Skin Works Medical Spa – Horrendous Results and Lack of Ethics

Skin Works Medical Spa is a notorious medspa which tries to silence its disgruntled clients by forcing them to sign legal documents. The place has received numerous complaints for providing poor service and botching procedures. 

In the following review, you’ll learn about these incidents and find out how this medspa takes advantage of its clients: 

What Skin Works Medical Spa Claims To Be

Skin Works Medical Spa is a medspa based in Torrance, California. Its address is 2573 Pacific Coast Hwy Suite B, Torrance, CA 90505, US and its contact number is 844-759-6757. The instagram handle of this medspa is @skinworksmedspa. 

They offer many services to their clients such as: 

  • Lip fillers
  • Botox
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Double chin and neck fat
  • Ultherapy skin tightening
  • RF microneedling
  • Skin brightening
  • Fractional CO2 laser
  • IPL photofacial treatment

And plenty of others. 

The founders of Skin Works Medical Spa are NP Monique Paster and Dr. Matt Tahisini. They claim to focus on understanding your aesthetic goals and skincare desires which evolve with time. However, these claims lose all of their credibility when you check their reviews online. 

Below are some of the many Skin Works Spa reviews: 

Botched a Procedure, Left Multiple Scars on the Client’s Face and Tried to Silence Her

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Tiffany starts by saying that she is not new to microdermabrasions. She has had this procedure often and she had never received such horrendous results before. 

Tiffany highlights that she had received a brightening facial from Skin Works Medical Spa a day before posting her review. It consisted of a microdermabrasion and a very light chemical peel. However, she adds that the spa left the peel on her skin for no more than 3 minutes. 

When Tiffany got home, she noticed some scratches on her face and indents similar to a light chemical burn. When the esthetician was applying the chemical peel, she had pointed out that the peel would feel stronger than a level 0 – 1 chemical peel because Tiffany had just received a microdermabrasion. However, she expected to feel a stronger peel.

As the esthetician was applying the peel, she asked Tiffany where she felt the stinging the most and Tiffany said that she  felt most on her forehead and her “left cheek”. 

Tiffany highlights that she didn’t think anything of it until she saw the scratches on her face and put it all together. She realized that her skin was broken on the left side which is why the peel felt so intense in that region. When she shared this concern with the clinic, they told her that fine lines are normal. However, Tiffany was confident that the development on her left cheek wasn’t fine lines but scratches. 

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Tiffany shares that she had received a similar service from a different esthetician who did a microdermabrasion and a chemical peel afterwards. That provider had left the chemical peel on her skin for 10-15 minutes and Tiffany didn’t have any negative reaction to that treatment. Moreover, she shares that her skin was flawless afterwards.

Later, she went back to the same esthetician and shared her concerns with her. She told Tfany that the provider at Skin Works Medical Spa was heavy handed and used too much pressure during microdermabrasion. That’s why she developed scars on her face. 

Tiffany understood that the provider at Skin Works Spa had made a mistake. Hence, she went back and expected them to accept their fault. But that didn’t happen. 

The doctor came in, looked at her skin for about 10 seconds and told her that there was nothing. Tiffany adds that the doctor was completely nonchalant when saying this. Hence, she was triggered. She cried out of frustration because they completely disregarded her. 

Tiffany told the doctor that she only wanted a refund. The doctor told her that a refund is fine and they can do that. However, they demanded that she sign a contract which states she can’t speak about this incident ever again, leave a complaint online and come back here to get any services. 

Then, the doctor left the room and the esthetician came back. She tried to console Tiffany but Tiffany only wanted to leave the place at that point. Later, another man entered the room and tried to talk with her. He offered her a free facial which she declined because she didn’t trust the services of Skin Works Spa any more. 

Furthermore, she adds that people should proceed with caution when considering this place. She wonders if this medspa pays people to stay silent, they most certainly must have offered incentives to those who leave 5-star reviews. 

Hence, many of the 5-star reviews this medspa has might be untrue. It’s possible for some people to leave a positive review on this place to get something in return. 

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Later, they responded to her complaint by saying that the scars on her face were a side effect. However, Tiffany has shared the images of her terrible results on her Yelp review. 



