SkinSpirit Walnut Creek is a Medspa You Must Avoid

Sheer incompetence, ignoring requests, and overpriced services. These are the most common complaints against SkinSpirit Walnut Creek. This particular location of this medspa chain has attracted a ton of criticism and in the following review, I’ll shed light on the various complaints it has received. 

It would help you understand what’s wrong with this place and whether you should spend your value money and time here:

About SkinSpirit Walnut Creek & What Services They Offer?

SkinSpirit Walnut Creek is a medspa based in Walnut Creek, California. They are located at 1647 N California Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, US and their contact number is 925-952-9200. 

SkinSpirit has been operating in the US since 2003. They claim to be among the largest providers of Botox and dermal fillers in the nation. The place offers various services to its clients including: 

  • Laser hair removal
  • Botox wrinkle reduction
  • Custom facials
  • IPL skin tone correction
  • Endermologie botox massage and cellulite reduction
  • CoolSculpting
  • Ultherapy skin tightening
  • Venus Legacy cellulite reduction

And several others. 

Founded by Dr. M Dean Vistnes, MD, SkinSpirit has enjoyed significant success in the medical spa industry. However, their Walnut Creek location suffers from many shortcomings, resulting in multiple negative experiences for their clients. 

Apart from SkinSpirit Walnut Creek, other notable locations include SkinSpirit Seattle and SkinSpirit Noe Valley. 

Now that you’re a little familiar with this place and what they are all about, here are some of the many SkinSpirit Walnut Creek reviews they are trying to hide from their consumers: 

Toxic Environment: Terrible Treatment of Employees Exposed 

The above review is by an employee. They share that the company promises you the moon and the stars but it sucks the life out of you. According to the reviewer, you’re only as good as your last month’s sales here. They hire talented providers, take the patients who follow those providers and spread them around to others. 

It’s a sad state of affairs. 

Furthermore, there are various personalities to deal with at SkinSpirit Walnut Creek. You must go above and beyond to participate on your own time in social media engagement otherwise they view you as an outcast. 

Also, many aesthetics providers leave. If some stay, they do so out of the fear of losing their clientele or getting blacklisted in the industry. 

The reviewer says that you need thick skin to work at this firm. They add that the place has bad management, many unhappy employees and unrealistic expectations. This might explain why so many SkinSpirit Walnut Creek reviews complain about the quality of service. The staff might be overworked. 

SkinSpirit Walnut Creek Botched a Chemical Peel, Blamed the Patient, Made Racist Remarks

Riddhi had a horrible experience with this medspa. She points out that these people ruined her face and didn’t even take any responsibility for it.

Riddhi had a consultation for skin lightening of hyperpigmentation/acne scars. They recommended a facial with some peel which cost her $235. Following the recommendation, she went through the procedure. 

However, she didn’t get the expected results. It only made things worse. She developed red bumps and increased acne because they hadn’t done the extraction properly. Riddhi texted the provider about this issue but they didn’t take any responsibility for it. 

Instead, they gave a racist response and blamed it on her. She complained about the issue to the front desk and they issued a partial refund. However, Riddhi wonders what she should do about the issue now. She hasn’t faced any acne-related issues for over 6 years now. 

The terrible procedure left her with a serious skin problem. Furthermore, the only thing they could do about this botched procedure was recommend her to see a dermatologist. 

Later, someone from SkinSpirit Walnut Creek responded to her complaint. Riddhi replied by saying that she has now developed a lot of acne and marks because of their mistake. Moreover, she doesn’t want to deal with anyone from this place considering how racist they were before. 

Below are the images the reviewer shared: 

Micro-needling is More Like Microdermabrasion

The above reviewer shares that the microneedling done here seems more like microdermabrasion. They had microneedling at a different place and know that you can adjust the needles to give a more in-depth treatment. However, here, they don’t do anything of that sort. 

