Steve Streit Green Dot: Resigned from the Post of CEO, but why? (Latest Update 2023)

Steve Streit Green Dot founder and CEO served the company for the last twenty years. 

The post of Steve Streit Green Dot as CEO was replaced by the board chairman Willam Jacobs filled the position in the interim. Mark Shifke, who has served as Green Dot’s CFO since 2015, is also departing the company. Streit will continue to work for the company as its chief creative officer and Jacobs’ advisor, according to Green Dot.

In a press release, Steve Streit Green Dot claimed he made a vow to his family and himself that he would leave the company at its 20th anniversary in October. In the same month, he acknowledged that although he had seriously considered retiring, he was still motivated by a desire to please others, whether they be coworkers, business partners, or specific clients.

steve streit green dot
steve streit green dot

He claimed that he would more quickly kill than let down Walmart, Apple, Stash, Uber, or anyone else. This was stated by Steve Streit Green Dot at the Money20/20 convention in Las Vegas. 

Or a Green Dot client who calls him late because they found his phone number online and is upset because something happened to their card which he handled which he did. A certain component of it also has an addictive quality.

What led Steve Streit Green Dot to resign, and why?

The legacy prepaid card company’s share price has dropped 60% since May

Steve Streit Green Dot claimed that the company has developed over two decades, beginning with the sale of its first prepaid debit card at a Rite Aid pharmacy in Loudoun County, Virginia, moving on to the 2009 debut of its mobile banking division, GoBank, and finally to the 2016 discussion of banking-as-a-service. 

Along the way, he further asserted, the business grew to be the largest tax preparer in the United States, changed its legal status to that of a bank in 2011, and established successful business relationships with Walmart and various other organizations

August security filing by Green Dot revealed that sales in Walmart’s stores accounted for almost 35% of its second-quarter revenue this year. In October, the firms extended their agreement over prepaid cards through 2027. Green Dot also introduced TailFin Labs, a fintech accelerator that Walmart will own in its entirety. 

26/12/2023 Update
As of now, Steve Streit Green Dot has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

American Banker reports that since May, The price of shares of Steve Streit Green Dot has fallen by 60%. Additionally, the business stated that it anticipates adjusted profits before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization to be roughly 25% lower in 2020 than what it had anticipated for this year. 

However, Streit has dealt with stock volatility before. In 2016, an activist investor attempted to remove him due to a prior decline in value and intense rivalry from American Express along with other parties. Streit lost the role of board chairman but preserved his job as CEO.

steve streit green dot

How did Steve Streit Green Dot cause the business to run at a loss?

steve streit green dot

A San Francisco hedge fund has asked Green Dot Corp. to remove founder Steve Streit from his position, claiming that the veteran CEO has mishandled the organization, resulting in significant losses over the years.

Harvest Capital issued a message to Green Dot’s board of directors on Monday, saying the Pasadena business needed to hire an even better-experienced CEO to take over Steve Streit Green Dot as well as implement additional adjustments to reverse a sustained drop in the company’s share price.

Harvest Capital stated that Steve Streit Green Dot should be dismissed immediately due to his consistently poor performance, deceptive and inconsistent investor communications, and inability to deliver on shareholder pledges.

Harvest, which owns 6.2% of Green Dot, wants the company to slash costs, replace two board members, and expand lending through its subsidiary Green Dot Bank. The company’s Utah bank has a small loan sheet for a bank of its size and earns minimal money from interest.

Green Dot issued a statement on Monday afternoon stating it would “carefully review” Harvest’s proposals but is “confident in its strategy for growth.” Streit was not accessible for comment from the company.

Performance & overview of Steve Streit Green Dot Company

Experts who monitor Green Dot do not expect significantly better results. Most analysts recommend it a “hold,” with an anticipated price of just under $20 – the upper limit of where shares have been trading in the last year.

Shares have been behind the market for years, having lost 60% of the value they had since the company’s first public offering. Even an upward trend that pushed the S&P 500 up over 70 percent during the same time frame.

Green Dot shares rose 1.6% to $17.36 on Monday.

Who is Steve Streit Green Dot?

Green Dot Corporation was founded by Steve Streit, who also served as its CEO for many years. He is a businessman, venture capitalist, and philanthropist who claims to be the inventor of the prepaid debit card market.

steve streit green dot

He also claims to have received numerous honors from both professional and humanitarian organizations as a result of his reputation as a field entrepreneur and his philanthropic activity.

About Green Dot

Green Dot, which was established in 1999 and became a publicly traded firm in 2010, was a pioneer in the field of prepaid debit card issuance. These refillable cards, which resemble those that come with a checking account but can be acquired at numerous convenience shops, are comparable to those that come with an account at a bank.


Steve Streit Green Dot engaged in deceptive and inconsistent investor engagements, as well as failing to meet shareholders’ expectations. As a result, he mismanaged the company, resulting in enormous losses over time.

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