Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center – Cruel Animal Prison

A recent look around the Southwest finds a CRUEL ANIMAL PRISON in the form of a roadside zoo in a Scottsdale neighborhood backyard.  This one falsely calls itself a “Conservation Center” to “signal its virtue” when its really nothing more than a sickening zoo thats called Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center.

The Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Scottsdale says it is saving animals when it is actually torturing them:  not speaking out against SWCC will encourage other for-profit “backyard zoos” by Arizona residents in rural areas where the zoning and animal rules are lacking.  

Here is a numbered list of OUTRIGHT LIES being propagated by this zoo.  

1) Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center States: “We are a conservation center”  

FALSE:  SWCC is a ZOO according to their official application records from the Game and Fish department:

License Excerpt:

In other words, SWCC is a zoo that calls itself a “conservation center” because that sounds better to some people who don’t know any better.  

In fact, the owner of the ZOO, Linda Searles seems uneducated about her own facility, and didn’t even know the difference between a zoo and a conservation center during a recent video news interview:

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center animals are kept in small cages on a small 5-acre property in a residential neighborhood in Scottsdale.  If you click on these websites, you will see what REAL and legitimate animal conservation centers IN ARIZONA AND THE SOUTHWEST are supposed to look like:

–a 1,800- acre animal conservation center

–a 400-acre animal conservation center

–a 160 acre animal conservation center

–a 35,000+ acre animal conservation center 

a 2,000 acre, $2.2 million sanctuary is in the works on the arizona-nevada border:

These sanctuaries are huge and in northern AZ (where its higher in elevation and cooler) and are described as “state of the art” — NOT hundreds of wild canines cooped up in small wire cages, with minimal shade in the middle of a residential area, in the hottest part of the Sonoran desert.  

2)  Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center states on its facebook page that it is “one of the largest “sanctuaries” in the Southwestern US.

FALSE:  Linda Searls, the SWCC/zoo owner, actually tells people on her website that  she is one of the “largest animal sanctuary in Southwest!”  The links above obviously say otherwise.  Her tiny backyard is one of the largest animal sanctuaries?  It’s a lie no matter how you try to spin it.  

Website Excerpt:  


WITH HUNDREDS OF NON-NATIVE ANIMALS STUFFED INTO five (5) acres, Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center might be THE SMALLEST SANCTUARY/ ZOOS in AMERICA!  

3)  SWCC says on its homepage that it “does not breed, buy or sell animals:

More lies from Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center….Website Excerpt:

FALSE:Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center has a breeding program:

Website Excerpt:


Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center has a breeding program.   SWCC literally states that they have: “a captive breeding program”  They breed these animals only to keep them in captivity in small crowded cages FOREVER for entertainment for gawking, idiotic tourists who like the idea of imprisoned animals.  

Read for yourself — The Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center even admits it has no intention of releasing healthy animals:  They state on their website that they breed and keep wild animals in cages as theor “permenant home.”  

Website Excerpt:


In other words, Linda Searles at SWCC Scottsdale breeds their wild animals, in cages, only so that they can keep them in captivity for eternity.  After all, releasing their Mexican Grey Wolves into the wild or a real sanctuary would be much healthier for her animals, but bad for Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center’s business, right?  

All of Linda Searles’ Animals at The Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center Scottsdale are closely confined, lack privacy, and have little or no opportunity for mental stimulation or physical exercise.  These conditions often result in abnormal and self-destructive behavior, known as “zoochosis” Which according to recent SWCC visitors, is clearly evident in over half of caged animals at SWCC.  Click on: zoochosis for a sample video of such behavior.  

SWCC purposely solicits and obtains animals from all over the United States — as far as New York — to bring them to a lifetime of imprisonment and captivity in the sweltering summer heat in SMALL CAGES at SWCC and have NO INTENTION of EVER releasing them.

4) SWCC Needs your donations!

FALSESWCC solicits most of its “donations” in the form of cash from thousands of visitors who are duped into visiting the facility, thinking that it is a legitimate “conservation center”

The Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust refers to SWCC Scottsdale as a “renowned, accredited sanctuary.”  

