valve Collapse

Shervin Naderi review

Dr. Naderi performed a primary rhinoplasty on Andra in August 2016. The self-proclaimed rhinoplasty specialist gave her a bulbous tip, deviated septum and a bump on the nose. 

Andra points out that only her profile is nice, the rest of the results are terrible. Her nostrils are uneven as one is straight while the one curves. Also, the nostrils sit at different levels and there’s a valve collapse. 

Her middle valve collapse has caused breathing problems as she finds it difficult to breathe through her left nostril. Moreover, the cartilage on her right nostril is quite weak and her nose seems like it’s collapsing to the right. 

Dr. Naderi had removed her cast early because he had to go on vacation. He never gave her any instructions on how to tape her nose so Andra never did. 

7 days after the removal of her cast, she called the clinic and told them that her nose had become extremely asymmetrical. She also sent them photos of her nose. 

They told her that it happened because of swelling. But she later found out that the valve had already collapsed and it was the main reason behind the asymmetrical appearance of her nose. 

Six months after the procedure, she told the clinic that she felt like the problem was inside her nose and it was causing her discomfort in breathing. Again, they told her that the cause was swelling. 

A year after the surgery, she shared her concerns again but to no avail. Dr. Shervin Naderi never explained to her what issues she was really facing. She had to consult with 2 different ENTs to find out what had happened to her nose and why she was facing so many problems. 

Andra consulted Dr. Naderi for a revision procedure but his lack of reassurance to fix the problem convinced her that she shouldn’t go with him. 

Below are a few pictures Andra has shared to show the results Shervin delivered: 

Shervin Naderi review
Shervin Naderi review
Shervin Naderi review
Shervin Naderi review

Delivered Disappointing Results, Charged $18,200 for the Rhinoplasty

Shervin Naderi review

Sam shares that Shervin follows a caring and professional approach while discussing the procedures. But he is very careless. Sam had taken his son to Shervin’s clinic and he forgot the son’s name merely two weeks after the procedure. 

Alos, he mistook Sam’s son as a different potential client. The reconstructive surgery Dr. Naderi performed delivered horrible results as it didn’t match the images he had shown in pre-op consultations. 

Sam points out that the excuse he gave for delivering such terrible results was also terrible. He said that he ran out of skin during surgery and that Sam’s son would need another surgery with him to get the nose he had promised. 

Moorever, The Naderi Center hadn’t told Sam that they would send a bill to his insurance when he paid them $7,980 out of pocket before the procedure. He was shocked when he learned that his insurance company had received a $10,200 claim from the hospital where Shervin had performed the surgery. 

Sam points out that he paid $18,200 for a 2-hour procedure which delivered horrible results. Moreover, the surgery had many painful side-effects including an acne outbreak that left a lot of deep tissue. Furthermore, the teenager is undergoing laser treatment to fix some of those issues which has cost Sam $5000 so far. 

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Gave a Vascular Occlusion, Dr. Shervin Naderi Denied Any Responsibility

Shervin Naderi review

The reviewer had a non-surgical rhinoplasty in June 2020. They share that they trusted Dr. Naderi and it was a huge mistake. They experienced a vascular occlusion on their nose tip in the same month they had the procedure. 

But Shervin didn’t accept that the reviewer had vascular occlusion and diagnosed it as an infection. The reviewer shares that their nose had literally exploded and Dr. Naderi didn’t care. They point out that the bedside manner of Dr. Naderi is horrible and he blames his clients for his mistakes. 

The reviewer had to see a cosmetic dermatologist and is working hard to get them as close to normal as possible. They highlight that Dr. Naderi referred them to several doctors who either denied helping them or pretended to help.

Moreover, Dr. Naderi had written “SHE CAN WORK” in bold on the reviewer’s FMLA paperwork. The reviewer faced many mental health issues because of the botched procedures. They point out that the pandemic helped them as it allowed them to avoid social events and gatherings. However, because their nose was open, wearing a mask was quite painful. 

The botched procedure also caused panic attacks in the reviewer. 

Staff Canceled the Appointment Even When the Client Has Informed Them

Shervin Naderi review

The reviewer had taken their friend to Shervin Naderi’s clinic for a consultation. But they got stuck in traffic and called the clinic to let them know they will be a little late because of the same. 

When they reached there, they discovered that the staff cancelled their appointment. The reviewer points out that they stayed in traffic for nearly 2 hours and this is the treatment they received. 

They highlight that the staff could’ve at least informed them that they would have to cancel the appointment. It was very unprofessional of them to cancel the appointment and not inform the reviewer. 

