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It is more convincing and credible when random people who got attracted to a book without being pre-informed purchase it, read the book, and tell you about it. Then you will know it is what the book says it does; it does, not an unnecessary hype by the author or his friends in a bid to sell it.

That way, they are in it for your pocket and not what the book actually will do for you. When that is the situation, you should not consider the author in this instance Steve Olsher, the man he claims to be and what Wikipedia has about him.

Unfortunately, Wikipedia does not have anything about him. Then I guess Steve Olsher is a nobody and only gain prominence by hyping himself using the best tactics ever: playing into your emotions and using the “finding purpose in life” as the tool.

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Every person definitely wants to know what they are in this life for. Steve employs this instance when you want to make a kid stop being mad at you, you let him watch cartoons for the whole day and keep reminding him you allowed him that luxury, so he will be grateful to you. This is what Steve does through his books giving you what you want when on a second look, he is not giving you anything at all. Steve is simply promoting his image and making a whole lot of money that way. First, let’s get to know who this Steve Olsher is.

What Does He Do

Who is Steve Olsher

Steve Olsher, born on November 25, 1969, is regarded as the world’s first reinvention expert. He is famous for helping individuals and companies out there realize their WHAT(I don’t see how. Yet another unnecessary hype and promotional strategy put together).

Olsher is the founder of and serves as its Chairman. He is also considered as an online pioneer, launching on CompuServe’s Electronic Mall in the year 1993. He published the book What is your WHAT, which is regarded as a New York bestseller (mind you I got this from the book website, not some other source. Websites built for books are usually managed by either the author or the publishing team. So yeah, undermines the credibility of being a best seller.).

He is also the author of Self-Help Book of the Year, Journey To You: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Who You Were Born to Be; Internet Prophets: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Profit Online. Again both these books have less convincing reviews to prove that all that the title indicates is not honest.

Amazon writes that he is America’s Reinvention Expert. Steve had worked as a DJ before in a nightclub, owned his nightclub with an alcohol-free environment at the age of 20, founded Bold Development, a boutique in Chicago, founded both the Reinvention Workshop and the Reinvention Radio. No doubt, all these accreditation and experience make him feel as though he is in the right position to motivate people to find their WHAT, whatever he means by that.

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Now let get to know about this book. What is your WHAT, and what exactly makes it so unique with all the promotion it gets.

What is your WHAT?

The Book

1 5

The book is divided into four parts. The different parts each focuses on helping people discover a life of purpose, believing in that purpose, and making something out of it by identifying and establishing an action plan for bringing that one purpose to fruition.

The book provides a step by step guide towards achieving this.

Now all this might look really interesting, but there are several books out there that says the same thing.

I have gone through “What is Your WHAT?” and I can tell you there is nothing unique or peculiar about it. What you will read is something you can find in another book. It is merely some idea that you can figure out on your own. Something that you do not need a person with the same brain capacity as yours to tell you and worst, make you pay for it.

On Amazon, you could get the hardcover for  $16.72 and $27. 98 from Walmart. You could get other books for less of that and save your money because I tell you money is precious.

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For instance, can get Find Your Thing: How to Discover What You Do Best and Get Known for It by Lucy Whittington for approximately $6 less for the price of that of the Olsher’s book on Amazon with less hype and more credible reviews than the ones of Steve Olsher that looks like it was written from a textbook. Who writes reviews like that?

Platforms that sell his books like on Amazon and Walmart always have the highest stars in reviews. Not saying the sites are fake, but does that not bother you into simply purchasing one of the books just because someone on Amazon says it is excellent.

You should not buy a book when the author tells you how great the book is. You neither should buy it also when a platform selling the book shows you how great it is.

On goodreads, it has 3.61/5. Now this feels realistic and downright honest enough for me to go for it and for you also to join me. This, compared to a site where there are commissions for each purchase like on Amazon with a 4.7/5 rating.

Funny that some of the reviews I read on the books are mostly from other authors. There are 30 reviews in the book, 16 from Authors that I don’t think took the time to even read the text. Most praised the author and didn’t give any tangible information in what the book was all about. Another thing that boggles my mind is how the reviews on the book are the same on Amazon. Steve, really, how badly do you need to sell the book?

The fact that Amazon is crowded with so many positive reviews that all look somewhat extraordinary, doesn’t this make you wonder? Well, it did enough for me to check out the negative reviews.

The negative reviews were written without any floss compared to the positive ones. I read loads of them and found out it dishes more on the book than the positive reviews that praise a book without telling you exactly why it is giving such praises in the first place. Here is what I came up with.

2 5

And unlike some, some people out there are honest, and I like honest people because they always tell you the truth even if you do not like it. The truth is still the truth, and you can never change that.

Like me, someone also was bothered about the lots of positive reviews that came out all at once less ten days after it was published.

3 5

Right. Someone agrees with me on the hype the book also has.

4 1

All these seem more realistic than positive reviews. It feels like someone who had really read the book and wrote a review without no one giving him the nudge to rate the book five stars.

