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Steve Lowisz

Steve Lowisz has been reported as a manipulative swindler. It's advised to stay away from him. Review him here on Gripeo.
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The world is changing, and technology is advancing to greater heights. As things change, people have come up with new strategies to get money without sweating. Some people use scam, fraud, and robbery without violence. Every single morning a new speaker evolves from nowhere, but their motives are to make money. This is a significant effect on those speakers who know their work as it is a way to tarnish the ‘speaker’ title. Among those false speakers who came from nowhere and is ever after money is Mr. Steve Lowisz. He lacks the skills and the information that one requires to qualify as a keynote speaker.

He should pack his bags and leave for his home to enjoy his old retirement. Since Mark is a greedy person, he walks up and down despite his age to chase after money. If I am to organize an event in the future, I will not consider hiring him as a speaker even if he offers to offer the services free of charge. I will prefer to hire someone else.

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Steve Lowisz is a narcissist who believes that he is better than others. His egocentric nature makes him criticize other people’s efforts as he considers himself the know-it-all guy. He will go to the extent of creating open criticism, even on social media. He will try to show people how other speakers are useless, and what they post is nothing but crap. When a person fails to get the attention that he or she requires, they start unnecessary dramas here and there. They will hate those who are loved by people by ruining their names. At the back of the haters’ mind, they think that once the loved ones are hated, people might reciprocate the love to then. That is an idiotic move. 

Everyone nowadays is on different social media platforms to search for the latest trends. From Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, among others. People use lots of bundles to research on the current trend in social media. I know you are wondering why people opt to research on the media rather than to get a speaker. The answer is, social media is cheaper than the speakers. These people who call themselves speakers, the likes of Steve Lowisz, will ask for a substantial amount of money for their services. At times the fortune they will ask for will not match the services that they offer. 

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Steve Lowisz is a jealous person who does not even appreciate other people’s efforts. His jealousy is apparent when he decided to openly discuss an article that has the title “Hottest Trends in Recruiting.” The material is uploaded to educate people and inform them about the new trends when it comes to recruiting employees. Mr. Steve is the jealous type, as evident in one of his articles, which he wrote on August 9, 2013. He writes that the content on the “Hottest Trend in Recruiting” is of no great value to the community. This criticizing like killing the spirit of the upcoming writers. I beg to differ from his view because he does not seek the opinions of other readers. If the article is not essential to him, I know it helps somebody else somewhere. As a speaker, Steve should not use his time writing articles to condemn others; instead, he should act as a mentor. He should help in leading the lost to trace the right path. Those people whose posts he is condemning would take his position when he is no more in this world.

If you google Mr. Steve Lowisz, you will be astonished by the way he showers himself with praises. That should never fool you because you will not find a single post from someone else recommending Steve as a great speaker. To add more emphasis that Steve is not a keynote speaker, check the number of people that follow him, comment, or like his posts. You will be shocked because the number is close to none. It is not logical for someone who claims to be a keynote speaker to have.

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Who is Steve Lowisz

Steve Lowisz was born in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. He went to Crestwood High School (1984-1988). He then went to Lawrence University to study Architecture. Steve became a keynote speaker on July 27, 1999. Currently, he lives in Northville, Michigan. Steve Lowisz is a sixty-five-year-old man who lives alone after the demise of his wife. He is already a retired older man. Steve has had experience in business after practicing for over two decades. His expertise shows Steve is useful in business, and I would recommend him to go back to where he belongs and stop acting like a speaker.

Additionally, Steve Lowisz is the chief executive officer of a firm that was founded in 1999. The firm is called Qualigence International, which is a recruitment research firm. This firm should be closed because it does not benefit people. He is now referred to as a keynote speaker. 

His Books

Books by Steve Lowisz

Steve Lowisz refers to himself as the bestselling author. That sounds comical because he only wrote a temporarily unavailable book. Just to point out, the title is a little insulting because the word ‘sucks’ is meant to refer to people. Mark decided to write a book, and he gave it the title ‘Recruiting Sucks… But It Doesn’t Have To…” This book should not be recommended to anyone because it will be a waste of money.

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As a matter of fact, the book should be banned from ever being sold by any book shop. In this book, Steve advises employees to change their ways of recruiting people. But wait a minute! Is there a perfect person who will never make a mistake? All of us learn through those mistakes, and as a result, we become better as we grow each day. After thorough research, I have discovered that people are becoming literate as they are no longer interested in buying such books. You cannot dictate someone’s life by giving him dos and don’ts. Steve is only after making more money instead of helping the people who need his services.