Either Carol Schilling, Kent Agness and Lisa Shover Kackley of the The Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust are a bunch of imbecils, or they were lied to by the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center.  As is clear, SWCC is not a sanctuary; it is a ZOO according to its official application.   Still, the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust still gave $100,000 to this cruel zoo, thinking that they were a legitimate and “conservation center” like the REAL centers (listed in #1 above)

Additionally, My sister’s closet donated also donated well over $100,000 to help fund SWCC cruelty, again thinking that they were giving money to a real and legitimate “conservation center.”  

Its hard to know whether all of that money going to the animals there, or Linda Searles’ million-dollar-plus home on the grounds of SWCC!!  These hundreds of animals are basically being kept in her backyard.  

5) “We educate visitors” at SWCC.  

FALSE: Every zoo on the planet claims to “educate.” The Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center Scottsdale is all about Entertainmentand moneyfor Linda Searles, NOT “Education”

Children and adults don’t need to see imprisoned animals to be “educated” about them.   A young child can tell you more about a dinosaur than an elephant; you don’t need a dinosaur in a cage to learn about them.  Caging wild animals is not acceptable.  Showing caged wild animals to children sends the wrong message about how humans should treat wild animals

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center claims to provide educational opportunities, but most visitors spend only a few minutes looking at each animals display, seeking entertainment by caged wild animals, rather than enlightenment.  The fact is, like SWCC, all zoos on the planet offer “tours” and “education” but, this argument does not justify the imprisonment of the individual animals. They may also argue that spending time with the animals inspires people to protect them, but SWCC’s idea of protecting the animals consists of taking them out of the wild to confine them in cages and pens in life-threatening weather. 

Furthermore, animal advocates would argue that the only lessons taught by the zoo is that we have the right to imprison animals for humans to gawk at.

An Oxford University study based on four decades of observing animals in captivity and in the wild found that animals such as polar bears, lions, tigers, and cheetahs “show the most evidence of stress and/or psychological dysfunction in captivity” and concluded that “the keeping of naturally wide-ranging carnivores should be either fundamentally improved or phased out.”  A survey of the records of 4,500 elephants both in the wild and in captivity found that the median life span for an African elephant in a zoo was 16.9 years, whereas African elephants on a nature preserve died of natural causes at a median age of 56 years. Researchers concluded that “bringing elephants into zoos profoundly impairs their viability.”  I wonder what SWCC Scottsdale and Linda Searles would think of those statistics?  Probably not much….she is too busy adding up all her cash donations from all of suckers who donate to her ZOO, and remodeling her million-plus dollar home on the SWCC grounds.  

6)  “SWCC is proud to be holding facility for the repopulation of the endangered Mexican Wolf population”

FALSE:  This is NOTHING to be proud of. All of SWCC’s zoo enclosures are very small, in a dangerously hot climate and in fact, SWCC may be the smallest ZOO or “conservation center” anywhere in the USA!!!!  

SWCC’s animals’ normal behavior is seldom discussed, much less observed, because their natural needs are rarely met.  Natural hunting and mating behaviors are virtually eliminated by SWCC’s small cages, regulated feeding and forced breeding regimens.  

In the wild, grey wolves and coyotes typically walk between 3 and 12 miles per day and enjoy running up to 35 miles per hour….Its IMPOSSIBLE to do any of that in Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center’s small, cruel cages.  

7) “SWCC is the only large animal sanctuary in the Southwest”

Lies LIES and more lies!! As stated above in Item #1, there are multiple sanctuaries in Arizona with better climates and hundreds — or even thousands — of acres which more closely mimic the natural environment of these animals, and where the animals are kept in huge enclosures, NOT IN SWCC’s SMALL, UN-SHADED CAGES!  

SWCC has also lied, claiming through The Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust that they are the only facility in Arizona “capable of servicing large animals” in effort to cheat the The Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust out of a $100,000 donation.  (See Item #3)

Website Excerpt:


8)We Love animals at SWCC

FALSEIf Linda Searles really loved animals she wouldn’t want them locked in small cages and Linda Searles wouldn’t threatening to euthanize her animals if she was told to move.  She also wouldn’t keep them outdoors 24/7 where the temperatures meet or exceed 110F for most days of the summer.  It all proves that Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center is only in it for the money.  

