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SkyWay Capital

Update: Skyway Capital/Skyway Group Warning Issued In New Zealand.

Ponzi schemes are very popular these days and Russian scammers have been making a killing running them over the last few years.  One of the most popular is MMM.  It seems to never die and just moves from country to country.  My subscribers have requested that I take a look at the SkyWay Capital Partner Program.  Here is what I have found.

SkyWay Capital Scam Claims

The Marketing plan for partners of SkyWay Capital is the great opportunity to get quick profit as well as build a mutually profitable partner structure.

Why do you need to invest in SkyWay?

1. Profitable allocation of funds. You purchase shares of the Сompany at the discount of up to 500 times of their face value, and when the Company enters the global market, you will obtain capitalization from 1,000% or more.

2. Lifelong dividends. From each project implemented by the Company, you will get a profit corresponding to your number of shares.

SkyWay Capital Reality Exposed in this review

What is SkyWay?

SkyWay is an innovative transport technology of the “second level” and its infrastructure, developed by the Russian engineer Anatoly Eduardovich Unitsky. The essence of the technology is to move “over the ground” high-speed rail car on steel wheels on a prestressed perfectly flat steel track structure, fixed at the ends of the anchor supports. Known as string transport, SkyWay technology has been developed for over 38 years, received a number of government awards and UN grants. A full demonstration of urban passenger and light transport is planned in autumn 2016, high-speed and freight transport – in 2017, the first orders – 2017-2018. – Source

SkyWay Capital is actually FIRST SKYWAY INVEST GROUP LTD. which was incorporated in 2014.

Their registered office address changed from Gable House 239 Regents Park Road Finchley London N3 3LF to Suite 3095 10 Great Russell Street London WC1B 3BQ on 18 May 2017 – Source

This new address is:

Mail Boxes Etc. London – Bloomsbury

10 Great Russell Street



Evgeny Kudryashov is credited as Director of the company.

He was pimping MMM-2011. and later was one of the leaders in Evolution of the Republic of Armenia (ASFN), a break away from MMM. – Source

Here are some of the other investment scams he was promoting in 2013:

MMCIS (up to 12% per month)
Forex-trend (up to 60% per month)
CenterReklama (8% -10% per month)
AForex (from 3% to 40% per month)
Betting-Invest (up to 100% per month)
Macros Capital (20% per month)
Mill Trade (from 7% to 16% per month)

– Source

I don’t know of too many legitimate investments that run their business out of a Mail Boxes Etc. and use Ponzi pimps as their directors.

They claim the company was registered in 2006 as an investment group that can be engaged in the sale of shares. – Source

Since FIRST SKYWAY INVEST GROUP LTD. was incorporated in 2014, that makes it a challenge for it to be registered as an investment group in 2006. I have not seen any proof that FIRST SKYWAY INVEST GROUP LTD. is registered as an investment group in the UK.  Their activities were listed as “other service activities” in their UK paperwork.

They are offering the sale of Pre-IPO shares.

What is so attractive about the SkyWay Capital Company for investors?

  • Any citizen of the world can invest in the company, provided it does not contravene the domestic law of the country in which he resides.
  • Investors can be both individuals and legal entities.
  • Within 1 month each investor automatically becomes a shareholder of the SkyWay group of Companies and his/her data is entered into the unified register of shareholders of the SkyWay group of Companies.
  • The Company’s shares can be issued to minors (under-16s); it is a great way to ensure financial well-being of your children and grandchildren.
  • We provide round the clock support of shareholders, each investor has an individual information Manager, who is always ready to help and give a detailed advice on any questions. The clients may get consultations in three languages: Russian, English and German.

– Source

Bank of Lithuania warning about SkyWay:

The Bank of Lithuania has recently noticed intensified activities of the SkyWay group, encouraging investing in this group’s projects. Our advice is not to be drawn in by the proposals of SkyWay, as this may lead to investors losing their funds.

FSMA warning about SkyWay:

SkyWay Capital, a company apparently registered in Belarus, is offering its shares to Belgian investors. However, it is doing so without having published a prospectus approved by the FSMA. The company in question is therefore not allowed to offer its shares in Belgium.

Moreover, the scheme proposed by SkyWay Capital exhibits the characteristics of a pyramid scheme.

The FSMA therefore advises against responding to any public offers of investment instruments issued by Skyway Capital or persons connected with that company and against transferring money to any account number it might mention.

When you check SkyWay’s disclaimers document you find out:

These materials do not constitute a public offer or advertisement of stocks in the Russian Federation and may not otherwise be publicly distributed in Russia. The stocks have not been and will not be registered in Russia and are not intended for “placement” or “public circulation” in Russia.

Their materials do not constitute a public offer or advertisement of stocks and may not otherwise be publicly distributed in Russia, Australia, Canada, Japan, and the United States. – Source

I find it very interesting that they are not offering stocks in Russia to promote a Russian project. 

Address for SkyWay 115054, Moscow, Shchipok st., 22, bldg 1 – Source

Problems With SkyWay

In 2014 a SkyWay project was planned by a Belarus company in Lithuania but it was cancelled within months due to suspected financial fraud.

Although the string technology found its way to many countries in the past few years, no project with “skyway” in the company name took off anywhere. Companies such as Euroasian Rail Skyway System, American Rail Skyway System, African Rail Skyway System, Australian and Oceanic Rail Skyway System registered in various parts of the world got dissolved over the past two years.