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Steve, despite him giving the book a very catching title, no one is interested in his books. The essential reason being, people have learned his fox tricks. At long last, Steve removed his book from the social media platforms as it had zero reviews. This act is a clear indicator that he has nothing important left in his head. You cannot wake up one morning and start showing people that something they have been using for decades is not good. People will sit back, listen to your tales, and by the minute you are through, no one will pay attention to you anymore. People have used LinkedIn for years. Job vacancies are posted there, and this makes it easier for employers to get connected with career and business professionals.

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LinkedIn is an excellent platform as it saves time and energy that would be wasted when conducting a one on one interview. Mr. Steve Lowisz despises LinkedIn with so much hatred. Steve is nothing but a bitter man who throws his anger at nearly everything good for the people. Those who have read the book “Recruiting Sucks” end up being angry because the book has nothing useful to the recruiters and those who want to know more about recruiting. 

Steve Lowisz is a selfish man

After Steves’ better half dies, he receives a call to invest in a particular scheme. Due to his selfish nature, he does not share this even with his close friends because he wants to benefit alone. If he could not share search life-changing opportunities that he thinks would be of benefit to others, why do you think he has changed. Preferably he still holds many important details for himself. He invested a large amount of money but ended up losing it. After a follow-up, he came to realize that it was a scam.

After this scam encounter, I believe he decides to become a speaker because he has ill motives to regain his lost money. Steve will ever wear a smiling face to mask his evil plans. Those who will be deceived by his smiles will end up falling for his traps. They will be left regretting.

Steve Lowisz does not qualify to stand a position of a speaker. The reason why I say so, instead of him wasting his time criticizing other people’s posts and articles, he should make up his own “beneficial article.” As a speaker, that he would proudly claim to be in front of a multitude, he should get brave and write his articles. If he has nothing important to tell, people to let him sleep instead of writing articles that waste people’s time and bundles.

My Steve Lowisz Review

Steve Lowisz Scammed Me

Some few years back, I was lucky to secure a job in one of the best companies in Michigan. The company was under potent management. It made profits that would cater for everything. A time came when the director had to retire. Despite him being an excellent director and a go-getter, he had to retire. It was not long before a new director was employed, but things started changing. After working for a duration of close to two years, our company began to crumble down. The new director started to look for ways to save his company. Coincidentally Mr. Mark Lowisz was advertising a conference that would help companies and big firms with strategies to achieve their goals.


Our director thought that it would be wise if he spent his last amount of money to ‘save’ his dying company. All the employees were informed that they all needed to attend the conference. All of us expected to see drastic changes in the company after attending the conference. We expected that our company would move from being useful to being the best as it was in the past years. We saw a good ending for the company.

The conference day

When the day came, we were very punctual as the director could not tolerate any mistakes. We matched in the conference hall with our tools (notebooks and pens) ready to kick off the day. The conference hall was packed to the maximum. People had traveled from different parts of Michigan, and others came from abroad. We sat quietly among other employees from various destinations. When Mr. Steve Lowisz entered the hall, we applauded him because he was the only hope of saving our dying company. Mark could not hide his joy as he knew had he had already made millions of dollars. He would be dancing towards the bank the following day.

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Steve gave us a lecture for close to ten hours as we jotted down all the crucial points. By the time he was finishing, we were all smiling from ear to ear. In our minds, the future seemed brighter than we expected. We had the strategies and what remained were us implementing them. On returning to our company, the director took the next course of action; he formulated new rules and regulations. Those rules were to govern the company until we reached the company’s success goal. Till today the director regrets wasting his money on Steve Lowisz.

The mighty downfall

After a month of running up and down in the company, some people got tired. Some of the employees decided to quit their jobs as the rules were unbearable. Things graduated from worse to worst. A panel was now conducting interviews. These interviews used lots of money to be undertaken. The image that we once had of a bright future faded away. In a week, the company was closed down, and we had to go back home jobless. The company is no more and what remains is the name of the great company that once existed.

I know you are wondering what made the company collapse, yet we had the best strategies at hand. The policy sounded pleasing to the ear but could not be implemented because, when applied, they brought more damages than the success expected. Mr. Steve Lowisz can quickly get into your pocket by use of sweet and enticing words that are empty in the real sense. 

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Mr. Steve Lowisz can quickly get into your pocket by use of sweet and enticing words that are empty in the real sense. Steve Lowisz does not qualify to stand a position of a speaker. The reason why I say so, instead of him wasting his time criticizing other people’s posts and articles, he should make up his own “beneficial article.” As a speaker, that he would proudly claim to be in front of a multitude, he should get brave and write his articles. If he has nothing important to tell, people to let him sleep instead of writing articles that waste people’s time and bundles.

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