Silicon Valley Aesthetics – Careless & Irresponsible (Updated 2023)

Silicon Valley Aesthetics is a chain of medical spas with locations in Mountain View, Morgan Hill, and San Jose, California. They might seem like the perfect cosmetic service provider in their advertisements. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

In reality, this medspa is notorious for botching procedures and refusing to take any responsibility for its actions. 

The following review will explore some of the many complaints people have posted against this service provider so you know what to expect:

About Silicon Valley Aesthetics

Silicon Valley Aesthetics is a medical spa in Morgan Hill, California. Their address is 16275 Monterey Rd Suite O, Morgan Hill, CA 95037, US, and their contact number is 877-261-6729. 

They also have locations in San Jose and Mountain View.  Their San Jose address is 1504 Blossom Hill Road, Suite E, San Jose, CA 95124 and their Mountain View address is 100 W. EL Camino Real #79, Mountain View, CA 94040. 

Silicon Valley Aesthetics offers many services to its clients including Botox, Kybella, laser tattoo removal, Restylane, PRP, acne treatment, laser hair removal, Ultherapy, micro-needling, facials, PDO threading, and cool sculpting. 

The spa manager here is Becky P. while the front office coordinator is Mimi P. Although this medspa makes many boastful claims about its expertise and services, you should take them with a grain of salt. 

That’s because Medspa has received countless complaints for botched procedures. Below are some of the many Silicon Valley Aesthetics reviews that expose the reality of this place:

Wrongfully Charged the Client, Refused to Accept Their Fault

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Originally, Shahrzad had given this palace 5 out of 5 stars. However, she later updated her complaint because the medspa overcharged her for a service she had not even requested for.

Shahrzad shares that the front desk staff at Silicon Valley Aesthetics is extremely rude. They were disrespectful and didn’t even acknowledge her when she first walked in. Shahrzad highlights that when she was talking to the front desk staff to discuss the extra charge they had placed on her card, her tone was quite hostile.

The reviewer shares that she couldn’t believe that a business like this one would behave with its clients in such a manner. 

Shahrzad highlights that the technician had asked her if she wanted Botox in between her brows and she said yes. She thought that the technician would break down the syringe for different spots and was asking for her preferred spots. 

What is SEC?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States is a federal government regulatory agency that works independently. Its main responsibility is to safeguard investors, ensure the securities markets operate in a fair and orderly manner, and facilitate capital formation.

However, she didn’t tell Shahrzad that there would be an extra charge for it. 

Latest Update: 

Silicon Valley Aesthetics responded to her complaint so Shahrzad added an update to her complaint.

She shares that she had never authorized the extra charge. Shahrzad says that when a business offers a service to its client right when they are receiving the service, they should disclose any charges associated with the offered service. 

She highlights that she was new to Botox injections. Hence, she didn’t know there would be an extra charge for the preference the technician had asked her for. She suggests the medspa maintain clarity in such matters. 

Furthermore, Shahrzad highlights that the attitude and tone of voice of the people here are unprofessional and inappropriate. 

Unsurprisingly, medspa didn’t do anything to fix these issues. Hence, Shahrzad had to post her complaint on other platforms. But first, here’s the screenshot of her interactions with Silicon Valley Aesthetics:

Htebkm5rk6ls3KGES5GOsqGGAMeZLl6v4A2o vshqSx31XlXJMGISheb78oaDXFsYAhSebgKfIP0vfyDpASkoCW52U3k7 9JarG bmoeEEoaCKlHeXW2hwZq0dhnEby4 37 3qCB
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9voP45Wg2GGd LfpsS8qJ7RJUpzahgtjWU28VnHgz3ujP3Tu7ZCO5p7cWQXH5k1gt0pp2eyrcuKL6gtndDQ0Hp2 MZTb1SYN0b C2AKedRTW9545L6eK3RD
DwM0poTG4wwk gJI egKZZumX f4mQdYyPkJRw1cT3bEO5YWf zg5hDs8kmSzYlbrevUhzwF9m5NyeoWCr06bjLj56pdbeVJ949OHHQmKNBacS iHOkCj8eUPKBTf8IHHgC5cUBt

Client Called Multiple Times on Different Days, Silicon Valley Aesthetics Didn’t Respond

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Here, the reviewer says that she called Silicon Valley Aesthetics on 3 different days multiple times. But no one answered the phone. 

Then, she walked in on a weekday between 1 to 2 PM. However, there was no one at the front desk. 

The reviewer shares that she walked to the back patio because she heard voices and hoped to get some information on their services. She found two ladies talking to each other and having a laugh. 

The reviewer told them that she was there to make an appointment and they told her to come back during business hours because they were having lunch. Keep in mind that the medspa’s door was open and there was no sign saying the staff was at lunch. 

Then, they asked the reviewer why she didn’t leave a voicemail when she called. The reviewer was shocked. She had called the place multiple times, it was obvious that she wanted to talk to someone at the medspa. She didn’t need to leave a voicemail. 

