Simon Dalley: Fake PR & lies Exposed the Truth (2023)

Who is Simon Dalley?

Simon Dalley is the founder of established GrowTraffic in the year 2009. He has an experience in marketing with various specializations such as search marketing, digital consulting, finding strategists, and many things in between.

Simon Dalley has helped many businesses all over the UK to grow traffic that usually converts. He is identified as one of the UK’s leading SEO consultants. 

This section mainly covers the claims made by his PR team. So, read this section with a grain of salt.

Simon Dalley lives in Bacup and works between Rossendale, Manchester, and South Yorkshire. Simon has designed a comprehensive range and profundity of knowledge in online marketing for a few years, working in both B2B and B2C organizations. 

Simon Dalley generated GrowTraffic as a freelancer SEO side hustle, he headed up the marketing functions for various notable brands. 

He guided the business and its activities with the help of new series of iterations before Rachel began working for GrowTraffic full-time in 2014. 

Usually, he helped various range of organizations with online marketing features from automotive publications, manufacturers, providers, sports clubs, personal trainers, and management.

What Services Does Simon Dalley Offer?

Simon Dalley usually offers various kinds of services to their customers such as SEO, PPC management, DIY SEO, Copywriting, Web Design, Content Marketing, Social Media management, and many more.

What Are Their Office Timings?

The office timing of GrowTraffic, an organization where Simon Dalley belongs to is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Monday to Saturday. 

How Can I Contact Simon Dalley?

Anyone can easily contact Simon Dalley or his company named GrowTraffic with the help of given information like phone number, email address, locations of their office, etc. 

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Defining Fake PR

The PR team of Simon Dalley is posting fake content on different websites and trying to mislead people with fake information. Simon Dalley did not even know about this fact of fraud. 

When we talk about fake PR, we’re referring to the fraudulent and deceptive practices employed by individuals or agencies who claim to offer professional public relations services. 

These scams typically involve promises of increased visibility, media coverage, and brand reputation enhancement. 

What are the dangers of “fake PR” for those in the financial industry, and why is moral behavior important for establishing trust in the industry?

By using “fake PR,” a dishonest tactic that might harm their credibility and accomplishments, financial professionals run the risk of losing the public’s trust. Their reputation could be harmed and regulatory issues could result from even one incidence of deception. As a result, establishing confidence with clients and potential clients in finance requires ethical behavior and care.

Regardless, upon closer examination, the methods used by these fake PR agencies are often unethical, ineffective, and at times, downright illegal.

Fake PR can take many forms, from fake press releases and bogus social media campaigns to fabricated testimonials and paid-for fake news stories. 

These deceptive tactics not only waste Simon Dalley’s valuable time and resources but can also have severe, long-lasting consequences for its brand’s reputation i.e. GrowTraffic.

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How Fake PR Scams Operate

Fake PR scams have occurred to Simon Dalley by his hired PR agencies and they tend to follow a similar pattern to mislead the people with the fake content posted on different websites. 

Preferably, they’ll target businesses or individuals who are looking for PR assistance, often through cold emails or unsolicited phone calls. 

These initial communications will be filled with promises of impressive results and grandiose claims about their past successes.

Once they’ve piqued the interest of Simon Dalley, the fake PR agency will often ask for an upfront payment, usually a substantial sum, before they begin work on your PR campaign. 

The PR team of Simon Dalley may even provide a well-thought-out PR strategy, which, upon closer inspection, is filled with vague, unquantifiable goals and unclear methodologies.

The fake PR agency will then “go to work” on your campaign, sending out fake press releases, creating fake social media accounts, and even paying for fake news stories to be published. 

The result is a campaign that appears to be gaining traction and visibility, but, in reality, is built on a foundation of lies and deception.

Therefore, Simon Dalley will be left with a damaged reputation, a lighter wallet, and a big PR disaster that needs to clean up.

Warning Signs of a Fake PR Agency

Simon Dalley did not even know about how PR team scammed him and made every person deceitful by posting fake content on various websites.

So, this is the main reason behind understanding how fake PR scams operate, it’s essential to be able to spot the warning signs before becoming a victim. Here are some red flags to look out for when assessing the legitimacy of a PR agency:

Unsolicited contact: 

Simon Dalley has to be more cautious about the PR agencies he hired because its PR team scammed him by posting fake content on the websites. 

However, it’s not unheard of for legitimate agencies to cold-call or cold-email potential clients, it’s a common tactic used by fake PR scammers to find their next victim.

Too-good-to-be-true promises:

If, a PR team of Simon Dalley is making splendid claims about what they can achieve for GrowTraffic, an organization of Simon Dalley. So, it’s essential to take a step back and assess whether their promises are realistic.

Legitimate PR professionals understand that results take time and effort and will only guarantee short-term success or specific media coverage. GrowTraffic and the organization of Simon Dalley are also involved in this type of scam. 

Lack of transparency:

However, a reputable PR team of Simon Dalley will be open and transparent about its methods, strategies, and past work. 

If an agency is unwilling to provide you with case studies, references, or examples of previous campaigns, it’s a significant red flag.

Simon Dalley has to do some research before hiring a genuine PR agency for his brand’s content. 

