Silverstream Priory – Sexual Abuse and Controversy

Silverstream Priory is a controversial place. Its founder, Dom Mark Kirby has fled the place after facing numerous allegations of sexually abusing his disciples. 

In 2020, stories came out of different places around the world about Kirby’s strange life, including his homosexual actions and his attempts to look like a holy monk.

He has also told people around the world that Jesus talks to him from the Eucharistic Tabernacle.

Silverstream Priory founder
Dom Mark Kirby

The founder of Silverstream Priory has told many that he was an active homosexual monk.

Furhtermore, he has shared that he participated in homosexual things both inside and outside of monasteries.

One person can remember being there when Kirby told young men that he was “a same-sex-attracted man.”

Almost all of this happened in Canada.

I could give you more information, and I will if you want it.

The Silverstream monk’s complaint has a lot of weight because of how he acted in Canada and other places.

This monk said that Kirby asked him to look under his clothes to see what looked like an insect bite, and then showed the younger monk his private parts.

Men over 35 years old can’t go to Silverstream, which is a very strange rule. Does this have anything to do with Kirby’s own habits?

It’s become clear that Kirby isn’t cut out for monastic life, and he’s definitely not cut out to be a monastic superior who helps young men grow up.

At the time, Bishop of Meath. Tom Dennihan and Brendan Coffey, the Abbot of Glenstal Abbey, Limerick were responsible for overseeing the operations of Silverstream Priory. 

Silverstream Priory monk
Bishop of Meath. Tom Dennihan
Silverstream Priory
Brendan Coffey, the Abbot of Glenstal Abbey, Limerick

Because, Mark Kirby had fled in 2020. However, it seems like this time he has left Silverstream Priory permanently. 

According to sources, Mark Kirby fled with 2 young novices. It is unclear as to why he left with 2 young novices. Because, it would have been better if he went with 2 seasoned monks to assist him. 

Sources indicate that the Silverstream Priory founder has gone to a different Convent where he will say Mass. 

The convent where Dom Kirby is apparently staying

How Dom Kirby Damaged Silverstream Priory:

Even though many victims of Dom Kirby have come forward, the Silverstream Priory fails to see the problems present in Dom Kirby’s life right now.

This is a shame, but it makes sense since Kirby is the founder of Silverstream.

Silverstream is like a “cult” in some ways. Dom Kirby is the founder. Apart from that he also says Jesus talks to him every day from the Tabernacle.

So he was a founder who talked to Jesus Christ every day.

If you fight him, you’re fighting Jesus!

Moreover, it’s common in cults for the founder to have secret sexual relationships with his followers.

On one side, Dom Kirby gives out messages from God. On the other hand, he sexually assaults monks and sometimes lets his genitals pop out. He calls them “whopsey moments.”

Even though he was born in North America, he blames these issues on his Mediterranean background.

Note that Andersen had blown the whistle on Dom Kirby’s sexually abusive lifestyle. He had told the media that there were at least 4 victims. 

Andersen even suspected that Dom Kirby is mentally ill. 


I don’t understand why Dom Kirby took two young men to the Netherlands with him. Especially when he has had “problems” with young men in the past.

If he needed two friends, why couldn’t they have been one or two senior monks or monks who had been practicing for a while?

In Silverstream, it does mean the end of the Kirby era.

However, the rest of the community will have to learn to become true Benedictines. 

Mark’s idea was way different from what it originally meant.

If Silverstream is to keep going, which is a big “if,” several traditional Benedictine monks will have to live there for a while to form and reform.

Silverstream Priory is located in Stamullen Ireland. Their contact number is +353-18-41-7142.

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A Sad Tale

What transpired at Silverstream Priory under Dom Kirby’s leadership is nothing short of heinous. The man has many victims and has been able to avoid facing any kind of legal action.

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