See proof below of the multiple times SWCC owner Linda Searles has threatened to euthanize her wild animals if she cant have her zoo, in spite of there being larger and better equipped sanctuaries in Arizona:  Better yet, she can JUST FREE THE HEALTHY IMPRISONED WILD ANIMALS!!!!!

Website Excerpt (a):


Website Excerpt (b):

Website Excerpt (c):

Website Excerpt (d):

In other words Linda Searles Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center would rather KILL the hundreds of animals at its facility rather than move them to another wildlife sanctuary in Arizona or another state!  Does that sound like someone who should be in charge of HUNDREDS OF ANIMALS?????

Outrageous!!!  Disgusting and CRIMINAL behavior by Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center and the demented Linda Searles!!!

9) Our animals are well cared for and loved at SWCC

FALSE: With the exception of a very few native species, most animals are SWCC suffer in the inhospitable climate of the Sonoran Desert in SMALL CAGES.  

WOULD YOU leave you dogs outside in Arizona in the burning heat of the summer and the freezing cold of the winter???  SWCC does that with hundreds of animals, day after day, year after year.  

SWCC cages black bears, mountain lions, black bears, deer, jaguar, none of which are native to the desert.  All of these animals and would better be served by one of the other much larger sanctuary facilities in Norther Arizona and the Southwest (See Item #1) where the climate is more suitable and where the cages would, at least, be replaced with proper, larger enclosures.  

In addition to the above animals, despite their name, The Grey Wolves are long-haired animals which are native to the colder climates of “mountainous forests and woodlands” of “Canada and Alaska” not the deserts of Arizona where the temperatures in the summer routinely exceed 100 degrees

Likewise, the many coyotes kept at SWCC are long-haired animals which are accustomed to colder climates, not summers in cages, without shade in scottsdale.

SWCC also keeps ARCTIC WOLVES and ARCTIC FOXES.  Yes…. you read that correctly:  ARCTIC WOLVES and ARCTIC FOXES.  In Arizona.  Outdoors.  24/7.  In the summer.  In small cages.  With minimal shade. 

It is considered animal cruelty to keep your dog outdoors day and night in the freexing cold and in the sweltering summer.  SWCC is doing the same with the hundreds of non-native long haired, bears, mountain lions, wolves and coyotes.  Furthermore, many of these small cages do not even have shade to protect the animals.  See pictures.  

10) We release animals back into the wild once they are healed.

FALSE: Linda Searles keeps hundreds of PERFECLTY HEALTHY animals in her backyard FOR. THE. MONEY!!!  

100% of the animals there could be released immediately or put into larger facilities where the temperature is less extreme, but the money-hungry zoo owner doesn’t care; she just wants these animals for herself so she can charge admission fees and solicit donations to idiot rednecks who like the idea of animals in cages.  


11) Here are some pictures of what SWCC looks like.  Imagine wearing a fur coat in Arizona in July and being forced to live in one of these small outdoor cages 24-7 every day of the year:

Here is a list of businesses and individuals (and their contact information) who financially support this cruel zoo, in case you wish to tell them how you feel about imprisoned wild animals being kept in a life-threatening climate for the purposes of 1) display, 2) entertainment, 4) fundraising and 5) tourism.  

Animal Cruelty Business and Corporate Sponsors:  

1) Dynamite water Holly Bruns and Damon Bruns, Owner/Manager  Address: 46135 N 43RD AVE, NEW RIVER, 85087

2)  RCG technology consultants Jay Robertson, Ron Robertson  Address: 43520 N 16TH ST, NEW RIVER, 85087

3)  California pools and landscape Jeremy smith, President  Address: 1660 S Alma School Rd # 122 85210

4)  Desert inet Jeff Hardesty CEO  Address: 12724 N 99TH PL, SCOTTSDALE, 85260

5)  360 physical therapy Tresha Baldwin  Address:  6308 N CATTLETRACK RD, SCOTTSDALE, 85250  NOTE: Picture in street view is incorrect, but address IS correct

