SolidusX Trading Review| All About FCA’s Stringent Action Against the Scam

SolidusX Trading is a major scam. The UK’s financial watchdog, FCA, has taken stringent action against this scam.

Avoid investing with them. Learn more in this detailed SolidusX Trading review.

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SolidusX Trading Review: FCA Takes Action Against Them

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The British regulator FCA has blacklisted the phony brokerage Solidusx as a publicly declared scam; Solidusx is not licensed. In its statement, the authority asserts that Solidusx is not licensed, indicating that it is an unregulated business entity offering illegal trading and investment services. Any caution-related brokers should be avoided at all costs since they are con artists.

Did You Know?

FCA is an independent firm funded by the fees of regulated firms. The main target of FCA is to protect consumers with the help of criminal, civil and regulatory enforced powers.

SolidusX Trading Review – Exposing the Fake Reviews on the Company

The investment firm SolidusX presents itself as a reputable company by employing phony purchased reviews. It makes it easier for them to lure innocent people into traps with false reviews.

By using fake paid reviews, the investment firm SolidusX purports to be a respectable organization. It facilitates their use of deceptive reviews to ensnare innocent people.

Trustpilot discovered it and got rid of them.

26/12/2023 Update
As of now, SolidusX Trading has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.
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A glimpse of some of the Fake Paid Articles by SolidusX Trading Review

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A suspicious SolidusX trading review

SolidusX has posted a paid fake article mentioning that it provides healthy profits on relatively modest investments.

SolidusX spends a lot of money eradicating any genuine unpleasant encounters and preserving its excellent reputation. To appear credible in the eyes of potential clients and defraud them, they also utilize the bogus paid article as a technique.

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SolidusX has endorsed itself as best through its fake paid articles as shown below

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Another suspicious SolidusX Trading review

SolidusX has also paid for fake articles mentioning its staff like Ben Miller as very professional and helpful with the client.

Some more fake paid articles by SolidusX trading review

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Here’s another fake SolidusX trading review
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SoliduxX Trading Review: What Their Actual Reviews Say

The real picture of SolidusX Trading Review has been shown by these reviews by the clients who had an awful experience with SolidusX Trading Review 

  1. One of the “Scam Company”

Thumbs Up says that up until he asked for a withdrawal, everything was going as planned and his account showed he was making significant gains. When he checked his account a week later, it showed a balance of zero but contained $41,000. This was because James Fisher, David Ginsung, and Patrick Laporte made it so challenging for him to withdraw money. He was robbed and had all of his money stolen from him. This company is fraudulent. These people are disgusting. Never exchange money with them. Most of the five-star ratings on this website are fake.

Thumps Up adds up in his review that $41,000 was lost by SolidusX in an excellent investment. He wrote to CEO James Fisher, who acknowledged his mistake but thereafter decided to ignore any correspondence. This is the new FTX organization. No matter how much you claim on your account, nothing will be yours. Stop allowing these thieves to steal your money. There are con men like David Ginseng and Patrick Laporte. This review is truthful; there is no other method to contact SolidusX since they are more interested in defrauding new people than they are in giving back the money they have already taken.

Further, he warns people that SolidusX is a scam.

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  1. “Scammers/Harassment”
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Raj Thanki mentions in his review that since signing up with this company, he now gets 5–10 calls every day from unknown numbers! It is now considered harassment! After reading the reviews, he regrets not having invested in this company. Seems like a group of cowboy con artists! You and your business will now be accused of harassment!

  1. “SolidusX lost my full investment”
solidusx trading review
  1. Mike Pearce mentions in his review that Mike thinks that his investment, which is currently being traded on their alleged trading platform, is far from finished. His so-called trader Patrick Laporte used high-pressure tactics to acquire money and stated that he had a 90% success record. Mike used Wealth Recovery attorneys who were able to demonstrate that his funds had been transferred into a Changehero cryptocurrency account. Why would they behave in such a manner? Mike contacted the police and several other institutions. Be clear of these people at all costs.
  2. “They completely lost my investment,”
solidusx trading review
A negative SolidusX trading review
  1. Paul says that this evaluation is truthful. That goes on because it is true. The statements made by your business and your morals are untrue. Paul doesn’t even think there was a share in the business; they lost it all. When you request a withdrawal, issues arise; they won’t let you withdraw any money. made a full complaint to the puppeteer James Fisher. After waiting ten days, he responds, “Waste of time.” Please stay as far away as you can.

I completely lost my $100,000 pond investment.

solidusx trading review
Another negative SolidusX Trading review
  1. Peter Fisher mentions that with just one trade executed by their trader David Ginsberg, who is now a director, Peter has suffered a huge loss in his whole investment of £100,000 in a matter of hours. They are taught to be extremely polite and to give you the impression that working with them would be profitable.

You are recommended to increase your investments gradually. 7 out of 10 investors suffer financial losses, so beware. Since Solidus X benefits financially whether you win or lose, they are a middleman. If your stock is worth £1000 and you purchase it for £1200, the stock must climb by more than 200 before you break even or make any money at all. When the stock market takes 120 and they take 80, you immediately lose 200.

Movements occur at night in the UK since trades are only made in the USA; if you’re asleep, you won’t know what’s going on. Asking for help or direction won’t get you a quick answer; it will come too late and after the fact. Negative reviews won’t be found because they have methods for getting rid of them. Peter received a virtual payment.

After learning that they couldn’t restart Peter while his review was still in effect, he withdrew it, causing them to lose more money. They have proven to Peter beyond a shadow of a doubt that they cannot make money for you or him and can only ensure themselves money at your expense after losing three investments in only eight months.

Peter republishes his review for everyone after realizing he will never get his money back because they are poor quality. Take care. His life was shattered by them. has been active as of September 2022 and has been utilizing SolidusX since February 2022.

Some other harsh reviews 

solidusx trading review

More SolidusX Trading Reviews:

Alan M writes that 

To make it seem like you are making money, they tamper with your account. The fact that the FCA has already added them to its blacklist provides Alan with adequate proof that they are dishonest. If you believe they have defrauded you, she advises filing a complaint and getting your money back.

solidusx trading review

SolidusX Trading Review Conclusion

Although Solidusx is unregulated, the British regulator FCA has blacklisted the phony brokerage and classed it as a publicly recognized scam. Solidusx is not approved, which practically means that it is an uncontrolled business entity that offers illegal trading and investment services, according to the authority’s declaration. Avoid at all costs any brokers with the word caution in their name as they are con artists.

Investors are advised to check for relevant information about the broker they plan to trade with before deciding whether or not to invest. as opposed to conventional banking authorities, who might not be up to date. If investors use critical thought before interacting with any broker, they are more likely to avoid unnecessary issues and avoid losing money. There is no way to emphasize the fact that it is important to be cautious and use common sense.

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