Tiffany updated her review on Yelp because of the rebuttals it has received from Skin Works Medical Spa. She highlights that they never processed her refund because she didn’t sign the contract. 

Also, Yelp didn’t delete her review because she communicated with them and they confirmed that Skin Works was violating their T&Cs by trying to silence Tiffany. 

Furthermore, Tiffany wanted a full refund because she drove for 30 miles to get here. Then, she came back for her next appointment. 

Finally, she adds that the document they gave to her to sign was not a ‘patient-provider’ contract. Instead, it was a settlement-agreement and release’. She would have signed the contract if it only meant that she would never receive their services. However, they also wanted to silence her which was too much to ask. 

Skin Works Medical Spa claimed that Tiffany is a money-hungry consumer. She refutes that by saying that if she really was a money-hungry client, she would have simply signed the contract and stayed silent. 

Also, she gives an update on her scars that they lasted for 2 whole months. In the end of her update, Tiffany points out that the worst thing of this entire ordeal is how Skin Works Medical Spa refuses to accept any of its wrongdoings. 

Here are the images of the contract they had given to Tiffany to sign: 

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Below are the pictures of Tiffany’s results. You can see what a terrible job they had done on her face: 

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Skin Works Medical Spa Botched a Microneedling Procedure, Left the Client with Multiple Blisters

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Kat shares that she made a huge mistake by coming to Skin Works Medical Spa. She received microneedling from them on 30th December of 2021 for treatment of acne scars. 

After the procedure, her face developed blisters. Furthermore, the procedure left severe marks on her face. 

She has shared pictures of her face 7 days after getting the procedure. Kat went for a follow up appointment to see if they can do anything to fix the issue. 

However, none of the staff members including the doctor knew what to do. She paid $250 for a botched procedure and has no idea if it damaged her permanently or not. 

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Below are the pictures the reviewer has shared along with her complaint: 

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jED9CcvWP6U8L9CxU4RAiDTQFFv2Xd1KpsdO2Ju9zr9MIwsDpEeFMX1u4J5idA4c6UkavshF448mh4ah6QNgarpRKFYG3PTSZaV1BwJROFsPYOpjGsMTaj0e9 yoUbBZvtuaigpk

$350 Chemical Peel Left A Huge Burn Mark on the Face, Skin Works Spa Blamed the Client

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Mary shares that she had gone to Skin Works Medical Spa to get treatment for her micro acne marks. They recommended her to get a $350 chemical peel. Mary shares that the procedure seemed well-executed from start to finish. However, the issues started appearing 1 month after the procedure. 

Even though she had followed the post-peel protocol perfectly, she noticed a burn mark under her left eye. Hence, she went in promptly and saw the provider who had performed the procedure. The provider examined the burn quite loosely and didn’t offer any explanation as to why it developed. She only told Mary that she should use sunscreen so the burn doesn’t cause hyperpigmentation. 

A month later, the burn mark was still visible on her face. So, Mary went in for a second examination with the same esthetician. However, this time a physician accompanied her and he examined her while the esthetician took notes on a laptop. 

After the examination, both of the staff members scratched their heads and couldn’t tell her exactly what was wrong. Then, they blamed the “harsh” cleanser and the skincare regiment Mary was using which they had never talked about. 

They concluded the meeting by giving her a sample of their ‘Sente Dermal Repair Cream’. However, their top of the line product didn’t do anything except clog her pores. 

1 month later, Mary scheduled another appointment because she was frustrated with the results of her $350 procedure. She wanted to explore alternative treatment options. The female esthetician called her back but never followed up. 

After this, Mary realized that it was unsafe to get any services from Skin Works Medical Spa. 

9 months later, she has found a different provider who is trying their best to fix this horrendous scar the people at Skin Works Spa left on her face. Her new dermatologist told her that doing a chemical peel was not the suitable method to fix her issue in the first place. 

Mary adds that if someone is suffering from depression, hormonal issues or is a trauma survivor, they shouldn’t come to places like Skin Works Medical Spa. That’s because places like this one prey upon your vulnerability to sell you expensive procedures. 