6)  My sister’s closetTHE LARGEST DONOR TO THIS CRUEL ZOO is CEO and Founder of Ann Siner.  Ann “Sinner” refers to herself in her own linkedIn Profile as “a pillar in the community” (see excerpt below).  She loves animals so much that she has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep them imprisoned in cages 24/7/365 in the unimaginable Arizona heat at Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center.  Address:  5730 E JOSHUA TREE LN, PARADISE VALLEY, 85253

7)  My sister’s atticTHE LARGEST DONOR TO THIS CRUEL ZOO is CEO and Founder Ann Siner.  Ann “Sinner” refers to herself in her own linkedIn Profile as “a pillar in the community(see excerpt below).  She loves animals so much that she has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep animals imprisoned in cages 24/7/365 in the unimaginable Arizona heat at Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center.  Address:  6136 N MOCKINGBIRD LN, PARADISE VALLEY, 85253

8)  Aravapia running owned by Jamil Coury and Nick Coury.  Address:  1731 E LAS PALMARITAS DR, PHOENIX, 85020  NOTE: Picture in street view is incorrect, but address IS correct

9)  Tour monkey adventures for women  Liz Moran, Owner  Address: 7914 W CLARENDON AVE, PHOENIX, 85033  (MARYVALE)  NOTE: Picture in street view is incorrect, but address IS correct

10)  The Nina Mason Pulliam Trust THE SECOND LARGEST DONOR TO THIS CRUEL ZOO has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to SWCC.  Nina-Mason Pulliam must be rolling over in her grave at the idiots who are giving away her money to the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center.  


Individual sponsors of cruel animal zoos:  (Members of the Board of the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, according to its website)  

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center paid staff:  

Board of Directors, Chair

Anne Ruddy  Address:  8770 N ARROYA GRANDE DR, PHOENIX, 85028

Vice Chair

Christine Kovach  Address:  9525 N 131ST ST, SCOTTSDALE, 85259  NOTE: Picture in street view is incorrect, but address IS correct


Linda Moore  Address:  8711 E Pinnacle Peak Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85255


Mark Finke  Address:  6255 E ARROYO RD, CAVE CREEK, 85331

Board Members

Damon Bruns  Address:   46135 N 43RD AVE, NEW RIVER, 85087

Mark DiBrito  Address: 4546 E EVERETT DR, PHOENIX, 85032

Paul Diefenderfer  Address:  700 W AZALEA DR, CHANDLER, 85248

Sam Coppersmith  Address:  3138 N 53rd Pl, Phoenix, AZ 85018  NOTE: Picture in street view is incorrect, but address IS correct

Denise Dunning-Ricketts

Stephanie Whitlow  Address:  4364 E SELENA DR, PHOENIX, 85050

Linda Searles owner of Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

“Executive Director/Research” (I wonder what kind of “research” she conducts on these animals?)  Address: 8711 E Pinnacle Peak Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85255

Director of Planning and Development

Mike Nolan

Animal Care

Kim Carr, Animal Care Manager UNLICENSED  Address: 8007 E GRANADA RD, SCOTTSDALE, 85257

Lynne Stone, Animal Care Specialist UNLICENSED

Gray Wirtanen, Animal Care Specialist UNLICENSED  Address: 425 E FILLMORE ST, TEMPE, 85281

Chelsea Lee-Wilkins, Animal Care Specialist UNLICENSED

Hillary Cummens, Animal Care Specialist UNLICENSED  Address:   6018 E DOLOMORA PL, CAVE CREEK, 85331

Clinic Manager/Veterinary Technician

James O’Brien  Address:  13300 E VIA LINDA 1060, SCOTTSDALE, 85259

Veterinary Technician

Khymberly Lewus  Address:  28903 N 205TH DR, WITTMANN, 85361


Robyn Moul, “Education Specialist”   Address: 2521 E RIDGE CREEK RD, PHOENIX, 85024

Jamie Haas, “Education Assistant

Events and Volunteer Coordinator

Robin Wilson  Address:  16420 N THOMPSON PEAK PKWY 2020, SCOTTSDALE, 85260


Ruth Kaplan  Address:  16206 E WINDSTONE TR, SCOTTSDALE, 85262

Kris Wheaton

Marketing Coordinator

Jim Mitchell  Address:  13758 W ELM ST, SURPRISE, 85374

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