SplashPads USA – Terrible Service and Worse Installers: update 2023

SplashPads USA (SplashPadsUSA) is a service provider based in North Salt Lake, Utah. Their office is located at 60 N Cutler Dr #104, North Salt Lake, UT 84054, US and their contact number is 855-433-7237. 

They have received numerous complaints for ruining the backyards of their customers. Apparently, the installers don’t care about the customer and the company doesn’t provide any after-service. 

Before you consider doing business with this company, it would be best to go through the complaints they have received: 

SplashPads USA Gave a Faulty Pad, Ruined the Yard and Never Fix Any Issues

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Julie shares that this is her first ever Google review. She wrote this review because she thought it’s crucial to let other people know about her experience with SplashPads USA. 

Also, Julie says that having this company install her residential pad was one of her worst decisions ever. First, she had an existing water feature in her backyard and she wanted her splash pad to incorporate it. She talked to a guy in SplashPads USA who came out and assessed the yard. Then, he said that they can do it. 

But he called her the next day and demanded a deposit. When she said that she is still shopping prices, he hung up on her. Later, Don called her and sent another guy named Rick. 

Rick told her that they can easily do the design but they cemented the drain into a completely different spot than the one they had discussed. When she spoke to Rick about it, he told her that there’s nothing they can do about it. 

They brushed the concrete so roughly and terribly that whenever Julie’s children use the splash pad, their feet literally bleed. She ended up getting a different company to put a rubber surface over SplashPad USA’s concrete. Hence, she ended up spending a lot more than expected. 

Furthermore, within the first few weeks of using it, her entire backyard flooded twice due to some installation mistakes. Also, they didn’t provide her with any paperwork or manual on maintenance of the pad. 

Julie adds that they left her yard in an unbearable condition. She needs to sod in every area around the pad and they didn’t tell her about it. 

They installed two underground water tanks which Rick said that she must leave exposed in case anything goes wrong. So, she had to get two large plants to cover the unsightly holes and tops of the tanks. 

Additionally, they had told her that she wouldn’t have to do anything to winterize the pad. However, every spring her pad gives her more and more problems. 

Last year, she noticed a problem in the pressure of sprouts and sometimes water wasn’t coming out of them at all. She called SplashPads USA and they promised to send someone. When no one arrived, she scheduled another appointment. Again, no one arrived. 

Furthermore, they didn’t even inform her about it. 

Julie only wants a splash pad that works and SplashPads USA has only disappointed her. She suggests avoiding this company. 

She has shared her review on other platforms as well:

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Don Edwards is Dishonest and Unethical Liar

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Richard says that if Don Edwards has anything to do with a business, run away from it. He shares that Don is the most unethical, cheating, lying and dishonest person to work with. Furthermore, Richard shares that he knows many people who have worked with him and they all say the same thing. 

He points out that Don doesn’t pay his subs what he promises. Also, he doesn’t deliver on his promises. 

Richard has shared his complaint on other platforms as well: 

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Misleading Consumers Through BBB Accreditation:

SplashPads USA has received plenty of complaints for poor installation and terrible service. However, instead of fixing these issues, the company uses more unethical tactics to mislead consumers

The proof of their unethical marketing is their BBB profile: 


They have a BBB accredited profile with an A+ rating. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have an honest and ethical business to get BBB accreditation. You only need to pay a hefty annual fee and BBB will give it to you. 

Yes, a BBB accreditation is just a paid membership of the review platform. However, having a BBB accreditation grants you a lot of control over your BBB page and ensures that you only have an A or A+ rating. 

CNN Money had done an extensive investigation on this matter. They found that scammers facing federal charges had A+ ratings on BBB simply because they had an accredited profile. 

Also, the investigation revealed that businesses were paying upwards of $10,000 per year to maintain their accredited status. 

Having a BBB accredited profile allows shady businesses to deceive gullible consumers by seeming more reliable. Another shady provider who uses this tactic is Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery, a clinic notorious for botching procedures.

What is a Red Flag? 

A red flag serves as a signal or sign that there may be an underlying issue or danger associated with a company’s stock, financial statements, or news reports. These indicators can come in many forms and are often identified by analysts or investors as any notable undesirable trait.

SplashPads USA Review: Conclusion

If you’re looking to install splash pads in your backyard, avoid SplashPads USA. They have received too many complaints for poor installation and service. Chances are, you’ll be disappointed with the results. 

It would be best to find someone else and avoid dealing with SplashPads USA altogether. 

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SplashPads USA is a terrible service provider. The company has received numerous complaints for disregarding its customers and performing terrible installation. Avoid at all costs!

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