Clinic Botched a Microneedling Procedure, Blamed the Client for It

Shervin Naderi review

The reviewer had a microneedling procedure with Dr. Snodgrass at The Naderi Center. She points out that it’s been half a year and she still has scarring from that failed procedure. 

Moreover, she suggests other consumers avoid this place because of the lack of skill present here. When she had visited the clinic, she only had minor scarring. Now, it would take her 2-3 months more to get rid of the scars Dr. Snodgrass’s procedure left.

They gave her a highly expensive cream and told her it would fix the scarring. But it didn’t do anything. 

She also highlights that she didn’t receive a follow-up after she explained her concerns to Dr. Snodgrass. Her issue with the stripes present on her head is still there. Moreover, she followed their advice to a T but it didn’t help her at all. 

Dr. Jessica Kulak Failed a Botox Procedure and Lacks Skills

Shervin Naderi review

The reviewer suggests doing a lot of research before going to Dr. Shervin Naderi’s clinic. They now have drooping eyes and eyebrows because of Dr. Kulak’s poor technique. When the reviewer saw her again after the procedure, she admitted injecting the Botox in the middle of their eyes.

This is why their eyes drooped. Dr. Kulak didn’t inject in the triangle between the brows which caused the eyes to droop. The reviewer points out that a good doctor marks where they are going to inject botox but she just injected it randomly. 

Also, Dr. Kulak left a large bag under the reviewer’s eyes and didn’t treat the tea trough. The reviewer questions the skills of this doctor and suggests ladies to avoid going to see Dr. Kulak. 

Dr. Shervin Naderi’s Poor Service and Quality Forced the Client Into Depression

Shervin Naderi review

Maryam shares that the staff at this clinic is very unprofessional and unfriendly. She points out that Dr. Naderi is selfish, unapproachable and rude. He charges too much for the kind of service he delivers. 

Dr. Naderi later responded to her review and called it fake. So, she added an update and pointed out that he didn’t correct the complications she discussed with him. His treatment caused her psychological disturbance and she had to see a psychiatrist. 

Shervin Naderi MD FACS’ Clinic Has Rude and Unprofessional Staff

Shervin Naderi review

Sam shares that she would give this clinic any lower than 1 stars, she would. She found the office staff to be very rude and unprofessional. Moreover, when Dr. Naderi performed her procedure and she faced multiple complications. 

While she faced those complications, the doctor didn’t do any follow-ups. Staff behaved very rudely with her and Dr. Naderi refused to accept any criticism of his staff. Instead, he got mad at her for criticizing the staff.

He had no compassion for what she was going through. Sam shares that she was nothing but a dollar sign to him. She also points out that the doctor is very arrogant and disconnected with the patients. 

The reviewer has shared their experience on other platforms as well: 

Shervin Naderi review

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Shervin Naderi MD FACS Patient Reviews & Complaints Report 2021

Dr. Shervin Naderi is surely not a good choice. If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon in Maryland, find someone else, according to his clients. 

He has botched many rhinoplasty procedures and it seems his team of specialists lacks professionalism and empathy. The guy puts in a lot of effort to distract consumers from these complaints, which is a huge red flag. 

The various negative reviews, the poor handling of botched procedures, and the terrible responses to client complaints suggest that it wouldn’t be safe to work with Dr. Naderi. 

Avoid this guy and his clinic. 

2.8Expert Score
Avoid Dr. Naderi

Countless victims, numerous complaints, and no regard for clients. These are the characteristics of Dr. Shervin Naderi and you wouldn’t want to see any of them in your surgeon. So, it would be better to avoid dealing with him.

Concern for Clients
  • None
  • Botched countless procedures
  • Doesn't accept responsibility
  • Greedy

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  1. After going through this article I am damn sure not to take any sort of treatment from Shervin.

  2. It is important to expose these criminals because they are the white collar criminals not being exposed for their crime is the problem, so expose them and make them realize the power of the internet and officials’ power.

  3. This man is not reliable for their business so you need to search for a more professional and experienced team. Treating with fascial muscles is not a joke so be sure.

  4. Get the exact information of the clinic and their past successful treatments because while promoting their clinic none of them will be exposing their failure, so take the help of these reviews and chose the perfect one.

  5. Many of my friends have taken treatment from the clinic and have had the best results, author has got a little bit crucial with the doctors and their staff members. Not every client was unsatisfied, with the services, yes I would also add to this that no one is 100% perfect.

  6. Make the perfect choice for getting treatment from these fraudsters, their main aim is to get money from their customers.

  7. Don’t go to the location of the clinic which is placed in Friendship Village, but the company doesn’t provide any type of services which are customer friendly, so it is very important to make the perfect choice before investing your money in them.

  8. Dr. Naderi doesn’t seem very skilled. I wonder how he’s able to operate a clinic like this.

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