No online presence: 

A legitimate PR agency will have an online presence, including a website, social media profiles, and potentially even a blog or portfolio of work. 

This fact is more important to keep in mind, after hiring any PR agencies by Simon Dalley. 

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If Simon Dalley is unable to find any evidence of a PR agency’s existence online, it’s a strong indicator that it may not be a legitimate PR agency.

Demands for upfront payment: 

While it’s not uncommon for PR agencies to require a deposit or retainer, be cautious of any agency that demands a large sum of money upfront before providing any tangible results or work.

Alternatives to Fake PR Services

The PR team of Simon Dalley has created fake content and posted it on various websites without knowing the founder of GrowTraffic. 

However, to engage in PR services for GrowTraffic, it’s essential to find a legitimate, professional agency that will deliver real, lasting results. 

Industry-specific PR agencies: Many PR agencies specialize in specific industries or niches, giving them a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within that sector. 

By working with an industry-specific agency, you’ll have access to professionals who know your market inside and out.

Reputable PR agencies with proven track records: Look for PR agencies with a proven track record of success in your industry. 

These agencies will have case studies, testimonials, and references to demonstrate their expertise and the results they’ve achieved for past clients.

Freelance PR consultants: If you’re not ready to commit to a full-scale PR agency, consider hiring a freelance PR consultant with experience in your industry. 

Freelance consultants can provide valuable PR services on a project-by-project basis, allowing you to test the waters before committing to a more extensive PR campaign.

DIY PR: For smaller businesses or those just starting, consider taking a do-it-yourself approach to PR. 

By learning the basics of PR and leveraging your existing network and connections, you can achieve some level of PR success without falling victim to fake PR scams.

Simon Dalley followed an industry-specific PR team to easily understand the transparency of posting any genuine content but he got scammed by its PR team. 

Filtering Sponsored News Articles From Unbiased Media Coverage:

Therefore, most of the time Simon Dalley has noticed content which are praising individuals and businesses. 

Usually, these contents are present in news publications and blogs in dedicated categories or with a specific“label.” 

Although the websites distinguish that content with a dedicated category, they keep it ambiguous enough to ensure a reader wouldn’t notice it. 

The main objective of Simon Dalley is to make the reader think that the content is one of the usual publications of the website and it is genuine. 

Sponsored Content On Talk About Digital is an interview and knowledgebase website. This website claims that Simon Dalley worked in a marketing platform for about two decades and credits his passion for SEO to rats and trucks. 

According to the Talk About Digital website, Simon Dalley worked with almost every major marketing manufacturer, he was the brand manager to help in “We Buy Any Car.”

simon dalley

Yet, it’s not necessary that all people who get interviewed there are thought leaders. Sometimes, people post interviews there to hide their shady past. is quite a popular interview website based on taking interviews of entrepreneurs, celebrities, and social workers. 

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Readly’s website claims that Simon Dalley is one of the successful founders, who founded GRowTraffic. They also asked him many questions such as How did this idea come to you for the company? How did you achieve awareness?

In answer, Simon Dalley replied to one question in such a way that it was the combination of fear of being made redundant and the imminent arrival of my son that made me set up the business in the first place. 

image 682

There have been many instances when the PR team of Simon Dalley has tried to exploit this website. They would post an interview there just so they could bury any news coverage of their misdeeds. is a business news website that also allows PR agencies to post the information and recent content of their clients. 

According to The Mentoring Club website, they have written about Simon Dalley and how he mentors various people. The website also claims that GrowTraffic, an organization of Dalley is a digital marketing agency that currently employs around 12 people who are experts in digital marketing platforms. 

Simon Dalley is the mentor and rolls his sleeves up to get his hands in the dirt when it is required. 

image 680

Sometimes, the people getting interviewed are genuine experts. Regardless, in some illustrations, the main purpose of the interview by its PR team is to hide false content from the people and mislead them. is an interview website with a special focus on entrepreneurs and self-published authors

According to their website, it’s a venture of Billion Success Media. They claim to focus on helping entrepreneurs launch their new businesses. 

Nonetheless, the website, BillionSuccess doesn’t always post interviews with reliable people. Many times, PR agencies would use the website to publish misleading interviews of their clients and make them fool. 

image 684

According to the BillionSuccess website, they have asked many questions, Simon Dalley like How do you plan to grow your business? What online tools and resources you are currently using in your business?

With the help of those interviews, the agencies try to hide the incriminating information available to them. is a business website with a special focus on interviews. This website has gained popularity for hosting interviews with many thought leaders and entrepreneurs. 

Nevertheless, it faces victimization as well.

According to the ViliantCEO website, many questions have been to Simon Dalley in this interview such as Selfmade is a myth, who has been your biggest inspiration? 

image 683

In many cases, fraudulent and scammer PR agencies have been hired to feature their interviews on this popular website. Eventually, Simon Dalley hired a scammer PR agency. Their aim is to bury the news coverage of their crooked activities. 


Simon Dalley is not as steadfast as they market himself to be by his PR team. Their PR team is engaging in shady activities and spreading misinformation about them. Simon Dalley did not know about this scam, He might be a victim of his PR team.

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