According to the website of Skyway Technologies, the company will use an elevated route technology called ‘string transport’. It says the company is in talks with Australia and Turkey, apart from India, but does not list any operational projects.

Experts said that an earlier prototype of the same technology was tested in Russia but the project was dropped after an assessment by the State Railways University in Moscow in 2008 found that the project was “not viable and unsafe”.

– Source

“Very soon we will get the first profit, which will be a deserved reward for the efforts of those who worked to create the technology and the belief in the project of those who became its investors.” – Source

You can buy in at various levels in the SkyWay Capital Partner Program:

1. Partner
2. Consultant $100
3. Leader $200
4. Master $2,000
5. Expert $5,000
6. Top Expert $10,000

The Partner Program pays up to 24 levels deep and you have to pay more and recruit more to increase your level in the program.

In my opinion, this is nothing but a recruiting scam. They use valueless shares in a Pre-IPO company to sucker you into a recruiting scam.

SEC warning about Pre-IPO sellers:

Before you even think about investing in any pre-IPO opportunity, be sure to do your homework.

Remember: the people and companies that promote fraudulent Pre-IPO offerings often use impressive-looking websites, bulletin board postings, and e-mail spam to exploit investors who scour the Internet looking for e-businesses in which to invest. To lure you in, they make unfounded comparisons between their company and other established, successful Internet companies. But these and other claims that sound so believable at first often turn out to be false or misleading.

Always be skeptical when considering any offer you hear about through the Internet.

The Identity and Disciplinary History of the Promoter – How did you find out about the offering? If you heard about it from a stranger or saw a general advertisement, exercise extreme caution. Unscrupulous promoters typically try to lure in as many unwitting investors as possible to maximize their returns. Be sure to check out the disciplinary history of any promoters with your state securities regulator.

Information on the Company – What are its products and services? Who are its customers? Does it have the physical plant, contracts, or inventory it claims to have? Are audited financials available? If so, ask for copies and review them carefully. We’ve seen over the years that the most successful frauds typically start out with plausible lies. That’s why you should always independently verify claims about any company in which you plan to invest.

The Company May Never Go Public – In a growing number of cases, fraudsters have focused on the predicted value and imminence of an alleged IPO to lure—and pressure—investors. But don’t be taken in by such false promises. While some IPOs yield double- and even triple-digit returns, many others don’t or quickly fall back to levels far below the IPO price. In any event, the fact remains that the company may never go public. And if that’s the case, you may never recoup your investment.


The minimum amount of investment is $15.


They have no products for you to sell.

Compensation Plan

The Partner Program pays up to 24 levels deep and you have to pay more and recruit more to increase your level in the plan.

The minimum withdrawal amount from the bonus account is from $ 30.


Please consider the following specific risks of investing in stocks: Loss of Investment. Most businesses initially fail or do not expand as planned, therefore investment in this kind of business can be associated with significant risk. You might lose all or part of your investment. You need to invest only the amount you are willing to lose, and gather a diversified portfolio to spread the risk and increase the likelihood of the total income from the investment of capital. If the business in which you invest, fails, the company will not return your investment. – Source

Neither the Company nor any of its affiliates, advisors and representatives are not responsible for damages (because of negligence or otherwise) connected with losses related to the use of these materials or information provided in them, or connected with them in any other way.

The Company has not registered and does not intend to register any portion of the stocks in the United States.

These materials do not constitute a public offer or advertisement of stocks in the Russian Federation and may not otherwise be publicly distributed in Russia.

Neither may not these materials or any copies thereof be exported or transferred to Australia, Canada, Japan or to persons in Canada or any securities analyst or other person in any of these countries.

– Source

SkyWay Capital Review: Final Conclusion

In my opinion, SkyWay Capital is using a recruiting scam to take people’s money.  They use valueless shares in an unprofitable Pre-IPO company to sucker people into this scam. You purchase shares and get a cut of the purchased shares of people you recruit. The director of SkyWay Capital has a long history of promoting scams like MMM. SkyWay Capital is one more of these scams. I don’t know of too many legitimate investments that run their business out of Mail Boxes Etc. and use Ponzi pimps as their directors.  I would not invest my money in the SkyWay Capital scam.

2.6 Total Score

SkyWay Capital is using a recruiting scam to take people’s money. There's no reason to trust this scam. Avoid it!

  • Recruiting Scam
  • Shady Owners
  • Pathetic Payout
  • Immoral
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  1. Company String Technology, and all companies of the group Sky Way are scams, I was connected with this company and they will say that they have plans to lure investors in network marketing, no payment will be is a pyramid scheme, on Russian websites there are many reviews that it is a financial sect, all the positive reviews written by the company’s employees, it’s their job. For each attracted investor, they have 15% of the remuneration. In Minsk has built a test site, but it is not a test, but only as entertainment, this object is developing as a tourist complex, no innovation there, all the money diverted to offshore, all decorated to a family of Anatoly Yunitskiy, wife, children, also they are guided by a Russian criminal group in many countries of Europe banks banned their activities, so they are all attention is paid to foreign investors, in English few reviews, they think that the Arab investors are stupid and don’t read reviews. There are no projects in the Arab Republic, this is just advertising, they want to open an additional collection of money there, since no one in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus believes them anymore. People go to the police to get their money back. The investment agreement states that you are buying a training course in finance, not shares, there are no shares, this is a fraud, scammers have been cheating for many years. Be vigilant. Read reviews on Russian websites. There are many journalists and former employees who write truthful reviews about these scammers. Sky Way Capital this is their internal company that collects money from investors and deceives people.

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