StakeMine Review: Is It a Crypto Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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StakeMine makes many claims about its legitimacy but are they true? Find out if you can invest with them in this StakeMine review on Gripeo.
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StakeMine is a Bitcoin MLM company.

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It claims to be run by “Stakemine Solutions in Ore Tokenization,” an impostor firm based in El Salvador.

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Junior Cardoso is said to be the CEO of StakeMine.

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Junior Cardoso, the CEO of StakeMine is not represented apart from their marketing, aside from a freshly established LinkedIn page.

Stakemine's owner

As a result, Cardoso is a strong possibility for Boris’s CEO.

My guess is that somebody in South America might be managing StakeMine.

The web page of StakeMine includes Portuguese…

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Furthermore, it was built with Arbot Defi, a dropping and dragging smart-contract maker tool, implying that whatever administers this company is either careless or ignorant. 

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The internet site of Arbot Defi is also available in Portuguese.

Brazil is the sole nation in South America wherein Portuguese is the national tongue. I’m no specialist, but the person portraying Junior Cardoso has an intonation that matches the ones I’ve heard among Brazilians in the past.

Taking everything shared, I’m betting on StakeMine being managed by administrators in Brazil.

It has 2 well-known webpage domains:

  • – established individually on the seventh of July 2022
  • – registered privately on the last day of August 2022

SimilarWeb records insignificant traffic to StakeMine.TECH address. Latvia (89 percent) & Poland (ten percent) are the top destinations for visitors to StakeMine.APP address.

As always, whether an MLM firm is not honest regarding who runs or controls it, consider twice before enrolling or turning over any of your cash.

What is a Ponzi Scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is a criminal deception investing fraud pledging increased rates of interest with less chance of loss to investors. On the other hand, a Ponzi scam is a deceitful investing fraud that induces retrievals for earlier investors with money carried from later investors.

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The StakeMine Products

StakeMine does not offer any retailable items or services.

Associates can only promote StakeMine associate subscriptions.

Compensation Plan at StakeMine

Associates of StakeMine purchases Bitcoin in USD equally.

This follows up based on the guarantee of an up to ONE PERCENT per day weekday ROI, with a cap of between 200 percent and 300%:

Plan Invest Receive 
Plan 1$80200% ROI 
Plan 2$200200% ROI 
Plan 3$1000300% ROI 
Plan 4$2000300% ROI 
Plan 5$4000 300% ROI 

Always remember that, while genuine cryptocurrency is invested in StakeMine, earnings are received in STMI tokens.

The more expensive the computing agreement you select, the greater the number of STMI tokens you’ll receive.

StakeMine’s MLM component compensates for associate investment hiring:

Affiliate Ranks on StakeMine

StakeMine’s compensation structure includes 9 associate levels.

They are as follows, together with each of their qualifying standards:

Product Recruit Affiliate 
Gold Two Affiliate $10,000
Sapphire Two Gold Ranked Affiliate $40,000
Ruby Two Sapphire Ranked Affiliate $120,000
Emerald Two Ruby Ranked Affiliate $250,000
Diamond Two Emerald Ranked Affiliate $750,000
Blue Diamond Three Diamond Ranked Affiliate $2,000,000
Black Diamond Three Blue Diamond Ranked Affiliate $5,000,000
Crown Diamond Three Black Diamond Ranked Affiliate $20,000,000
Royal Ambassador Three Crown Diamond Ranked Affiliate $50,000,000

Commissions for Recommendation

For every cryptocurrency deposited by individually acquired associates, this MLM company provides an eight percent referral commission.

Recurring Commissions

StakeMine uses a so-called binary incentive system for paying residual fees.

A binary reward system sets a partner at the head of a binary group, which is divided into two distinct areas namely right and left. 

The binary group’s first level has 2 slots. The binary team’s next level is created by dividing the initial pair of slots into two positions per four positions.

As needed, additional levels of the modular teams are constructed, with each successive level containing double as many spots as the prior level.

Members of the binary squad are filled through direct and indirect affiliate acquisition. It should be noted that at present there is no limitation on just how depth the binary group may become.

StakeMine tracks additional investment quantity on each side of the binomial option after every single day.

Affiliate a proportion of additional investments from their stronger dichotomous team alongside each other according to the amount invested:

  • Affiliates in the first plan get a four percent residual compensation rate.
  • Plan Associates in the second level earn a residual commission of six percent.
  • Affiliates in the third level of the strategy earn an eight percent residual commission.
  • Associates in both the fourth and fifth tiers of the strategy earn a residual commission of ten percent.
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Return on Investment

StakeMine uses a unilevel compensation system to pay an ROI Matching.

In a unilevel compensation system, an affiliate is put at the very top of a unilevel group, with each newly hired affiliate positioned right beneath themselves:


If any of the level One associates acquire additional affiliates, they are assigned to the initial affiliate’s unilevel group at level 2.

If any of the level Two members join fresh affiliates, they are promoted to level three and on and so forth for a limitless amount of levels.

StakeMine has a limit of 6 paying unilevel team tiers.

The ROI Matching is calculated as a proportion of the average daily profits given to downline partners at the following stages:

  • Affiliates in Plan 1 get a two percent match on tiers one and two.
  • Affiliates in Plan 2 get a two percent match on levels 1 and 3.
  • Plan Affiliates in the third tier get a two percent matching on tiers one through four.
  • Plan Four tier affiliates are eligible for a two percent match on tiers 1 via 5.
  • Plan Five level affiliates are eligible for a two percent match on tiers 1 and 6.

Bonus for Rank Achievement

StakeMine offers several only once Rank Success Rewards to partners who qualified at Gold or greater:

Qualify to Receive 
Gold $100
Sapphire Apple Watch or $250
Ruby iPhone 14 or $1000
Emerald MacBook or $2000
Diamond Diamond Retreat 
Blue Diamond Rolex Watch 
Black Diamond Audi A5
Crown Diamond Ferrari 
Royal Ambassador Apartment in Dubai

Participating in StakeMine

StakeMine membership as an affiliate is completely free.

To fully participate in the associated potential for earnings, you have to put down at least eighty dollars into cryptocurrency.

Review Conclusion

StakeMine claims that it makes outside money using the manufacture of gemstones including lithium, gold, paraiba tourmaline, emerald, and soon more specific metal ores.

There isn’t any trustworthy proof to back up this assertion.

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Audited books of accounts submitted to securities regulators constitute verifiable proof.

Because StakeMine’s investing without effort choice is a commodity providing, this is an authorized necessity.

It has no verified accounting records & is not registered with any sort of financial institution. This suggests that the company is, at the very least, conducting securities fraud while functioning unlawfully.

Why would StakeMine choose investment fraud & unlawful operations?

Therefore its manufactured videos for marketing are unrelated to income creation. StakeMine is simply recirculating freshly invested cash to repay previous investors.

As with other MLM scams, once associate recruiting is exhausted, fresh capital is going to dry up.

This will strip this company of ROI earnings, leading to a collapse.

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Their escape fraud would probably revolve around its STMI coin.

STMI is a digital currency worth BEP-20. They are able to put up in a matter of moments and for very little money.

It establishes a barrier between genuine deposited cryptocurrencies & its useless in-house coin by handing back profits in STMI.

When StakeMine declared that STMI would be delisted from exchanges open to the public, be on the lookout for withdrawal fraud. StakeMine might also simply vanish, leaving investors with a further useless Ponzi shit token.

Ponzi scams’ logic ensures that whenever they fail, a great deal of those involved lose cash.

StakeMine Review: Is It a Crypto Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)
StakeMine Review: Is It a Crypto Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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