The reviewer says that Silicon Valley Aesthetics needs to work a lot on its customer service and etiquette. 

Botched a $600 Filler Job, Refused to Take Any Responsibility

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Nicole shares that this medspa botched her filler job. She got a filler here and it turned out horrific. Since then, she has been trying to get the filler dissolved. Moreover, the medical director of Silicon Valley Aesthetics has refused to issue her a refund for the $600 filler. 

Nicole says that she will file a complaint with the nursing board because she has suffered both mentally and physically because of this medical spa. Also, she highlights that the people here don’t care if you like your results as long as they get their money. 

Silicon Valley Aesthetics Has Some of the Rudest Front Desk Staff

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Shelley shared that the location of this medspa is nice but she had a terrible experience here because of the rude and unhelpful front desk staff. She received 2 living social presents for her birthday from this company. She scheduled them and let the medspa know that they were living socials. 

They looked it up and told her that everything was good to go. So, she scheduled an appointment. 

When the appointment was complete and Shelley began to leave the place, they told her that they had a problem finding a living social. Shelley showed Becky the email. However, Becky’s attitude becomes quite snotty. 

She started telling the reviewer that the living social was under a different name in her system. Then, she started forcing Shelley to pay for her appointment. Shelley highlights that the appointment was already paid for. 

The front desk staff made Shelley wait until they resolved the issue. After arguing with Shelley, she never apologized for causing the hassle or for her behavior. Eventually, the front desk staff found Shelley’s living social and everything was fine. However, the front desk staff could have at least apologized for making her wait for so long and for arguing about their own mistake. 

Shelley shares that she was planning to book more services but after seeing the attitude of the front desk staff, she is no longer interested. 

3 Sessions of IPL Treatment Didn’t Yield Any Results, Not Even Side Effects

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Liz bought a Groupon for 3 IPL sessions last year. She shares that the pricing of the IPL was great but it didn’t yield any results. Liz didn’t even experience any side effects like peeling or tenderness after any of the sessions. 

Liz bought a second Groupon after her second session because they had told her that IPL can take 6 sessions to generate any visible results. Liz didn’t read the fine print and had no idea that she couldn’t use the second Groupon. 

She tried to negotiate with the front desk but they did not budge. They told her to get her money back from Groupon which she did. But Groupon gave her Groupon Bucks. She tried to contact Groupon and they said that they couldn’t give a refund. Liz says that she was even willing to pay the merchant fees but no one accepted her offer. 

Later, Liz went to a different dermatologist who told her that IPL wouldn’t work for her facial redness and that she needed VBeam or pulsed dye lasers. 

Silicon Valley Aesthetics Botched Botox Injections and Blamed the Client for the Results

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The reviewer had been coming to Silicon Valley Aesthetics for years. One time, she got a different nurse from who she usually sees and the experience was horrible. However, they rectified the issue. 

This time, the same thing happened. The reviewer saw a different nurse and the experience was horrible. 

She had come in for Botox for her upper lip, forehead, crow’s feet, and bunny lines. After the procedure, her right eyebrow was drooping while the crow’s feet and the bunny lines were the same. 

Also, the injector injected some Botox too much on the side of her forehead which seemed quite odd. 

The reviewer says that she has been in the beauty business since 1984. Also, she has been a salon and spa owner herself and has worked with dermatologists and plastic surgeons. 

In her experience, whenever a client experiences a problem, the medical director calls them immediately. Sometimes, they might even give you their cell phone number to rectify the issue. 

However, that doesn’t happen here. When the reviewer shared her issues, they told her to come in again and offered that a nurse would help her if she needed more Botox. 

The reviewer says that maybe the nurses are part of the problem. After all, she got a drooping eyebrow because the nurse injected her in unusual spots. Such an issue requires the intervention of a doctor. Now, the reviewer understands that Silicon Valley Aesthetics has no regard for its clients. It only cares about how much money it makes. 

According to the reviewer, such behavior is unacceptable for someone who is injecting your face and making major mistakes. 


Later, the reviewer posted an update on her complaint. She highlighted that she had to come back here because the medspa never gave her the number of the medical director or a doctor. 

When she went back, they blamed her 4 times for their mistake. They didn’t apologize and never even tried to fix the drooping brow. Instead, they charged her for the issue. 

She highlights that Medspa sells Botox by the ‘Area’ but when you come back with a problem they caused, they charge you by the unit. 

The reviewer says that Silicon Valley Aesthetics is dangerous and unprofessional. If you experience any problems here, they could care less about the outcome or your satisfaction. 

They had told the reviewer that their office manager would call in a couple of weeks. The reviewer questions why the office manager would call her considering she paid for everything, including their attempt to fix the issue. 

Moreover, the medspa kept blaming her for the issue, which was something unbearable. 

Be wary of medspas that avoid taking any responsibility. For example, 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics is a similar medspa. They gave their client a disfigured face and refused to take any responsibility for their mistake. Such an experience can be extremely traumatizing. 

