Smith Machine Squat Death Video: Is it Fake ?

A Smith Machine Squat Death video of a woman dying while doing squats with a bench on the Smith machine has gone viral on social media.

Everyone on Earth dies in a way that no one could have planned. A lot of people have died on the job or in the worst-case scenario.

Watch the Smith Machine Squat Death Video to find out what happened to the woman. Mexico Tried 405 Lbs.

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On the other hand, it’s not often that someone dies while doing the activity. A terrifying thing had happened in Mexico.

A young mother from Mexico City died in a gym accident at the end of February 2022. The video of her dying is very popular on social media right now.

Smith Machine Squat Death Video

Watch the video Smith Machine Squat Death

On Twitter and Reddit, the video of a woman who died on Smith Machine in the Mexican city has gone viral.

In the video, the woman died while trying to lift 405 pounds (180 kgs) in front of her daughter.

The weights seemed too heavy for her body, and the smith machine crushed her head, killing her.

Two other gym-goers tried to help the woman get away by lifting the barbell. But it was already too late because the woman had stopped breathing.

The video has been shared all over social media on March 12, 2022. As of now, more than a million people have seen it.

Many people have said since the accident that the woman only had one spotter on the left side.

She couldn’t move the weight forward and get out of the way.

These worst-case scenarios show how important it is to be safe in the gym.

Smith Machine Squat Death Woman’s Name and Identity Revealed

The Mexican gym death victim looked to be between 35 and 40 years old.

She took her daughter to the gym. From the video, it looks like the girl is in her early teens.

The Mexican woman might have just started going to the gym. The thing happened in Mexico City’s Peralvillo, Cuauhtemoc.

Sources say that the woman’s daughter, who was seen wearing the yellow jacket, was very upset when she saw her mother die.

She has been getting help from a therapist. Still, the case is still being looked into in a serious way.

For now, neither the woman nor her daughter’s names have been given.

Therefore, Smith machines, like any weight training equipment, can cause muscle imbalances, weakness, and injury if used incorrectly.

Is it worse than Smith machine?

When done wrong, Smith machines, like any other piece of weight training equipment or exercise, can cause muscle imbalances, weakness, and, most importantly, injury. But if these people used the machine correctly, in the right order, and with the right form, they would see that the smith is a very useful tool.

Her Instagram pictures let her down.

No social media site could be used to find the woman who had died in the Mexican gym.

This is a terrible tragedy, and as the investigation goes on, more details about her will be given.

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