The reviewer gave them another chance but the second procedure was still terrible. They don’t recommend going to SkinSpirit Walnut Creek. 

Botched Dermaplane Left the Reviewer with Numerous Pimples

Nazo shares that she is mad about the results this medspa delivered. Her face has flared up with acne ever since she got a dermaplane from SkinSpirit Walnut Creek. 

Now, she doesn’t know what to do and is freaking out. The provider who did her procedure was too rough on her skin, irritating it as a result. Also, she didn’t wear any gloves while performing the procedure. 

The reviewer also questions whether the provider sterilized anything before doing the procedure because she now has pimples all over her face. 

Nazo doesn’t recommend getting a dermaplane at this place. She has shared photos of her results as well: 

“This Place is Overpriced and Under-qualified”

Jennifer says that she had the worst Botox experience at this place. The aesthetician doesn’t have a good grasp of anatomy as she kept asking the reviewer where she wanted her to put the injections. 

Jennifer lived with a heavy, drooping eyebrow for 3 months. Furthermore, they charged her $500 for giving her the minimum dosage. She says that this place is overpriced and underqualified. 

Jennifer doesn’t recommend this place and says that you should only see an MD or a specialist for this kind of work. 

SkinSpirit Walnut Creek Canceled the Appointment Multiple Times Without Giving an Explanation

The reviewer shares that she booked an appointment for fillers & botox with Renae Spera at SkinSpirit Walnut Creek. A month ago, they called her to cancel the appointment and told her that they needed to reschedule. 

The front desk staff booked two separate appointments for botox & filler more than a month in advance. Yesterday, the reviewer received a call saying that she needs to reschedule and her appointment is canceled. Note that this appointment was in November while her previous appointment was in May. She asked why the appointment was canceled.

Renae called the reviewer and said that they rescheduled her because she had canceled her first appointment. The reviewer points out that she did so because she had a flight that day and her doctor recommended her to reschedule. 

Furthermore, SkinSpirit Walnut Creek hadn’t given her any explanation for canceling her appointments before. The reviewer says that she had been going to this place for years but she wouldn’t return. 

SkinSpirit Walnut Creek Doesn’t Offer Any Aftercare Guidelines

The above reviewer gets the vitalize peel at least twice a year. She had a trip coming up and wanted to get the procedure. However, her practitioner recommended delaying the peel because the flight would dehydrate her skin. This may damage her skin instead of helping it. 

So, the reviewer didn’t get the vitalize peel and opted for a facial. However, the provider didn’t have sufficient time for a facial but suggested doing a different peel suitable for the trip.

The reviewer agreed. She highlights that at every medspa she visits, they inform her of each step and stop to ask if she feels any discomfort. Nothing of that sort happened here. 

Unlike SkinSpirit Walnut Creek, practitioners at other places provide you with detailed guidelines on aftercare. Sometimes, you receive a sample-sized kit to facilitate the process. However, they don’t give you any guidelines or kit at this medspa. 

Also, they didn’t provide her with any information on what she should expect for the upcoming few days. They didn’t give her the 15% off they had promised to her as well. 

Don’t Visit SkinSpirit Walnut Creek for Botox Injections!

Edith shares that she paid $450 for uneven and botched eyebrows. She wanted to get Botox because her bachelorette party was coming up. 

Edith points out that she had found cheaper alternatives before but went to SkinSpirit because they are “reputable”. However, the provider she had seen before wasn’t available. Edith says that she made the mistake of thinking everyone at SkinSpirit Walnut Creek knows what they are doing. 

Her provider was 20 minutes late. Then, everything in the exam room felt quite rushed. He asked a few questions on whether she had Botox before or not and started working on the brows immediately. 

Edith points out that he didn’t give her any instructions regarding aftercare. She stopped on her way out and asked if there’s something she should avoid. Then, he told her that she should avoid exercise, red wine and green tea. 

