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Stanimir Zhelev

Stanimir Zhelev is a Sexually Frustrated Pedophile

Before you read my story please understand that it was very difficult for me to work on it. I’ve been severely hurt by these instances. I can’t explain how much courage it took me to write this post. However, I believe it is my duty to alert the world about the dangers this guy poses. He is a threat to society.  Stanimir Zhelev runs some kind of online business and is a total narcissist. He doesn’t hesitate in beating women, hurling cuss words at others, and most of all is a pedophile. When I was in a relationship with Stanimir Zhelev, I suffered a lot. The mental and physical torture nearly crippled me for life. I could’ve died. 

Stanimir Zhelev

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But thanks to my sister, I was able to escape that hellhole. She had urged me to press charges against Stanimir, but I didn’t do anything because I didn’t want any drama. 

Moreover, I didn’t want to go over this phase of my life all over again. I knew how authorities treat the victims of such cases, especially in a country like Bulgaria. 

I used to be in a relationship with Stanimir Zhelev and my experience was horrific. He is a toxic man with no sense of humanity left in him. I can’t even believe that I used to be in love with him.

What distinguishes sexual assault from sexual harassment? What about improper sexual behavior?

Sexual harassment, which is generally considered a civil infraction but isn’t necessarily, is when unwanted sexual conduct creates a hostile environment. Sexual assault is a crime that involves non-consensual sexual touch or penetration. The word “sexual misconduct” is used broadly to refer to a range of sexual actions, and the definition might vary based on the situation and the applicable rules, including harassment.

When we first met, he seemed like a charming man. I thought he was my ‘one’. He used to act like a good guy all the time but I could’ve never imagined then, that he was a demented guy. I’m telling you, the initial phase of our relationship seemed too good to be true. I think the biggest mistake I made was to move in with him. If I hadn’t made that mistake, I would have never suffered this much in my life. 

One day, he proposed that I should move in with him and gave me a few days to think about this offer.

At that time, I was blinded by his fake smiles. 

I never would’ve thought that all of this ‘good guy’ and ‘gentleman’ behavior was just to trap me into a toxic relationship with him. Anyway, I agreed to move in with him after a couple of days.

When I moved in with him, I noticed that he was very secretive about his work. He would never let me touch his PC. In fact, I wasn’t even allowed to enter the same room. 

The first incident where he showed his true colors was when I forgot to buy something from the shop. He would always make me do all the chores. From cleaning the house to doing the dishes and the laundry, I was doing everything in that house. All he did was go into his room for some hours. 

That day, he yelled a lot. He called me a stupid wh*re and slapped me. I couldn’t believe what had happened. I had never seen him behave this way. 

Then he said some more cuss words and went into his room. I cried the whole night.

I was in so much shock that I couldn’t even call someone. After that incident, everything changed.

He never apologized for this act. Instead, he started treating me like trash and would order me around like I was his maid. 

For some reason, I thought that it was just a phase and that he must’ve been going through stress and that it would all pass. Now that I think of it, I’m also a culprit for staying with that monster. If I would have left him that day, I wouldn’t have needed to face his monstrosity further.

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The worst thing happened when I checked his computer one day. I had gone into his room to do some cleaning and noticed that Stanimir had left his PC on. 

Obviously, I got curious. But when I checked that PC, I was horrified. There was a lot of p*rn on his computer. Not only that, but most of that p*rn was underage. There were kids!!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. all this time, I was living with a pedophile under the same roof. Still, I don’t know if that was the worst thing of that day or not. Because that night, the worst was yet to happen. Here I was, thinking that my boyfriend was working on some project or running a business while he was just watching child pornography all the time!

I wanted to confront that monster so after dinner that day, I asked him about what he does on his PC. At first, he ignored the question but when I didn’t budge, he realized that I had discovered his secret. 

I asked him how long he had been watching child p*rn. But he lashed out at me again. Instead of answering my question, he started saying “So you were messing with my computer”. 

Then he got up from the dinner table and went into the bedroom all the time while saying ‘You need to learn something’. I had seen that look in his eyes before and I froze. At that time, I knew he was going to beat me but either I did not want to believe it or I was too afraid to do anything about it. I don’t remember or understand why I couldn’t do anything then. 

When Stanimir returned from the room, he had a belt in his hand. After that, I don’t need to explain anything. He beat me for hours. Then he proceeded to r*pe me even when I kept yelling “NO, PLEASE NO”. It had no effect on him. I tried to push him away, kick him, punch him, but he didn’t budge.

I still have scars from that day, both emotional and physical. To be honest, I felt like I had died. I couldn’t move or do anything. For days, I thought of killing myself. 

I felt really liberated when I finally left that monster. It has been some time since all of this happened but I didn’t want to sit there and do nothing. I hope this write-up will help others to stay wary of Stanimir Zhelev. 

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Stanimir Zhelev is a monster!! I hope my experience will open some people's eyes.

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