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Dr. Tahsini Made a False Promise then Started Blaming the Client when She Complained

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Riham shares that she had gone to Skin Works Medical Spa for a consultation. She wanted to get rid of some belly fat. Dr. Tahsini advised her to go with Vanish and RF. He promised her that she would see a 50% improvement and seemed quite confident. So, Riham trusted him and paid $2500 upfront. 

She had 6 sessions of Vanish & RF. The 6 Vanish sessions consisted of a machine which focuses heat on a specific area. She used to spend half an hour, and sometimes more, under it. Dr. Tahsini only performed 2 RF sessions and let his assistants perform the rest of them. 

Riham shares that she received no results from these procedures. There was no change in her appearance. Later, when she came in she waited for more than half an hour. Then, one of the assistants told Rihab that Dr. Tahsini was extremely busy so she should come back in an hour. 

She did but felt as if the doctor was avoiding her. 

Riham returned and the assistant told her again that the doctor was busy. Finally, after waiting for a long while, she saw Dr. Tahsini who reviewed her before and after pictures. He recommended her to try another one of his machines and said that he would lose money this way unless she pays. 

Riham says that she felt horrible after this meeting. He made her feel as if she was asking for charity. Also, Dr. Tahsini didn’t seem to care anything about her results or improvement. She points out that she also had a facial here and it caused inflammation around her eyes. Dr. Tahsini saw her the next day and gave her a medical ointment stick to fix the issue. 


Riham shared an update on her review a few weeks later. Initially she was happy to see Dr. Tahsini had promised to deliver a 50% reduction in her belly fat pouch. 

The clinic claimed that Riham must have not followed a healthy lifestyle. However, she highlights that she exercises regularly and eats healthy so they can’t put the blame on her. 

Furthermore, she highlights that the primary point of her review was how Dr. Tahsini made a false promise and then tried to make her feel guilty to ask for anything else. Skin Works Medical Spa tried to claim that they had given complimentary services to Riham so they would appear more credible. 

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However, Riham highlights that she had paid in full for all sessions. Hence, they didn’t give her anything for free. 

“Skin Works Medical Spa Doesn’t Care About Its Clients”

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Sheena shares that she would give his place 0 stars not 1. She had requested to see Naomi when she made an appointment. When she arrived, they said they had no record of her making an appointment with Naomi. 

So, she got her anti-aging facial from Amy which burned a little. When she woke up the next day, her face started hurting and her skin burned. Furthermore, she developed multiple scabs. 

Later, Sheena contacted the medspa to share her concerns. Naomi picked up the call. Sheena asked her why she didn’t take her appointment and Naomi told her that she had her day off. She didn’t bother to inform Sheena that she wouldn’t be available and had no remorse for what happened to her skin. 

After this experience, Sheena says that she won’t come back to Skin Works Medical Spa. You should be extremely cautious of medspas which don’t care about their clients at all. Medspa California, A Professional Corp is a similar medical spa which has become notorious for botching procedures. 

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skin works medical spa
skin works medical spa
skin works medical spa
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skin works medical spa
skin works medical spa


After going through the above reviews, it’s certain that Skin Works Medical Spa is not a great place. The leadership of this medspa doesn’t care about its clients while the staff has botched numerous procedures.

What’s worse is you can’t trust their positive reviews because they try their best to manipulate their ratings. The place tries to bribe its disgruntled clients and makes them sign contracts to silence them. 

This is unethical and highly unprofessional.

You shouldn’t trust such an establishment. 

2.5 Total Score

Skin Works Medical Spa is an unethical establishment which tries to take advantage of its clients through various measures. It has received complaints for botching procedures and trying to silence its clients from sharing their experiences online.

2.9Expert Score
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  • Botch procedures
  • Unethical busienss tactics
  • Greedy leadership
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    They don’t respect people.

    I was told I would get a procedure but when I arrived, I only got a consultation. They told me to reschedule for another day.

    I haven’t gone back since. Everyone is busy with their own lives. What did they expect? That they can lie to me so I would visit and reschedule? I don’t know about others but I don’t like doing business with anyone who lies.

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  2. 1.5

    Don’t come here for facials!!! They will ruin your face and charge you for it.

    Expect to get ripped off and scammed. Not worth it.

    - CONS: Botch facials
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