3 days after the treatment, Edith noticed that her left eyebrow was completely frozen while the right brow was moving a little. She shares that a while later, her right eyebrow started freezing as well. 

Edith had seen her cousin’s results and thought she would also get positive results from Botox. But that didn’t happen. 

On day 4, she called the medspa and asked if what she was experiencing was normal. The girl she talked to said that a similar thing happened to her before on day 2 and it fixed once the Botox kicked in. 

However, Edith’s situation didn’t get better. 2 weeks have passed since the procedure. Her left eye is hooded and her eyebrows look furrowed. Edith shares that she has spent a week crying over how terrible she looks. 

Her confidence was extremely low during the bachelorette trip and she didn’t want anyone to take pictures of her. When she wakes up in the morning, she notices her hooded eyes. It’s the worst thing. 

Because of her terrible experience, Edith doesn’t recommend SkinSpirit Walnut Creek. 

Client Wanted Dysport, They Injected Her with Botox

Margaret doesn’t recommend this place to anyone. She came back here in September and had asked for Dysport instead of Botox because Botox loses its effect on her after around 6 weeks. Also, she prefers Dysport because she can notice the difference just after 2 days. 

She has been using Dysport for over 2 years and is quite familiar with it. Margaret points out that she chose to go with SkinSpirit because of their Yelp reviews. However, they used Botox when she had specified she wanted Dysport. 

Botox took more than a week to deliver any visible changes and lasted about 6 weeks. 

When she called to share her concerns, the office manager started arguing with her and said that Dysport takes longer and loses its effect within 6 weeks. However, Margaret points out that in her experience Dysport lasts around 3-4 months and starts showing results in 2 days. 

She wonders if the practitioner intentionally used Botox or made a mistake. Eventually, the manager said that they would get back to her and offer her some service to make up for it. However, it was a very disappointing experience. She says it’s a ripoff with its exorbitant pricing and terrible customer service.

Front Desk Staff at SkinSpirit Walnut Creek Doesn’t Listen to You

Shelby had booked an appointment a few weeks ago to get a same day facial. She drove for an hour and even got a babysitter. When she visited the place, they took her to a room and explained that they don’t have time to do a facial. 

They simply talked to her for 5 minutes. She had specifically asked when booking her appointment if she could please have the facial the same day and they had told her yes. 

Shelby understands that it was an error on the front desk’s part and not the aesthetician. She was very disappointed with her experience. 

Put the Filler in the Wrong Place, Worsened the Situation Instead of Improving it

John shares that he had a terrible experience with this place. He wanted filler on a very specific area of his face but they put the filler in an entirely different location. When he visited the place for a second time for additional filler they worsened the scar instead of fixing it. 

He points out that he paid $700 to SkinSpirit Walnut Creek to get fillers in a place he didn’t want and to worsen a scar he wanted to get fixed. Certainly, he was disappointed with the results. 

A year later, he updated his review to share that the ill-placed filler still looks horrible. It is palpable. On the other hand, the scar looks unnatural and John wonders if it will ever look normal. 

He suggests SkinSpirit Walnut Creek to have a real dermatologist, doctor or plastic surgeon to perform such procedures. This way, their patients wouldn’t have to suffer through the mistakes of their staff. 

Additional SkinSpirit Walnut Creek Reviews You Must Read: 


With so many complaints under their belt, SkinSpirit Walnut Creek doesn’t seem as reliable as it claims to be. The medspa suffers from incompetent staff and careless management. They don’t listen to their clients, ignore their requests, cancel appointments, and fail at communication. 

Certainly, they can improve a lot. However, until they do, it would be best that you look for a different medspa as SkinSpirit Walnut Creek doesn’t seem like a good choice. 

2.8Expert Score
Not worth the risk

SkinSpirit Walnut Creek is the worst possible medspa you can opt for in the region. The place suffers from multiple issues and the upper management seems unfazed. It has received numerous complaints for its poor customer service, botched procedures, and exorbitant pricing.

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