Spuds Powell: Is He is Trustworthy?

Deceptive Liars

I have worked with Spuds Powell for quite some time. Contrary to what you’d read on the internet, that man is not a reliable professional. My experience has been horrible. I have noticed that he lies to me during meetings and phone calls which is very suspicious. Although I didn’t think it was important to point it out to him, I realized that I should at least inform others about it.

Obviously, I won’t go into the details of his lies because I don’t want to expose my personal details here. But I have noticed how he tries to mislead me and deceive me. In my opinion, it’s not a good quality of a financial advisor.

A financial advisor should be honest and transparent in his operations instead of being a liar. When I first realized that Spuds lies to me I felt betrayed. It came as a big shock to me because I trusted him as my advisor. Now, I don’t know how much I can trust his financial advice and recommendations. 

It’s the duty of a financial advisor to cater to their client’s needs and focus on what’s best for their client. However, the advisor should do it ethically through honesty. I don’t think anyone would want to work with an advisor who lies most of the time to his clients. Because of the constant lies he has been throwing at me, I’m quite certain that he is a selfish and manipulative person. Due to my recent realizations, I don’t recommend working with Spuds Powell. 

Why I Started Working With Spuds Powell

I started working with Spuds Powell because I had heard a lot of great things about his firm, Kayne Anderson Rudnick. Those people seemed like excellent service providers to me. They are a prestigious firm with a very positive reputation in the area. So, there was no reason for me to doubt their competence and service. Clearly, I made a mistake. I had no idea that Spuds Powell would turn out to be a dangerous man who deceives his clients. On paper, Spuds seems like the perfect financial advisor you can hire. He has been working in the industry for decades and at the time of writing this review, he is the managing director at Kayne Anderson Rudnick. 

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A big reason why I’m writing this review is because when I had started doing research on Spuds Powell, I didn’t find anything like this.No reviews claimed that Spuds misleads and cheats his customers. Such reviews are no longer available, perhaps because his clientele are aware that he is lying to them. This is a defining trait of manipulative individuals.They take care to prevent their victims from even realizing that they are the actual victims.

It is quite disappointing really. Because I had never expected to work with a horrible person when I first started interacting with Kayne Anderson Rudnick, the firm of Spuds Powell. 

I have interacted with many manipulative people in my life and when I started noticing how Spuds tries to manipulate me, I was very disappointed. 

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In my opinion, that man is a compulsive liar. It shocks me how he is able to provide his services even today. 

Why You Shouldn’t Work With Spuds Powell

I don’t recommend working with Spuds Powell because of his manipulative behaviour. In my opinion, many of his other clients don’t even trust that this guy is deceiving them all the time. When I discovered the truth about my financial advisor, I was shocked. And because of my discovery, I felt it was important to inform others about it too.

If you’re a client of Spuds Powell or Kayne Anderson Rudnick, please check if your advisor has been deceiving you in some way. No one should be taken advantage of by their financial advisor. 

Please don’t trust these people. 


Due to Spuds Powell’s manipulative nature, I strongly advise avoiding working with him. My impression is that a sizable portion of his clientele are still unaware of his ongoing dishonest behavior. I couldn’t believe my own realization about the real character of my financial advisor. I therefore felt impelled to inform others of this information.

I strongly advise anyone who is a client of Spuds Powell or Kayne Anderson Rudnick to investigate whether their advisor has lied to them in any way. Any person being taken advantage of by their financial advisor is completely wrong.

In conclusion, I counsel exercising wisdom and caution while interacting with these people. Given the alarming behavior I have seen, it is not wise to put too much trust in them.

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Very Manipulative People

Spuds Powell and his staff are very manipulative people. Their behaviour doesn't seem genuine and I don't believe it's okay for anyone to treat their clients like this. You shouldn't trust these people.

  • Shady behaviour
  • Try to deceive clients
  • Lie to their clients for selfish reasons
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  1. Instances like these are the reason why I don’t trust financial advisors anymore. People have become very lazy and corrupt these days, there’s no stopping it. Thanks for sharing your experience though because if you wouldn’t share such details, no one would get to know the truth behind these advisors. I mean, just look at the level of this guy. It’s saddening to see such incompetence at such high levels. I feel sorry for his clients.

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