For it not to seem as though I have an agenda against Steve Olsher, I checked out the rest of the books that he has previously published before what is your WHAT?.

I looked up some reviews, both positive and negative on the book Internet Prophets: The World Leading Experts Reveal How to Profit Online, which got an overall rating of 4.6/5 on Amazon. I went through the positive comments weighed them in. I got to one of them that wrote “good work.” This offers virtually nothing as to why the book should earn a five-star rating. Almost all the positive comments were not entirely positive reviews of the book if you get what I mean. Most dished on the man himself, why profiting online is essential, and what overall it will do for you. Most did not even bother to reference the book. If someone is telling you something about a book is good, it is right that they give you a hint of what exactly is right about that book and where.

The reviews I read felt as though they have to write something good, whether or not they have read the book. Reviews are meant to give you an idea about that particular book and motivate it into buying it. An analysis of a book is specific, most anyway. These are how you evaluate the genuineness of the comments.

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Reading the positive reviews of The World Leading Experts Reveal How to Profit Online did not feel genuine. I concluded this because when I went through the negative reviews, the comments did not just read ” bad” they wrote the book was terrible and gave instances from the book and their relation to it as to why they considered it bad.

When you weigh in these comments, you can see what I am talking about, and like I am, you would be utterly convinced that these few honest people read the book and told the truth about them. Worst for Steve is that these reviews got nudge down from the top of the reviews until you take your time to search for them.

It is believed that some authors invent reviews, pay for it, and oblige their friends and families to help them rate their books five stars. There is no doubt from the look of most of the positive reviews of Steve Olsher’s book that it was either invented, rattled off by relatives, and most probably paid for.

An author that can do such a thing should not be recognized as a respectable member of society. He should not be credited with changing lives when he does this through manipulation, especially when, in reality, it all for the money.

Personally, and from everything I have checked out, Steve Olsher should not be trusted, he should not be acknowledged as though what he has done as changed many lives, because there is no proof of that we just get words from other authors and words upon words without no one credible enough to come out and say the book truly inspired them and affected their lives.

What makes it all so skeptical is that why is it that only sites that sell the books or other book-related websites are the ones who have these reviews. If these books have precisely done what the positive reviews say it is supposed to do and the author is known for influencing lives with these so-called books, why then do people, most anyway, don’t know about these books. With the rate of positive reviews and high ratings, you would have thought many bloggers would want to feature it to drive traffic to their blogs. It is as though they realize it is a complete waste of time as the reviews would not be genuine. The fact that they do not want to put a dent in their credibility. Steve Olsher’s ingenuity will soil their reputations that precisely is why he does not have that many earned media promoting his books.

We have seen why I am placing a lot of emphasis on Olsher’s reviews. Book reviews tell us much more when you know where to look out for them and how best to analyze them.

I also noticed that there are lots of comments on the book compared to what is out there. As I said, there are  30 full reviews, positive ones in the book. That is too much, especially when you consider the reviews outside that do not feel genuine. This feels as though it is staged, completely exaggerated, and gives off a vibe of being invented or written persuasively.

No reviews on YouTube

I checked on YouTube to see if I could get some more before reading. Zip, nothing. Yeah, right, there is no single review on the book except, wait for it, the videos made by Steve Olsher himself. Now, this should tell you something that the book is not worth much. The fact that the author is going the extra mile into pushing the book into people’s hands says something. People like Stephen King do not need to push their books into your hands, and the content begs you to read more and go for other books by the same author.

Also, none of his books have more than one or two reviews. We are familiar with book review blogs, not the ones that serve as an affiliate, but the blogs that do it to help people like you and me out there make the best decision on what book to buy and why we should buy them. A book like Steve Olsher’s What is Your WHAT? that supposedly do a lot should have more reviews from blogs. However, there are no more than one of two genuine websites, not serving as an affiliate that reviewed the book.

The rest like Amazon and Walmart that I found features so many positive reviews that are well placed to motivate you into purchasing the books, the more commission they earn thus. It called a sales promotion, and sales promotion is the least credible of all promotional strategies.

Most of his promotion is done by him showing you how fewer people care about the whole deal. When you alone do your promoting, it says a lot about the content of the book. It means that no one believes in it as much as you do, and Olsher is stuck trying to promote his books himself or someone else does it to promote another book or a product he or she wants you to buy, not the book itself.

All this should make you think more than twice before purchasing and of Olsher’s book, believing anything about the man himself, or buying any text in the future written or co-authored by him.

Seriously all the hype surrounding the man and everything about him feels so exaggerated that you have to ask yourself what is really Steve Olsher’s WHAT in relation to what he is known for?

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Most of his promotion is done by him showing you how fewer people care about the whole deal. When you alone do your promoting, it says a lot about the content of the book. It means that no one believes in it as much as you do, and Olsher is stuck trying to promote his books himself or someone else does it to promote another book or a product he or she wants you to buy, not the book itself.
All this should make you think more than twice before purchasing and of Olsher’s book, believing anything about the man himself, or buying any text in the future written or co-authored by him.

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