Here, the reviewer says that you should value your self-esteem and avoid Silicon Valley Aesthetics.

Staff Made the Client Feel Extremely Insecure About Her Looks


Christina had a terrible experience with this medspa. She had pre-purchased products for her lips and Botox during a sale. 

When she came in, the staff didn’t behave professionally. Christina shares that she didn’t feel any hospitality even though she had driven for an hour to get there. The nurse told her that she had purchased the wrong products and that her lips were too small to have one full syringe. 

The nurse made her feel extremely insecure about her face and crushed her hope of getting her desired look. Christina shares that she felt very uncomfortable. Moreover, the staff didn’t give her any advice for future treatment. 

The procedure was cold and uncomfortable. She regrets coming here and says that she will never come back here. Christina suggests avoiding this place. 

Laser Hair Removal Caused Severe Burns, Medspa Didn’t Even Reply to the Client’s Email

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Nat says that she was in utter shock because of the lack of care present in the staff here. She was a regular customer of both locations of Silicon Valley Aesthetics and had been visiting the place for over 6 years. Also, Nat has had a lot of procedures here including Botox, laser hair removal, and Juvederm. 

She says that people shouldn’t book an appointment with anyone but Luba. Nat highlights that Luba is the only staff member here who seems to care and tries to fix others’ mistakes. 

The reviewer went to Medspa a week before posting her complaint. She wanted to get a laser hair removal. Also, she had told the technician that the last medspa had burnt her while performing this procedure. Hence, she wanted the technician to be more careful. 

Despite her warning, the technician used an extremely high setting for the laser. As a result, Nat shares that her entire private area is burnt to a crisp. Because of this, she hasn’t been able to go to work or do a workout. Nat shares that she couldn’t even wear underwear because of the burn. 

It was humiliating and extremely painful. What bothered Nat more was the attitude of the technician. She called Nat and didn’t even try to apologize. Instead, she told Nat to buy triple antibiotic ointment and cotton underwear. 

Nat assumes that her entire private area might have scars now. She is ashamed to let her boyfriend see and is certain that it will take daily long for any scars to heal. Because of this horrible experience, Nat says that she has been crying a lot. She doesn’t know where to go. 

Moreover, the medspa didn’t even offer her any refund or compensation. She shared her issues with Medspa but they didn’t bother to reply. 

Silicon Valley Aesthetics Has Rude Front Desk Staff

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Tien had used most of her sessions but decided to save one laser treatment for when she feels like she needs a touch-up. When she called the place, they told her that she doesn’t have any more sessions left. 

Tien says that sessions usually don’t expire. However, the staff member who answered her call refused to elaborate further. She kept saying that Tien had no more sessions left and didn’t give any explanation as to why it was so. Tien highlights that the staff member was unpleasant to talk to. 

It was so frustrating that Tien simply said thank you and bye. 

Additional Silicon Valley Aesthetics Reviews:

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After reading the above reviews, one thing is clear. Silicon Valley Aesthetics is one of the worst medspas in the region. It has been able to expand to new locations because of its greedy business tactics instead of quality service. 

Many of its clients have received botched results. But the medspa refuses to take any responsibility for its actions. 

Certainly, it would be better for you to find a different medical spa and avoid this one. 

1.8 Total Score
Not Worth Your Time

Silicon Valley Aesthetics is a terrible medspa, according to the tons of complaints it has received. Most complaints are on how the place lacks professionalism and how poorly it treats its clients. Certainly, they are not worth your time.

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  • Poor customer service
  • Botch procedures
  • Don’t take any responsibility
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  1. A new nurse burn my upper lip with laser (in the spot and where she started doing so, she adjusted after I complained) they did nothing about, not refund, not follow up, not even an apology. I had to go to an important event in Hawaii with my upper lip all burned. If theY dont take responsibility for a small complication I don’t trust them for something bigger. I lost the money of other treatment I had pay to do with them

  2. 0.5

    This place performed micro-needling on me, but it was a poor experience because they were incompetent and lacked knowledge of how to treat the problem; the nurse was performing all the steps, which was very disappointing because the doctor should perform this procedure. After the process, I observed some redness and swelling on my face, which was very discouraging. I called their customer service and emailed them, but I still need to receive an appropriate reply.

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  3. 0.5

    They called me on different days but could not confirm my appointment dates. When I inquired about this, the staff gave me various excuses, they didn’t care about the client, and if you’re going to deal with them, you should do so at the appropriate time.
    They recruited to solve the clients’ concerns, yet they seemed uninterested in their work. I will never return to this site.

    + PROS: none
    - CONS: Unprofessional
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  4. 0.5

    I’ve visited too many medical spas, but this was my worst experience; I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. The staff at the front desk was rude, they were so careless, and their service was below average compared to its charges. I felt uneasy during the procedure, and the procedure result was average.

    + PROS: none
    - CONS: careless untrustworthy unpleasant overcharged
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