Dr. Sean Ravaei and Dr. Joseph Naim at Soma Plastics Accused of Infringing Patient Privacy?

Soma Plastics is one of Beverly Hills, California’s innumerable plastic surgery clinics. While it’s not Nazarian Plastic Surgery, this clinic has unique issues. 

For example, the doctors here like to share the private pictures of their clients without their permission. If you ask Dr. Ravaei or Dr. Naim to take down your pictures, they will ignore your request. 

Below is more information on how this clinic is abusing the privacy rights of its clients:

About Soma Plastics: Address, Hours, Contact Details and Team

Dr. Sean Ravaei and Dr. H. Joseph Naim run this clinic together. While Dr. Ravaei graduated from Temple University in Pennsylvania, Dr. Naim received his medical degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.

They offer various cosmetic procedures in this clinic, such as Brazilian Butt Lift, ear surgery, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and several others. 

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to reshape the nose. It is mostly performed to conform to societal beauty standards, but it is also significant for improving breathing.

Breast Augmentation involves breast implants or fat transfer to enhance the appearance. However, it’s a boon for breast cancer patients.

You can call them at 310-807-6802 or visit their website at somaplastics.com. Their address is 8929 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 104, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, US. 

The clinic opens from 8 AM to 6 PM on weekdays and from 8 AM to 4 PM on Fridays. It remains closed on Saturdays but opens on Sundays for three hours between 9 AM and 12 PM. 

Their Instagram handle is @somaplastics. They put considerable focus on their marketing, such as naming their procedures “Breast Implant Removal Beverly Hills” instead of simply “breast implant removal.” That’s because they want people to come to their website when they Google that phrase. 

Similarly, they have an active Instagram account to get more clients. 

While the obvious reason for putting so much effort in marketing is to get more clients. But an additional reason is to bury the various complaints people have posted on this practice. 

Beware of doctors that rely too much on marketing gimmicks for promoting themselves. For example, Dr. Raj Kanodia is another prominent Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon who relies on PR stunts to bury the countless complaints people have posted on him. 

Post Client’s Pictures Without Permission, Don’t Take Them Down When Requested

Soma Plastics review

Brittany shares that this place is very rude and unprofessional. Once they have performed the surgery, they don’t care about you. The place doesn’t care if you don’t like to share your personal pictures online. They will do it anyway. 

Brittany points out that instead of lifting people up from their insecurities, this place puts them down by posting their videos and pictures everywhere. Moreover, when she requested them to take down her pictures, they refused the request. 

Soma Plastics Surgery Care is Terrible, Don’t Care About the Patient’s Pain

Soma Plastics review

This reviewer shares that their experience wasn’t very impressive. First, they point out that the clinic can improve their service significantly. None of the staff members bothered to give the reviewer a blanket when they woke up freezing from surgery. 

At Soma Plastics, the reviewer shares that they don’t provide you with a heated blanket. When the reviewer was getting dressed, it was very difficult because the nurse wouldn’t help them and they couldn’t communicate because they just got up from the surgery. 

Then, the senior nurse left to get a wheelchair and the reviewer had to sit there for 30 minutes while feeling dizziness, pain, and nausea. Moreover, when they lied down because of the discomfort the other nurse made them sit again. They waited for another 30 minutes before the wheelchair arrived. 

Later, they discovered that the nurse who had gone outside to get their wheelchair had already told their ride that it would take them 30 minutes. Then, the staff started rolling out other patients, forgetting about the waiting patient inside who just got up from surgery. 

Doctor Took Plenty of Pictures for an Embarrassing Defect Then Stopped Responding

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This reviewer went to Soma Plastics for a consultation. Their consultation was about a rather embarrassing birth defect. The doctor came in, took many pictures and that’s it. 

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According to the reviewer, he never gave them a call back even though he had promised to. The reviewer wanted to discuss the procedure options but never received a call back. They share that the doctor should be embarrassed of himself for such behavior. 

The reviewer had mentioned in the cons that their appointment was rushed and the staff wasn’t friendly. 

Soma Plastics Review: Conclusion

Getting plastic surgery is a big decision for anyone. It’s a sensitive matter and many people don’t like to share the pictures of their results with others. After all, it’s a personal matter. 

But the doctors at Soma Plastics don’t respect your privacy. They will share your pictures and videos no matter how you feel about it. 

Certainly, this place is unfit for any decent person. 

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Soma Plastics isn't Worth It

The people at Soma Plastics don’t care about you or your interests. It would be better to find a clinic with better doctors and staff. Hence, avoid this place.

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  • Don't care about your privacy
  • Don't take down the patient's pictures if requested
  • Terrible post-op care

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  1. Their main motto is to get more and more clients so that they can earn a profit, making their clients suffer it should not be done, it is found that various firms are making their people suffer.

  2. There are several crimes taking place in the market they were promoting their brand and work using his picture without asking him, this should not be practiced.

  3. Think of the case when some would get to see his picture on some po#n site, S#IT.

  4. My pictures are being shared on the internet and at various posts, which should be firstly asked for and then only be posted on pages of my consent, this doesn’t mean if you are having my picture you will post wherever you will want.

  5. This is something new in the market, Can someone tell me if this is a scam or a gangster thing, there are numerous crimes taking place but this is unique.

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